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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Islamic Tumours on the Rise!

The headbangers are coming out in force, thanks to the mozlem in the White House and his bum boy at 10 Downing Street, London.

Senior Official in Egyptian Islamic Jihad: If We Come to Power, We will Launch a Campaign of Islamic Conquests to Instate Shari'a Worldwide: 'The Christian is Free to Worship His God in His Church, but if the Christians Make Problems for the Muslims, I Will Exterminate Them'
On August 13, 2011, the Egyptian daily Roz Al-Yousef published an interview[1] with Sheikh 'Adel Shehato, a senior official in Egyptian Islamic Jihad (EIJ), who, on March 23, 2011, was freed from prison in the wake of the Egyptian revolution. He was imprisoned in 1991 upon returning from a three-year sojourn in Afghanistan.
In the interview, Shehato expressed complete opposition to democracy "because it is not the faith of the Muslims, but the faith of the Jews and Christians." He said that although the youth of the Arab revolutions have not declared the implementation of shari'a as one of their goals, the mujahideen nonetheless identify with their aspiration to overthrow the Arab rulers, whom they had always considered "infidels who must be killed because they do not rule according to the shari'a." He added, however, that "once Allah's law is applied, the role of the people will end and Allah will reign supreme." He went on to say that although he supports Al-Qaeda's ideology, shari'a law would not be enforced by violence but by da'wa(preaching), whereas violence would be used only against the infidel Arab rulers. MORE HERE.
And here in Libya:
Jalil, a serious head-banger with tumour, who was Gaddafy's justice minister, saw the tide was turning and crossed to the rebel side. He is the one who approved death sentences for innocent Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor, for allegedly infecting Libyan children with AIDS. This was a conspiracy cooked up by him and the Gaddafy government.

Wikipedia:  Mustafa Abdul Jalil or Abdul-Jalil[1] (Arabicمصطفى عبد الجليل‎, also transcribed Abdul-JelilAbd-al-Jalil,[2] Abdel-JalilAbdeljalil orAbud Al Jeleil) (born 1952)[3] is a Libyan politician. From 2007 to 2011, he was Minister of Justice (unofficially, the Secretary of the General People's Committee) under Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi.[2] He has been noted in some news media for his stance against various human rights violations in Libya, although others express a different view and stress, for example, that it was he who sentenced to death theBulgarian nurses (later converted to life imprisonment and eventually release). During the 2011 Libyan civil war, Abdul Jalil has been identified as the Chairman of the National Transitional Council based in Benghazi, which controls most of the country, although this position is contested by others in the uprising due to his past direct participation to Gaddafi's government as Minister of Justice for four years until 2011.

Mustafa Mohammed Abdel Jalil
One of the most prominent officials to defect from Muammar al-Qaddafi's government, Jalil heads theNational Transitional Council, the group that has presented itself as the political leadership of the Libyan uprising. It's not clear, however, what kind of clout Jalil, who was Qaddafi's justice minister until he stepped down in protest on Feb. 20, and the rest of the council has among the ragtag militias and military defectors that make up the rebel army -- or the general public for that matter. Nor is it apparent whether the council holds sway beyond eastern Libya, home to many of the group's leaders. Still, the 59-year-old Jalil has earned respect from some unlikely places: human rights campaigners. In August 2010, Heba Morayef of Human Rights Watch praised Jalil for his help in trying to secure justice for a group of arbitrarily detained prisoners. DPA, the German wire service, describes the former lawyer as "a conservative and devout Muslim, not a radical Islamist." Here. 
So Human Rights Watch thinks he is a great guy: well they do have a Hitler admirer among their staff so that fits in well!
Parviz Khan

Saturday, 20 August 2011

British National Health Service Uses New Drug to Help - Lockerbie Bomber Terror Suspect

A revolutionary new cancer treatment developed in London but not yet available in the UK has enabled Lockerbie bomber Abdel Basset Al-Megrahi to reach the second anniversary of his release from prison, it emerged today.

While our elderly and sick are left in hospitals without food and water, UK taxpayers fund the care unavailable to them, for foreign terrorists!

The 59-year-old will tomorrow be surrounded by family and friends as he celebrates his freedom at home in Libya.
This is despite being given just three months to live when the Scottish authorities released him on compassionate grounds because of his prostate cancer on August 20th 2009.
Surviving family of the 270 people who died because of the bombing of Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie in 1988 are among those who have expressed outrage at the debacle.
And now further anger is expected after a medic in Tripoli confirmed that Al-Megrahi was receiving Abiraterone, the hugely expensive hormone-based therapy drug.
Abiraterone was discovered by British scientists at the Institute of Cancer Research in London, and has been extremely successful in clinical trials.

YouTube and Sharia Law

 "We've had a good run on YouTube. With nearly eight million views and close to seven thousand subscribers, it seemed like YouTube took international communication to the next level for us. But things have changed.
Since I didn't save copies of all our videos, anyone who wants to save a video for future reference had better download it now. YouTube will be pulling down our account in three . . . two . . . 

PLEASE go here:

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Jordan, destroyer of Jerusalem, Hashemite Kingdom... since 1922

News from the Middle East is full of the threat of Arab revolts “springing” up in Jordan and challenging the rule of King Abdullah II, son of the late King Hussein.  The throne in Amman is depicted as the “ancient” Hashemite Dynasty of Jordan. It’s a royal historical scam. There has never, repeat never, been an ancient Hashemite legacy in Palestine, unless 1922 is “ancient” history.
Abdullah I (left), King of Jordan and (right) his brother Feisal 1 of Iraq.
That year the British deeded 82% of Mandated Palestine to the Arabs. King Feisal got Iraq and his kid brother Abdullah Senior (great-grandpa to the present Abdullah) had to be mollified so they gave him Trans Jordan. He was assassinated and his grandson King Hussein, known as “Al-Malik Al-Insan ("The Humane King"), succeeded his father who was Talal the insane, who ruled only for a few months.
Again, check out the family tree which derails the spin of the ancient Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Please note that the family tree is detailed in small print in Arabic, but the English translation has been removed. The Hashemite clan ruled over parts of the Hijaz region of Arabia from 967 to 1925 in unbroken succession. Moreover, the late King Hussein’s branch of the Hashemite family ruled the holy city of Mecca from 1201 until 1925. When Abdullah (the First) took over Jordan, the local nomadic Arab population was totally indifferent. Calvin Coolidge could have been made king and it would not have created much of a stir.

What is really amazing is the number of Jordanian and Hashemite sites that speak of the Arab “restoration” of Jerusalem.  In fact, under Hashemite control east Jerusalem was restored to rubble. Jewish shrines and cemeteries were sacked, torched, and defiled and access to Jews was forbidden and severely restricted for Christians.
But there is no surprise here. The west swallowed the lie whole and the Israelis except for the now somnolent Ariel Sharon did not promote the truth. Some excuse this lapse as a way to accommodate what was the crypto friendship of Israel and the late King Hussein after his humiliating defeat in 1967, but the cover-up of history now comes back to bite them as Arabs and their enablers agitate for independence without recognizing that Jordan is a Palestinian Arab state, occupied and ruled by a Hashemite minority.
Nonetheless, the myth lives and circulates and the royals of Jordan past and present do their best to keep it going. The present King reminds one and all that he is a direct descendant of the prophet Mohammed, but his ascension to the throne was by no means guaranteed. King Hussein had four wives and eleven children.
His first marriage, in 1955 when he was nineteen years old was to Dina bint’ Abdul Hamid, a twenty six year old Egyptian third cousin. They divorced in 1957 and a decade later she married Salah Taamari an Egyptian PLO commando.
Second foray down the aisle was to Antoinette Avril Gardiner in 1961. Toni, as she was called was an award-winning field hockey player, former typist, and daughter of a British army officer turned innkeeper. At their wedding and her conversion to Islam she was given the title Princess Muna al-Hussein. They were divorced ten years later after she bore him four children including Abdullah who is the present king. During his marriage to Muna, King Hussein was confronted with a challenge from the PLO in Jordan. In 1970 when the PLO almost consolidated a thuggish rule in Amman, King Hussein killed and expelled thousands in the incident known as “Black September”. The terrorists alighted in Lebanon where they ruled until the Lebanon War of 1981 when,  in  an enforced cease fire by the Reagan administration, several thousand were forcibly repatriated to Jordan.
His third wife is a sad parenthesis. Alia-Baha ad Touqan and King Hussein were married in 1972. They had three children, one adopted. In 1977 she died in a helicopter crash.
Hussein’s fourth and most famous wife was American Elizabeth Najeeb Halaby whom he married in 1978. Upon her conversion to Islam she was renamed Queen Noor al Hussein. She and the King had four children and Ma Noor connived mightily to have their son Hamzah ascend to the throne upon Hussein’s death. Just before his death, Hussein made a constitutionally allowable change to his will, disinheriting the heir-apparent of several decades, his brother Hassan, in favor of his eldest son Abdullah.
Queen Noor left Jordan after his death in 1999. Elegant, comely, poised and nasty she still insists on being called “Her Majesty” by all and makes many televised appearances. She is now involved in something called “Global Zero” an anti- nuclear arms group. This must have put step-ma Noor in conflict with King Abdullah II who recently announced a desire for Jordan to have nuclear arms since it has no oil.

Iran: 6th August, the Day a Voice of Reason was Silenced , hat tip Potkin

Today is the anniversary of Shapur Bakhtiar’s murder. A great man with guts and foresight was assassinated by the agents of the Islamic Republic and with the collusion of Mitterand's Socialist government in France.

Mr. Shapur Bakhtiar About
Age 76
Nationality Iran
Religion Islam (Shi'a)
Civil status Married
Education university diploma
Occupation high ranking government official
Rank/Position Mr. Shapur Bakhtiar was a lawyer and served as Iran's Prime Minister during the last 37 days of the Monarchy.
Affiliation executive, former regime
Affiliation pro-democracy

Date of execution August 6, 1991
Location Suresne, France
Mode of execution extrajudicial-stabbing
Charges Plotting to overthrow the Islamic Republic; Treason

Background information

The feud between Dr. Shapur (Chapour) Bakhtiar and the Islamic Republic's authorities can be traced back to the early days of the 1979 Islamic Revolution. A lawyer and pro-democracy advocate with social democratic leanings, Dr. Shapur (Chapour) Bakhtiar had been one of the leaders of the liberal, pro-Mosadeq, opposition to the late Shah's dictatorship. During the revolutionary turmoil of 1978, the Shah called, among other moderate opposition figures, upon Dr. Bakhtiar to accept the post of Prime Minister. Bakhtiar accepted the Shah's nomination, because he believed that to be successful the transition to democracy required the restoration of the rule of law and democratic rights. While in office (January 3 to February 11, 1979), he dissolved the political police (SَAVAK), freed all political prisoners, granted freedom of the press, and abolished censorship. He warned the nation against the rise of a new dictatorship and conjured the Iranians to form political parties and trade unions and prepare for elections. Ayatollah Khomeini, the revolutionary leader of Iran's popular movement, who advocated a theocracy, dismissed Bakhtiar's effort to establish democratic rule and called upon the people to rebel against his government. On February 11th, 1979, Bakhtiar's government was toppled by a popular insurrection.
Bakhtiar went into hiding in Iran for six months and then fled to France (July 1979), where he declared his opposition to the newly established Islamic regime and began to advocate for the establishment of a democratic regime. During the same period, in Iran, a group of civilians and active army officers organized into a group named Neghab . They declared their concern about the consolidation of a new dictatorship in Iran, and pledged allegiance to Bakhtiar as the true follower of Mossadeq's path and a pro-democracy leader. On July 7th, 1980, the Iranian authorities claimed to have dismantled a civil and military network of Bakhtiar's supporters, who were accused of plotting to overthrow the Islamic regime. During the following months, over one hundred people were executed for their alleged membership of Neghab and pro-Bakhtiar sympathy. More here.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Paedophilia Comes To Vogue

Unbelievable, considering most of the people who work for this rag are WOMEN! But now woman have everything they want, in some cases, including a penis, they now want to participate in vile sexual abuse of children!!
Why don't they just call it:
                         Vogue Paedophile

No doubt they will sell a lot of copies in Arab/ Mozlem countries where young children like this are already being raped.
Or maybe it should be called: Sharia Vogue, because they are now pandering to mozlems and their crimes against humanity!!
The rest here
These are the parents: What next? Female Genital Mutilation for the child they have prostituted??

Thursday, 4 August 2011

UK Labour Party Loves Hamas Leader.

Tony Lloyd, anti-semite, Nazi, leader of the parliamentary National Socialist Labour party, with his grinning harem of nazi prostitutes!!

Labour has said this about the visit to Hamas:
A Labour Party spokeswoman said: “Labour supports UK policy not to speak to Hamas. MPs’ visits arranged privately are a matter for them to comment on as individuals.”
The Liebour party also practises the mozlem "art" of "taqqiya": the ruse of lying in order to advance one's agenda.
The UK Labour Party, also known as the UK National socialists, here, proudly sit smiling with Ismail Haniyah, head of Hamas in Gaza, murderer of his own people and of Jews, Holocaust denier, liar and all-round mozlem savage and cannibal.
From here:

Islamo-marxists Scapegoating, Smearing Individuals over Oslo Massacre.

Tundra Tabloids:
The witch hunt is on indeed, with every Leftist opportunist taking a swipe at those of us standing up for western liberal values in the wake of the mass shooting in Oslo. Whether they be 3rd rate policy wonks, self described “historians”, media types, politicians or just plain pundits, if they’re for multiculturalism then they have their knives out for us.
The Ekeroths, both Ted and Kent, who are well known to the TT, are targets of the assault against those who oppose multiculturalism and Islamization in Sweden, this post by the Gates of Vienna needs to be spread far and wide as possible. KGS

The Swedish Witch-Hunt

If anyone was still wondering about the contours of post-Breivik Scandinavia, the following piece of nastiness should provide a hint of what lies ahead.
As I said last night, at this point it doesn’t really matter whether the atrocities in Norway were a “false flag” operation, or simply an opportune moment for the Socialist establishment to cripple the European resistance to Islamization — the outcome is the same. The Left has now found the longed-for albatross that it can hang around the neck of every politician or activist who has ever criticized Islam.
In Sweden the main target of opportunity is Sverigedemokraterna, the Sweden Democrats, who entered parliament for the first time in the most recent election. They are the only significant party in Sweden that opposes mass immigration, and they, like so many others, were mentioned in Anders Behring Breivik’s 1,500-page manifesto.
Long-time readers are familiar with the Ekeroth brothers, Ted and Kent, who are staunch in their resistance to Islamization, and have been involved in Counterjihad events all across Europe during the past four years. This makes them fair game for the guilt-by-association lynch mob that is now raging through the Swedish press.

Poster smearing Ted and Kent Ekeroth

The text says “My name is Ted and I’m a representative of the municipal assembly in Lund and I like Anders”.
Ted and Kent Ekeroth are not just men of peace. Nor are they simply advocates of peaceful change through democratic means.

They and other members of Sverigedemokraterna are in constant danger of physical attack from the “anti-fascists” of the anarchist left, who have mounted violent assaults on SD members in the past with knives and other deadly weapons. These thugs operate with impunity, with the tacit support — if not the outright collusion — of the Swedish government and the police.

Opposing the Islamization of Sweden is a serious business. It can even get you killed.

After a Palestinian State, A Kurdish State! Bring.It.On!!

Israel Matsav:  Guy Bechor argues that by voting in favor of a 'Palestinian state,' Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Syria would be sealing the future existence of a Kurdish state on major portions of their current territories. And to make it even better, that Kurdish state will be an ally of Israel (Hat Tip: Joshua I).
Some 850 Kurdish politicians and leaders from Turkey convened in Diyarbakir [on July 15] in order to declare the democratic autonomy’s formation. The participants included 30 Kurds who are Turkish parliamentarians. Five such representatives are in prison, by the way.

When Erdogan heard about the declaration he was furious, as the possible future implication of this is Turkey’s collapse. Turkish prosecutors then undertook an illogical step, declaring that they will indict all participants in the declaration ceremony, a move that will get Turkey in trouble with the world. The Turks were also mulling the dismissal of Kurdish parliamentarians in Ankara. These were desperate moves. The Turks can address violence and refer to it as terror, but what can they do against politicians?


And in Syria, that very same day, we saw another important development. For the first time, a Kurdish liaison committee was established that brings together all the new Kurdish parties in Syria on the basis of the “Kurdish people’s unity.” They demand Kurdish autonomy in the wake of the Assad regime or at least a federation within Syria.

The Syrian Kurds enjoy a particularly sympathetic home front in the Kurdish autonomy in Iraq. Slowly, the pieces of the Turkish puzzle in Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran are connecting into a giant state that will be home to 18 million people. At this time already, the Kurdish region of Iraq is in fact a state with its own flag, leadership and sovereignty. In Iran too, the Kurds are rebelling and closely monitoring the progress achieved by their brethren in neighboring countries. Autonomy in one place will draw a demand for autonomy and sovereignty elsewhere.

Israel Matsav: If the two million Palestinians in Judea and Samaria deserve a state, why shouldn’t there be a state for the 18 million Kurds, who were discriminated against and exploited in the past 100 years? We can now understand the kind of dilemma faced by the four above-mentioned states – Iraq, Iran, Syria and Turkey – with the notion of a unilaterally declared Palestinian state. They realize that if today the Palestinians do it, the clear implication is that tomorrow the Kurds may have a UN majority. Suddenly these states understand: If they screw Israel, they screw themselves too.

And another thing: The Kurdish state will be a close ally of Israel, just like South Sudan. The Kurds are close to Israel and view it as a twin sister with a difficult history and non-Arabic identity. What we see are four states hostile to Israel in one way or another that will have to fall apart in order to give rise to an ally of Israel.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Astute Bloggers: Jihad and Lefties Responsible for Economic Stagnation


The Kyoto Protocol is a protocol to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC or FCCC), aimed at fighting global warming. The UNFCCC is an international environmental treaty with the goal of achieving the "stabilization of greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere at a level that would prevent dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system."[1]
The Protocol was initially adopted on 11 December 1997 in Kyoto, Japan, and entered into force on 16 February 2005.
As of April 2010, 191 states have signed and ratified the protocol.[2]


Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Islam: Don't Pray Looking Up or Else!!

More here:

Mut'ah: islamic-sanctioned and legalised prostitution

The book Guyana Junction by Johannes Gerrit de Kruijf states that new trends in the Guyanese Muslim society are dictated by foreign influences mainly, nowadays, from Saudi Arabia and Iran. "Some [Guyanese] Muslims deliberately assume a stereotypical Muslim role. I have heard them state they want to 'look like Taliban.' Witnessed the popularity of turbans, come across young girls opting for a burqa," the book says. Whereas several years ago it was rare to see Muslim girls wearing Islamic garments, nowadays due to the strong influence of imam, who studied in the Middle East, it is possible to see in the middle of the hot Guyanese capital, Georgetown, girls covered from head to toe. Furthermore, among the Shiite minority, even though not allowed by the law, temporary marriages [muttah] are practiced. Temporary marriages last for predetermined fixed-term in Shiite Islam, often for one night: many opponents call this arrangement legalized prostitution.
 Noun form: enjoyment, pleasure, delight, gratification; recreation; compensation paid to a divorced woman; Muta'h, temporary marriage, usufruct marriage contracted for a specified time.
Shi‘a believe that the marriage contract does not require having witnesses, a written contract or permission from authorities. But Sunnis also practice this!
  • t is used in modern times when people move from one place to another, such as from one country to another. Thus students, workers, scholars may enter into a contractual marriage under the verse of the Qur'an which allows ones emotional needs and human needs to be fulfilled if they are in another country. It may lead to permanent marriage afterwards.
  • It may be used to become mahram (unmarriable) with somebody with whom they do not intend to cohabit or have a married relationship, but with whom they spend a lot of time (for example, share a house). In order to ease the hijab "modest dress" rules, they engage in a nikah al-Mut‘ah, specifying in the marriage contract that no physical contact is allowed.
  • Two people who live under the same roof but are not mahram (unmarriable) and must observe hijab may engage in a symbolic nikah al-mut‘ah with the others' offspring for a minimal amount of time (two minutes or less). The Nikahu’l-Mut‘ah does not need to have any practical consequence, but it will make the parent and the offspring's husband or wife permanently mahram to each other, and thus no longer obliged to observe hijab rules.
  • Young unmarried couples may decide to use nikahu l-Mut‘ah as a permissible alternative to entering into a relationship on the premise of future permanent marriage.
  • It might also be seen as a cover for legalized prostitution, as the nikahu l-Mut'ah can last as short as half an hour, and the woman receives financial compensation but in accordance with the Quran must still wait three months (iddah) before the next contract.[4]


Nikah al-Mut‘ah resembles an ordinary conventional marriage in many, but not all, aspects. It commences in the same way as a Nikah except that a date of expiration for the marriage is added to the marriage contract and the wife has her rights restricted to some extent. The duration is decided by the couple involved. There are no restrictions about minimum and maximum duration. If the period is longer than what can be reasonably expected to be a lifetime, it will transform into a nikah.
During the period of the marriage, the couple are considered husband and wife, just as in a permanent marriage. At the expiration, the marriage is voided without undergoing a talaq (divorce). In case of sexual intercourse, the woman must observe the iddah (waiting period) before she can marry anyone else. Nikah al-Mut‘ah is considered mustahab (recommended) by the Shia.[5][verification needed]

Differences from permanent marriage

Nikah Mut'a is a marriage with a pre-set time. It is important to note that different Marja (authorities) may give different fatwa (legal rulings) on some issues. Many of the following rules may be changed in the Islamic marriage contract.
  • The marriage is agreed to be voided after a pre-set time. This permits the couple to expect and prepare emotionally for the end of the marriage.
  • No divorce is necessary. In Shi‘a fiqh, divorce is viewed as a complex process and a period aimed at giving the couple the chance to reconcile. This is not necessary in Nikahu’l-Mut‘ah, since the marriage does not end due to disharmony but due to the preset time being reached.
  • The husband may void the Nikahu l-Mut‘ah earlier than agreed. If he does and they have had sexual intercourse, he must give her full mahr "bride gift". If they have not had intercourse, he must give her half that amount, though the recommended precaution is that he should give her full mahr. A distinction between a talaq (divorce) in a nikah and voiding a nikahu l-mut‘ah is made in a conversation reported in a hadith collection.[6]
  • The couple do not inherit from each other. Since the marriage is not permanent, the couple is not considered a single, merged unit.
  • The husband is financially responsible for any children resulting from the marriage. As it is believed that a woman should not be burdened with the responsibility of providing for a family, she is allowed to work and spend her money as she chooses.
  • The wife may leave her house against her husband's will.
  • The husband need not pay for the wife's expenses. This complements the above point.
  • It is permitted to marry a woman from Ahl al-Kitab "People of the Book" (followers of monotheistic religions). The difference in jurisprudence between different religions is overcome by this rule. It is understood that the Muslim Nikah does not have an equivalent form among the People of the Book.
Here is the reference to the Hadiths that this is NOT abrogated:
(Shi'a quote)
  • In Fatih al-Qadir: "Ibn Abbas said the verse of Mut'ah - i.e. it has not been abrogated."
  • In Tafseer Mu'alim al Tanzeel: "Ibn Abbas said: "The verse of Mut'ah was an order and it's Halal."
  • In Tafseer Kabeer: "The verse of Mut'ah appears in the Qur'an, no verse has come down to abrogate it."
We read in Sahih Bukhari:
Ibn Kathir, a 14th century Shafi`i Islamic scholar writes [2]:
Ibn Abbas another Sahaba said that Mut'ah can be utilised when needed, Ibn Hanbal also narrated the same
From Wikipedia.
Here is a Mut'ah Chatroom for mozlems to meet young women and arrange sexual encounters: but once the woman has lost her virginity, she will be treated like trash!
The folowing is the "mut'sh marriage contract", as sanctioned by that peerless, moral humanist, Ayatollah Khomeini:
Unfortunately, when giving examples of contented females, the only one he could come up with was a former Christian woman, here:
NOT a happy experience!!

Monday, 1 August 2011

Peaceful Ramadamadingdong to YOU!!

Peaceful PalArab weekend

A Hamas policeman was killed when he was shot trying to make an arrest in eastern Gaza City.

Two Qassams
were fired from Gaza to Israel on Sunday.

There was a
family brawl near Bethlehem; one was killed and 11 injured.

A Gaza man was
stabbed to death by his son-in-law.

A storefront in Gaza was
heavily damaged by an explosive device. 
From here.

WARNING! GRAPHIC PHOTOS. Jenni Murray of BBC Whines about Female Genital Mutilation.

According to this imam, all girls in Britain will be "circumcised", in otherwords, have their clitorises sliced off with a rusty razor without anaesthetic and have their vaginal opening sewn up until they get raped by their husband/brother/uncle/whatever.
This will happen when Britain is under the mozlem cosh. So this female genital mutilation is not a "cultural" practice after all the lies that mozlems in Somalia, Mauretania, Sudan, Egypt etc have spread about: FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION IS A MOZLEM PRECEPT!

British Imam Claims All Girls In England Will Undergo Female Circumcision

 "They call it female circumcision – an inadequate description of the radical and primitive surgery young girls are  forced to undergo.

The local Imam, when I challenged him about such a barbaric practice, which he justified as a religious and cultural necessity to ensure their purity at marriage, had steely eyes which bored through me. ‘In the not too distant future,’ he intoned, ‘all British girls will be circumcised when Islam rules this country.’"
 Teachers in their schools had wept as they described bright young pupils of five or six coming back at the end of the holidays in agony and in deep shock, no longer able to manage the lavatory without crying out. 
The local Imam, when I challenged him about such a barbaric practice, which he justified as a religious and cultural necessity to ensure their purity at marriage, had steely eyes which bored through me. ‘In the not too distant future,’ he intoned, ‘all British girls will be circumcised when Islam rules this country.’
That kind of thinking has not gone away. Last week we saw posters declaring that areas of East London are now subject to Sharia Law – a clearly unacceptable concept in a society with its own, highly developed legal system.
Then the BBC's Jenni Murray puts her foot in it:

"My second moment of terror came last Monday when Stephen Lennon, who leads the English Defence League (EDL), warned in conversation with Jeremy Paxman that the kind of extreme Right-wing violence witnessed in Norway was likely to be happening here in five to ten years."
So what is the old fool doing about FGM, except to say she is more afraid of a group of anti-islamisation people, who will implement FGM, regardless of what the useful idiots at the BBC say or want!!
She and the rest of them at the BBC cover up the horror of islam while promoting it!
She doesn't bother to think, 'What about my grandchildren and great-grand-children?? What sort of world am I leaving to them??"
People like Jenni Murray get paid a fortune to whine about anti-islamists. But it will not be them who will be waiting for her granddaughters with a rusty razor blade and a copy of the koran!!

History of FGM: