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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Muslim Brotherhood: One man one vote: once!

 "The Muslim Brotherhood does indeed participate in political activity and defend the democratic process. That is not, however, because it has accepted the principles of Western democracy, but rather because the democratic process can be exploited to establish an Islamic regime which will then render democracy unnecessary."
Read the rest here: Muslim Brotherhood plan for Egypt Blogging from Israel on Guns, Security, Defense by DoubleTapper

"Should the army side w/ the uprising (as it appears to be doing), I see HM slinking off to Dubai and a Baradai-MB "Unity" govt trying to put the wheels back on. To achieve the Caliphate, Islamofascists plan is "One man (literally), One Vote...Once".
anthony January 31, 2011
BackDATE, but from 1 year ago:

A Victory for the Muslim Brotherhood

The Obama administration allows Tariq Ramadan to travel to the U.S.

The MB is the mother organization for some of the terrorist groups that became part of al Qaeda’s core, including Ayman al Zawahiri’s Egyptian Islamic Jihad. Osaa bin Laden himself was first wooed to the dark side by Muslim Brothers teaching in Saudi Arabia. The MB has also spawned other hardcore jihadist organizations, including Hamas. While the MB’s descendents have publicly disagreed over tactics at times (for example, Zawahiri has taken issue with Hamas’s participation in Palestinian elections), they still share the same long-term strategic vision: the re-establishment of an Islamic Caliphate capable of ruling the Muslim world and challenging the West.And that is what Tariq Ramadan believes in too. At the Counterterrorism Blog and on his own website, Douglas Farah explains: read the rest here.

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