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Monday, 3 December 2012

Hillary Rodham Clinton: "Oberaufseherin", "SS-Helferin" Willing would-be concentration camp boss.

While Filisteen praise Hitler in schools, England and France consider recalling their ambassadors from Israel

According to Haaretz:

Moves against Israel will be made in the next few days following Netanyahu’s decision to move ahead on planning in E1 and build 3,000 housing units in the settlement blocs, and in East Jerusalem, say senior European diplomats. 

Jews building on their own land is forbidden but praising Hitler, the architect, with Haj Amin al Husseini, the Arab ex Mufti of Jerusalem and enforcer of Jew-hatred in the Middle East, of the Holocaust and Final Solution genocide of all Jews requires no action or even commentary

 'Palestinian' Muslim High School FB praises Hitler (via Atlas Shrugs)

 Hitler palestinian high school

The Prime Minister of Israel via Facebook
Pursuant to Abu Mazen's incitement speech at the United Nations General Assembly, the Cabinet, today (Sunday, 2 December 2012), received a special briefing on incitement in the Palestinian Authority. The Cabinet was shown, among other examples, this post from the Facebook page of ‘Ikataba’ high school for girls in Tulkarem, uploaded on May 22, 2012.


Caroline Glick recalls another event on this day - chosen no doubt deliberately, as mozlems are obsessed with dates of conquest and losing:

 With the nations of Europe and the rest of the world lining up to support the PLO bid to receive non-member state status at the UN General Assembly, it is worth noting two anniversaries of related but forgotten events.

Of course, everyone knows the obvious anniversary - Nov. 29, 1947 was the day the UN General Assembly passed the plan to recommend the partition the British Mandate of Palestine into a Jewish state and an Arab state. The Jews accepted the plan. The Arabs -- both local and regional - rejected it. The local Arabs who 25 years later became known as "Palestinians," responded to the passage of UNGA resolution 181 by launching a terror war against the Jews. Their war was commanded by Iraqi and Lebanese terror masters and supported by the British military and its Arab Legion from Transjordan.

On May 15, 1948 five foreign Arab armies invaded the just-declared Jewish state with the declared aim of annihilating all the Jews.

Now for a couple less known anniversaries

On November 28, 1941 the religious and political leader of the Palestinian Arabs and one of the most influential leaders of the Arab world Haj Amin el Husseini met with Adolf Hitler in Berlin. Husseini had courted the Nazis since just after the Nazis rose to power in 1933. Husseini was forced to flee the British Mandate in 1937 when he expanded his fourth terror war against the Jews, that he began in 1936 to include the British as well.
This is the disgusting state of Europe now, no more than 70 years since the end of the Second World War, the rise of totalitarian, mass-murdering Nazi and Communist groups, and we are back on the same course.

Now the EU has morphed quietly into Hitler's Fourth Reich - if Europe cannot be conquered by warfare, then it will be accomplished by economic means - Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler.

France and England, without Churchill, have morphed into proto-islamo-fascist states, voluntarily this time.

The United Nations has become a tool of the mozlem Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, countries where women have no rights and are treated worse than animals, gays are hung from cranes or otherwise murdered, children are treated like disposable sex toys, raped then murdered for being "prostitutes", having sex before marriage or just to shut them up.

Slavery of black Africans by moslems, yet where are the black billionaire stars of music and stage, who come to their aid with concerts and lobbying against these islamic monsters? 

All the Clintons with Arafat the paedophile Nazi, whoi died of AIDS

All this and more, sanctioned and encouraged by the government of what was once the free world, Hitlery Clinton - whose lover is a Mozlem Brotherhood operative and whore, and the usurper mozlem in chief: America, Jew and freedom-hating sexual pervert, Barak Hussein Obama Barry Soetoro Whatever...


United Nazis General Assembly Resolution for Pal. Statehood Lacks Legal Authority

From Baruch Bear Wohlmuth:

Eli E. Hertz

A host of resolutions passed annually by the General Assembly are not legally binding documents by any measure.

One needs only to read Article 10 of the UN Charter:

“The General Assembly may discuss any questions or any matters within the scope of the present Charter or relating to the powers and functions of any organs provided for in the present Charter, and, except as provided in Article 12, may make recommendations to the Members of the United Nations or to the Security Council or to both on any such questions or matters” [italics by author].

Professor, Judge Schwebel, the former president of the International Court of Justice, has written that:

“The General Assembly of the United Nations can only, in principle, issue ‘recommendations’ which are not of a binding character, according to Article 10 of the Charter of the United Nations.”[1]
Schwebel also cites the (1950) opinion of Judge, Sir Hersch Lauterpacht, a former member judge of the International Court of Justice, who declared that:
“The General Assembly has no legal power to legislate or bind its members by way of recommendation.” Yet, another former ICJ judge, Sir Gerald Fitzmaurice, has been just as resolute in rejecting what he labeled the “illusion” that a General Assembly resolution can have “legislative effect.”[2]

Academics and renowned international law experts also agree. Professor Stone illuminates this subject by pointing out:

“In his book The Normative Role of the General Assembly of the United Nations and the Declaration of Principles of Friendly Relations, Professor Gaetano Arangio-Ruiz [3] is led to conclude that the General Assembly lacks legal authority either to enact or to ‘declare’ or ‘determine’ or ‘interpret’ international law so as legally to bind states by such acts, whether these states be members of the United Nations or not, and whether these states voted for or against or abstained from the relevant vote or did not take part in it.” [4,5]
Read the rest here: Israel, Jews, and Judaism: GA Resolution for Pal. Statehood Lacks Legal Authority

Western intelligence officers report to..New York Times??

According to Debkafile dated 2 December:,
Western intelligence officers were seeing new signs of activity at Syrian chemical weapons sites, they told the New York Times Sunday, Dec. 2. “It’s in some ways similar to what they’ve done before,” a senior U.S. intelligence official said. “But they’re doing some things that suggest they intend to use the weapons. It’s not just moving stuff around. These are different kind of activities.”
Who knew Obama is using his most loyal lap-dogs as mouthpieces for intelligence briefings?

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Daily Mail: I lost my job because I am not Mozlem

Kuwaiti bank made British boss redundant from six-figure salary job because of his religious beliefs

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 Kuwaiti bank made English worker redundant because of his faith; talk about discrimination and apartheid!

 So after English soldiers gave their lives to free Kuwait from Saddam's grip, this is how they repay us!


Kuwaiti bank made British boss redundant from six-figure salary job because of his religious beliefs

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Kuwaiti bank made British boss redundant from six-figure salary job because of his religious beliefs

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A British banker claims he lost his £185,000-a-year job with a Kuwaiti-owned investment bank because he wasn’t a Muslim.
James Bagshawe, 53, was the Chief Operating Officer of the Gatehouse Bank when he was suddenly made redundant while on holiday in August 2011.
He claims he was replaced by the less experienced Twalha Dhunno, who was a Muslim.
Mr Bagshawe, from Gravesend, Kent, who was a founding member of the bank, said: ‘I feel that I have been badly treated by Gatehouse and its Board.

'I was a founding member of the executive team when Gatehouse was set up and for over four years I committed a great deal of time and energy to trying to make it succeed.
‘The manner of my dismissal on holiday can only be described as an unnecessary and vindictive, and it leaves a very sour taste in my mouth.’
At an Employment Tribunal in London yesterday Mr Bagshawe, from Kent, admitted the bank had struggled as a result of the credit crunch and staff had been laid off.
Despite Gatehouse never making a profit during the four years he spent at the bank Mr Bagshawe was paid more than £1m in salary and bonuses over the period.
The bank operated under Sharia law, which has strict rules over issues such as charging inter

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A British banker claims he lost his £185,000-a-year job with a Kuwaiti-owned investment bank because he wasn’t a Muslim.
James Bagshawe, 53, was the Chief Operating Officer of the Gatehouse Bank when he was suddenly made redundant while on holiday in August 2011.
He claims he was replaced by the less experienced Twalha Dhunno, who was a Muslim.
Mr Bagshawe, from Gravesend, Kent, who was a founding member of the bank, said: ‘I feel that I have been badly treated by Gatehouse and its Board.

'I was a founding member of the executive team when Gatehouse was set up and for over four years I committed a great deal of time and energy to trying to make it succeed.
‘The manner of my dismissal on holiday can only be described as an unnecessary and vindictive, and it leaves a very sour taste in my mouth.’
At an Employment Tribunal in London yesterday Mr Bagshawe, from Kent, admitted the bank had struggled as a result of the credit crunch and staff had been laid off.
Despite Gatehouse never making a profit during the four years he spent at the bank Mr Bagshawe was paid more than £1m in salary and bonuses over the period.
The bank operated under Sharia law, which has strict rules over issues such as charging inter

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  • James Bagshawe was made redundant from his six-figure salary job at the Sharia-run Gatehouse Bank in August 2011
  • Mr Bagshawe claims he was dismissed because of his race and religion
  • The bank insist position was cut because there was no longer a need for it

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    Kuwaiti bank made British boss redundant from six-figure salary job because of his religious beliefs

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    Sunday, 7 October 2012

    The Egyptians Rewrite History: Despite Losing 1973 War against Israel, They Won!!

     More evidence that mozlems suffer from a genetic mental disorder:

     Who won the Arab-Israeli war?

    Israel won the Arab-Israeli War in 1973 and took Sinai as a buffer-zone against the savages!


    Captured Egyptian soldiers at the 'Orha' array.
    Israeli soldiers pose next to a destroyed Egyptian helicopter, in Africa
    More great photos here:
    President Mohamed Morsi has granted former president Anwar Sadat and his chief of staff Saad El-Shazli the Nile Medal of Honour, Egypt's highest award, for their conduct during the 1973 War with Israel.
    The medals were presented to relatives of the two men at the presidential palace in Heliopolis on Wednesday.
    Sadat was also granted an additional medal of honour for his role during the war.
    President Morsi is set to attend a military parade on Saturday to celebrate the 39th anniversary of the 1973 War, commonly known as the 6 October War or the Yom Kippur War.
    Shazly far right, Mubarak in the middle
    The rest here.

    Poor Saad!! Still in denial after all these years! Or is it de Nile?? Heh!! 
    Both men are dead.

    "This brilliant military victory, was turned into a political defeat, when Egypt was removed from the camp of resistance, to Israeli occupation of Arab lands to the camp of appeasement." Saad  el Shazly.

    And from Yosef Hartuv

    Sometimes you just scratch your head and wonder, other times ... even that will not adequately convey one's amazement. This excerpt from the Egypt Independent yesterday certainly meets the criteria:

    “...We had a lot of superiority factors at the beginning. We succeeded in implementing the elements of surprise and initiative –– it was military planning at its highest levels,” recalls Bilal Barakat, a retired general who headed an artillery unit during the war. “After six years of intense and realistic training, the troops were able to perform the crossing almost on auto mode.”

    Starting on 13 October, however, Barakat says the situation was reversed.

    Beyond the canal crossing

    What happened after that can’t be found in most records of the war in Egypt, whether in school curriculums, media or political speeches.

    Historian Assem al-Dessouky argues that Sadat wanted to convince the Egyptian people that the war ended with the crossing of the canal to cover up his strategic mistakes later in the war.

    With Sadat hailed as the mastermind of the October victory and toppled President Hosni Mubarak celebrated as the leader of the initial airstrike, both presidents had vested interests in propagating the war as an unquestionable victory, and prohibiting any questioning of the events during their rule.

    Saad Eddin al-Shazly, military chief of staff at the time of the war, was dismissed in December 1973 after clashing with Sadat and Defense Minister Ahmed Ismail over several strategic decisions during the course of the war. He was marginalized by the regime.

    Only after Mubarak’s ouster in 2011 were Shazly’s memoirs, “October War,” published in Egypt –– revealing a very different view.

    “History will attest that ... Egyptian officers and soldiers have all exerted their best effort and had the greatest performance, but that Egypt’s ruler at the time, hungry for power and for the spotlight, has aborted their victory,” Shazly writes.

    Following Egypt’s initial success, Shazly recounts that Sadat and Ismail insisted against field commanders’ advice on expanding the attack further into Sinai. Following the failure of the attack, Sadat committed what Shazly calls his second strategic mistake, bringing in reinforcements from reserve troops in the west, leaving the forces at the canal with little backup.

    While Egyptian forces were suffering heavy losses in the east, Israeli troops were able to cross to the west of the canal through a gap between the Egyptian second and third armies.

    Following the elation of the crossing, Barakat remembers the Israeli advancement into the west of the canal as “painful.”

    As the roles were reversed and Egyptian losses started to exceed Israel’s, Sadat still refused to end his attempted attack on the east and return the reserves to the west to fend off the attacks, Shazly writes.

    By the time a United Nations ceasefire was imposed, the Israeli forces had advanced 35 kilometers into the west of the canal, completely surrounding the third army and cutting it off from its leadership. In the absence of organized troops, an attempted attack on Suez city on 24 October was fended off mainly by civilian fighters.

    “They were less than one hour away from Cairo,” says Barakat, adding that, based on the deteriorating state of the forces on the ground, accepting the ceasefire and resorting to a diplomatic resolution was inevitable.

    Shazly says with the third army under siege and getting supplies only from Israelis, Egypt was forced to abide by Israel’s conditions in the ceasefire treaty.

    Meanwhile, Egyptians celebrated the announced victory. “While these humiliating procedures were occurring on the political and the military levels, the Egyptian people were the last to know, like a deceived husband,” writes Shazly.

    I consider it an incomplete victory. It would have had a true sweet taste if it weren't for the Israeli penetration, says Barakat. Lockman says that, hungry for a source of pride following the humiliating 1967 defeat, Egyptians were not too skeptical of the victory announcement. (Emphasis added. Y)

    While many may not understand the reference, what came to mind was Monty Python's famous Black Knight, filmed in 1975 and perhaps reflecting such a world view although better left to comedy:

    Video of the Black Knight scene:

    BBC - Scandal of the Paedophile DJs

    • Former beauty queen claims she was raped in storeroom by Radio 1 DJ's 'apprentice'
    • The former BBC employee was allegedly given the task of procuring girls for Jimmy Savile and other men to molest
    • Ex-employee has been named separately by two different women
    • Around 40 woman have now stepped forward to allege they were raped or molested by the late Sir Jimmy Savile
    • Gary Glitter has already been accused of being involved in the alleged sex ring

    This one will run and run. They have only just opened this can of worms. I wonder why you can't hear about it on the BBC?

    A nephew of Sir Jimmy Savile yesterday told how his celebrity uncle attended ‘paedophile parties’.
    Guy Marsden was just 13 when ‘Uncle Jimmy’ took him to a wealthy celebrity’s house in London in 1967 for the first of many sordid social gatherings.
    Over the next 18 months, Guy and his friends went to numerous ‘parties’ where he believes men sexually abused girls and boys as young as ten. Savile was at many of these events, he said.
    Over eight years, writer Dan Davies was given unrivalled access to Jimmy Savile and his coterie, but no one dared to unmask the world he found... until now.
    I first met Jimmy Savile at his penthouse flat in Leeds in 2004.
    After buzzing on the intercom, I was told to wait in the small foyer of Lake View Court, a modern block overlooking Roundhay Park. When the wooden doors of the lift slid open, releasing a cloud of pungent cigar smoke, Jimmy emerged flanked by two large, unsmiling men. ‘Frisk him,’ he barked and I was pinned to the wall and searched for 20 rather uncomfortable seconds.
    As I entered his flat he beckoned me through to his kitchen, which  was decorated with tiles of pink and brown – or ‘the colour of sex’ as he put it – before sitting down in his reclining chair to begin regaling me with tales of his poverty-stricken childhood, his friendship with the Royal Family and his curious opinions on the opposite sex. 

    Police are to investigate claims that Sir Jimmy Savile and an accomplice ran a sex ring at the BBC.
    The Mail has been told that a BBC employee was allegedly given the task of procuring girls for the presenter and other men to molest.
    The member of staff sometimes attacked them himself, it is alleged. Gary Glitter has already been accused of being a member of the sex ring. Continued here.
    This is ongoing; there will be updates, WATCH THIS SPACE!

    Friday, 5 October 2012

    The Filthy Lying Anti-Semite Savage Kalen Ockerman

     This obscenity came all the way from Los Angeles to paint a virulently anti-semitic, libellous cartoon on a wall on east London, where many mozlems live and work, close to the East London Mosque where terrorist supporters and terror instigators regularly rant.

    Was he hoping to get some cheers from the mozlems nearby? Was he hoping to get screwed by one in appreciation?

    Unusually no: The mayor of Tower Hamlets, a mozlem himself ordered it removed.

    Why is this Nazi piece of shit allowed to come here and stir up hate?

    This is the classic Nazi and anti-semitic blood libel, that Jews are only interested in money, are running the world and make a living from killing people.

    It is just a repeat of ancient blood-libels perpetrated by the Russians, who created the bunch of lies and filth called The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and Mein Kampf, Hitler's manual of hate and evil.

    The fact that this creature has come from Los Angeles to do this, illustrates how far America has fallen under the Obama anti-Israel anti-semitic fascist regime.

    Ockerman is a perverted lying Goebbels propagandist.


    From Lucy Lips at Harry's Place:
    For the past few weeks, I’ve been receiving email after email alerting me to a mural in Hanbury Street, off Brick Lane. It is the work of an artist called Kalen Ockerman, also known as “Mear One”.

    One email, from a celebrated artist, expressed the view that it appeared to have been produced by a “spray can wielding time traveller from 30’s Berlin”. The others commented on what they perceived to be its antisemitic message. In short, they took the bearded and big nosed financiers in the middle of the mural to be Jews.

    I’ve seen the mural, in person. It is clearly a conspiracist work. In particular, the use of the pyramid motif from the dollar bill is a favourite theme of those who are fixated on freemasons and illuminati. But were the men with beards supposed to be Jews? Well, possibly – but I’ve seen more obvious stereotypes of Jews deployed in antisemitic art.
    This is what Mick Hartley had to say:
    Do the members of that evil cabal have big hooked noses, by any chance?
    Hmm….we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt on that one. Just.
    That was my view too.
    Well, I was wrong. The JC reports:
    Mr Ockerman is based in Los Angeles and completed the Tower Hamlets mural last month. On his Facebook page he admitted the mural was intended to depict Jewish bankers.
    He wrote: “A group of conservatives do not like my mural and are playing a race card with me. My mural is about class and privilege. The banker group is made up of Jewish and white Anglos. For some reason they are saying I am antisemitic. This I am most definitely not… What I am against is class.”
    Mr Ockerman asked supporters to “rally” at the mural and stop any attempts to remove it.
    The illustration is actually a very clear exposition of Ockerman’s worldview. There’s a huge masonic world conspiracy, involving financiers and capitalists, who are thematically (but not exclusively) rich Jews.
    His objection to being thought an antisemite is also worth examining. What Ockerman is essentially saying is “you don’t understand my conspiracy theory properly”. His point is that his conspiracy theory include Jews: but only as a component of the capitalist-illuminati-masonic conspiracy. And even then, not all Jews. Just rich Jews: the embodiment of Capitalism.

    Ockerman really does not think that this is a racist perspective. He either doesn’t recognise the very ancient history of the rendering of Jews as the epitome of Capitalist exploiters (not to mention the Communist enslavers). Or he thinks that this is just, well, true.  Moreover, he thinks that he’s essentially engaged in a “class” rather than a “racial” struggle.
    The equation of Jews with Capitalism is, once again, commonplace with people who think of themselves as Left wing.
    Lutfur Rahman, the Islamic Forum Europe backed Mayor of Tower Hamlets, has called for the mural to be removed:
    The mural is painted on the end wall of a private property, but Tower Hamlets Council said it was liaising with police to have the image removed.
    Lutfur Rahman, the Tower Hamlets mayor, said: “I have received a number of complaints that the mural has antisemitic images. I share these concerns. Whether intentional or otherwise, the images of the bankers perpetuate antisemitic propaganda about conspiratorial Jewish domination of financial and political institutions.
    “Where freedom of expression runs the risk of inciting racial hatred then it is right that such expression should be curtailed. I have asked my officers to do everything possible to see to it that this mural is removed.”
    In one sense – good for him. There’s an irony though: in that the depiction of Jews in traditionally antisemitic terms is also stock in trade of his closest political allies.
    Nevertheless, I’d oppose the whitewashing of the mural. It will be gone in due course – the wall is a shifting canvas for a range of artists, including the very impressive piece which preceded it, whose political message struck a chord with me.

    But what a foul man Mr Ockerman is.

    University atheist society ordered out of freshers’ fair for displaying ‘blasphemous’ pineapple called Mohammed

    •  Mozlem trainee doctors on one of the university's medical courses began walking out of lectures on evolution claiming it conflicts with creationist ideas established in the Koran.

      So much for Academe and its respect for the truth!!

      Reading union staff claimed fruit caused ‘distress and upset’ to other students

    • University accused of ‘pandering to the hurt feelings of the 'devout’ - the devoutly full of hate and antisemitism!!

      Offending fruit: An atheist society at Reading University were ejected from the freshers’ fair after displaying a pineapple labelled with the name of the Prophet Mohammed
      A group of atheist students were thrown out of their freshers’ fair because they included a pineapple labelled ‘Mohammed’ on their stall.

      The Reading University Atheist, Humanist and Secularist Society (RAHS) said they wanted to celebrate free speech and promote their upcoming debate ‘Should we respect religion?’

      But they were ordered to remove the offending fruit by union staff who said their actions were causing ‘upset and distress’ to a number of Muslim students and other societies.

      RAHS refused, citing that they had labelled the pineapple after the Islamic prophet to ‘encourage discussion about blasphemy, religion, and liberty’.

      A spokesman said: ‘We wanted to celebrate the fact that we live in a country in which free speech is protected and where it is lawful to call a pineapple by whatever name one chooses.’

    Monday, 28 May 2012

    Jewish Defence League UK: Obama pays for Illegal Immigration Into Israel

    In a highly disturbing piece of news over at Kr8 Israeli Patriot, the online magazine reports that the Obama administration is providing funds to Israel (via the UN) for every illegal African immigrant that enters the Jewish state.

    The funds, quite bizarrely, are only between $1000-2000 per illegal, per month, not enough to cover food let alone rent and food. However, in what is being seen as the likely incentive for carrying out this migratory sabotage of the Jewish state, is the fact that these funds are being split, with a portion of it going to unnamed sources at various stages of the transfer, from its way from the US to Israel.

    In other words, considering that hundreds of illegals penetrate Israel's borders daily, someone is profiting from this venture handsomely.

    What is fairly well known is that the police bring the 'refugees' from the Egypt/Israel border, right up, all the way to south Tel Aviv, the central bus station. But that's not all. What else is now coming to light, is that with these funds, these illegals are somehow opening businesses and will soon start their own newspaper!

    There is further testimony in the audio interview in which it is alleged government inspectors frequently close down illegal Jewish-owned businesses, but not the illegal businesses belonging to the illegal immigrants.

    This financial improbability of all this likely hints towards further sources of funding, which as yet are undetected.

    An illegal defecating in open view
    on the streets of south Tel Aviv.

    There is more at the link if you read Hebrew. The rest of the article posits theories about South Sudan's president, Abdel Wahid al-Nu, establishing an office in Tel Aviv and Israel's involvement with the liberation of South Sudan. Whether there is any connection to a bigger picture, and if there is a big part of the puzzle we don't yet know, what is clear is that this volume of immigration is unsustainable for Israel, not only economically, but culturally too, as the poor neighbourhood of Hatikva, south Tel Aviv, is decimated by crime and ghettoisation.

    Once again we have ample proof of the government not acting in the best interests of the people, and are exploiting them for their own gain. These funds run into many millions of dollars per year.

    In fact, Israelis are no pushovers when it comes to foreign invasions, and most citizens are ex-military. Last week during large protests violence erupted as a mini-civil war nears (incidentally, the article almost seems to have been written according to the manner described in our last article on the illegals). Bibi, of course, denounced the violent outbreaks of some of the protesters while continuing to talk about his second most favourite subject, the fence along the southern border - which the government has been talking about for over a year (his most favourite topic is, of course, Iran).
    Read the rest here.

    The Persecution Of Jews In Iraq | Neon Tommy

    Today is the 70th anniversary of the Farhud, a "violent dispossession" or pogrom against Iraq's Jews which took place on June 1, 1941.

    Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and one of the initial members of the Muslim Brotherhood, became a Nazi agent after meeting Adolf Eichmann, an architect of the Holocaust, in 1937.

    With Nazi funds al-Husseini organized the Arab Revolt of 1936-39, which led to the British stopping Jewish immigration to modern day Israel. This facilitated the "Final Solution" by closing off the avenue of refuge. In 1941, the mufti orchestrated a short-lived, Nazi-backed generals' coup in Iraq.

    The coup was followed by the Farhud, a pogrom against Baghdad's Jews.

    The Mufti obtained Hitler's assurance in November 1941 that after dealing with the Jews of Europe, Hitler would treat the Jews of the Middle East similarly.

    In a two-day period Arab mobs went on a rampage in Baghdad and other cities in Iraq. At least 150 Jews were killed and more than 2,000 injured; some 900 Jewish homes were destroyed and looted; and hundreds of Jewish-owned shops were robbed and destroyed.

    Friday, 25 May 2012

    Stunning Indictment of Islam, From Jewish Defence League, UK

    Why Islam should not be classed as a religion.

    Religion: Most people in our Judeo-Christian society (especially the media) are afraid of talking about religion, misinformed about it and ignorant of the most basic theological concepts. And our theologians are often too specialized in their work to be able to discuss religion in its broadest outlines or our Churchmen are often so concerned with finding common ground that they gloss over and ignore the theology of Islam.

    Our greatest critics of Islam confine their attack to the non-religious aspects of Islam, either its political side or its judicial side. But when we discuss political Islam or Sharia law alone, we imply that there is a religious Islam that is perfectly fine, that we don’t have to worry about. And we leave the major problems of Islamization – Muslim immigration, mosque building, the proselytizing in our prisons and military and the infiltration of our governmental institutions completely untouched but indeed untouchable.

    So I think we need to step back a second and examine Islam as a whole and to broadly define the outlines of Islam – what it is and what it isn’t.
    One thing we can definitely say about Islam is that is it not confined to a belief system. If it is a religion it is not a religion only. Islam is a total way of life and contains within itself a certain social system, judicial system, and political system which includes geo-political aspirations - the conquest and administration of territory.

    Sometimes I compare Islam to a duck-billed platypus which superficially resembles an otter. Upon Inspection, You will find this animal has a duck-like bill, That it lays eggs, and has many other features which are not otter-like. So it cannot remain in the Animal category containing otters. It is simply too different and must have its own category. I think the same thing is true of Islam. It is far too different from the other religions to remain in the same category, it should be classified in its own category.
    Secondly, I think it is obvious to Christians that Islam is its polar opposite and I believe nihilism lies between Christianity and Islam and that the morality of Islam is inverted.

    Let me explain: religion supplies our world-view concerning the nature of reality. If we were to plot belief systems on a graph – on one side are religions which view G-d as good and the universe as a benevolent place – in the middle we have the view that there is no G-d and the universe is a pitiless and indifferent place, the view of material determinism which is the direction toward which our society is tending. On the other side of the view of G-d as malevolent and the universe is a vicious and unpredictable place – that G-d enjoys our suffering. This is where Islam lies.

    The reason we can assert that the morality of Islam is inverted is that Islam consistently elevates material over spiritual considerations. That is, it elevates the material obedience to the dictates of the Islamic doctrine above all consideration of Truth or Goodness. Morality, conformity and even legality are all one and the same in Islam. Let me give you an example: The following are the words of the father of a failed female suicide bomber:

    “'If I had known what my daughter was planning I would have told the Jews. I would have stopped her.”

    Read the rest here - and the comments section!

    Tuesday, 22 May 2012

    Islam in Europe: Italy: Muslims mobilise to help quake victims in n...

    Islam in Europe: Italy: Muslims mobilise to help quake victims in  Italy:

    When I first saw the title of this post, I thought, that's unusual, mozlems helping non-mozlems. Then I read further. No, mozlems are only helping other mozlems. It NEVER occurs to them that they should help other people! They never helped the Italians the other year when there was the truly horrendous earthquake and Italians were homeless for months, in freezing weather.

    Mozlems remind me of the story about Heaven and Hell: before God decides where people will go, he gives everyone a long-handled spoon, for eating with. 
    The people who go to heaven are those who think selflessly and use the spoons to feed others, the ones destined for Hell are those who try to feed themselves and cannot get the end of the spoon near their mouths.

    These are the mozlems: selfish, greedy who murder and torment their own children, allow the males of a family to rape and abuse all the females and their supposed "religious" leaders to rape their young sons. who have a marriage of convenience - for men - which is the equivalent to prostitution for women. And when the women are no longer wanted, thrown out onto the street.

    They are the scum of the earth: Ihope the earth swallowed them up.

    Atlas Shrugs: Egyptian Philosopher Murad Wahba: "The Muslim Brotherhood Is Ideologically Required To Start Wars"

    "The Obama-led and supported Muslim Brotherhood revolution in Egypt continues careening down its collision course. Remember it was Obama that invited the then-banned Muslim Brotherhood to his speech in Cairo in June 2009 (at the same time as he was ignoring the plaintive, bloodthirsty, cries of the Iranian people fighting, dying to be free). It was Obama that had mid-level administration officials meeting with the Brotherhood all through 2009, 2010, until the revolution of January 2011. There are no accidents."

    Murad Wahba
    Murad Wahba: "Democracy has four components."
    Interviewer: "Where does Egypt stand with regard to these four components?"
    Murad Wahba: "We're not even in the ballpark. This is not an exaggeration. There are four components: Secularism and relative thinking do not exist. They are considered heresy. As for a social covenant, the religious authorities interfere in everything. Enlightenment is forbidden – from the days of Sheik Abd Al-Razeq, through Taha Hussein, and all the way to Naguib Mahfouz."
    Interviewer: "And others too."
    Murad Wahba: "Enlightenment is thwarted all the time. They eradicate any sign of rational thinking. As for liberalism – there is no room for individualism. Everybody moves like a herd of sheep. […]
    "Today, there is a bloc of Gulf states against the Muslim Brotherhood. This is a new phenomenon."
    Interviewer: "What do you mean?"
    Murad Wahba: "Some declarations have been issued on this."
    Interviewer: "I think that the Dubai police [chief] was very clear on that."
    Murad Wahba: "Right. The Gulf states, along with the Asian countries, may be able to 'besiege' the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood. Under these circumstances, I believe that the Muslim Brotherhood ideology will face a crisis – how will they cooperate, when they are in power, with neighboring countries – the Gulf states – and with Asia, given its current relations with the Gulf states, in light of the present problems, in which the U.S. and Europe are also involved? Today, the U.S. and Europe are closer to the Gulf states and to Asia than they are to Egypt."
    Read the rest here.  Great MEMRI video!

    Turkish, Kurdish hackers Rock'n Roll with Israel Kurdish Institute website

    May 22, 2012

    SULAIMANIYAH, Kurdistan region 'Iraq', — The Kurdish website of Israel Kurd Institute has been a target for hackers, and were hacked many times last April. The Turks placed the photo of Ataturk with Turkish flag on the website "".

    The Israel Kurd website not been cleaned and reactivated since then.

    Meanwhile Kurdish hackers and supporters of the Israel-Kurd institution, re-hack the website and removed the Turkish modifications, replacing it with Kurdistan map, anti-Turkish phrases and hailing Kurdistan and the rebels from the Kurdistan Workers' Party PKK.

    "Bji PKK Bji Kurdistan. We Are Kurds, and always have been as such I am Not an Arab, Not an Iranian and Not A Mountain Turk History will sing with me That I am a Kurd and Kurdistani " The hackers wrote.

    Dawoud Baghistani, the president of Israel Kurdish Institute, is a brave man with an unusual mission: It has been almost four years since he started his glossy bimonthly magazine Israel-Kurd, published by his Israel-Kurd Institution in Iraqi Kurdistan region.

    Many Kurdish websites have been banned in Turkey, Syria and Iran. Kurdish writers and journalists are imprisoned for expressing their views critical of the ruling regimes. Islamic Republic of Iran detained and interned 1317 Kurdish journalists just in the year 2011.

    The Israel and Kurdish nations are believed to have close genetic ties. In the absence of official ties, Baghistani wants to use the media to strengthen Israel-Kurdish relations.

    More here:       Turkish, Kurdish hackers Rock'n Roll with Israel Kurdish Institute website

    Iran Military crosses Kurdistan border into Kurdish Iraq!!

    Thanks to the pathetic non-leadership of Barack Hussein Obama and his appeasemnt of the Iranian Nazi regime, this will happen more frequently now!!

    NEWSDESK, -- Iranian military forces randomly bombard and enter Kurdistan soil inflicting damages on the local people as well as the environment.
    For the second time Iranian forces have occupied the bases they left last year due to an accord struck between Kurdistan and Iran, Sbeiy reported.

    Yesterday morning, the local people said, the Iranian forces blindly opened fire on the mountain Kodo and its surroundings inhabited by farmers and tourists only.
    This latest wave of mortar bombardment and shelling brought fear to farmers and local people.
    Kurdish forces training in Kurdish Iraq

    The New French Revolution: Bloodier than the Last!!

    The French Revolution 2012: Three Muslims in Cabinet

    More than 90 percent of French Muslims voted for Hollande, enough to defeat Sarkozy. Now, Hollande appoints three Muslims to his cabinet.
    Newly elected French president Francois Hollande has appointed three Muslims to his 34-member cabinet following his victory, in which the Muslims’ 93 percent support for the left-wing Socialist candidate put him over the top to defeat incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy.

    Hollande won by a scant 2.3 percent margin. Approximately 1.7 million Muslims voted for Hollande, who won the election by only 1.1 million votes.

    At least two of the Muslim cabinet members are foreigners, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, born in Morocco, and Yamina Benguigui, an Algerian native. Both are women. The third Muslim cabinet member is Kader Arif, who has charged that Israel blocked Sarkozy’s proposed Mediterranean Union.
    Hollande also has promised that women will comprise half of his Cabinet.
    The Muslim support for a Socialist candidate is due in part to the high unemployment and relatively low income of Muslims in France.
    Benguigui's parents were Kabyle and immigrated to France from Algeria in the early 1950s. She never discovered why her parents decided to leave Algeria, saying the subject was considered taboo. Born in Lille, Benguigui was the eldest daughter of six children and spent her childhood in northern France. Describing herself as a quiet child who grew up in the Islamic tradition, Benguigui was only 13 years old when she first decided to become a filmmaker. Yamina Benguigui married a Jewish pied-noir and has two daughters.

    Very bizarre!
     But the most ominous member of the french cabinet is Kader Arif.
    Kader Arif is an enabler of the Euro-Med project. Formed to allow all Arab countries in North Africa, plus Turkey and the Islamic Slave State, Mauretania, to become totally "integrated" with Europe!! 

    "He is also a substitute (??) for the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety and a member of the delegations to the EU–Turkey Joint Parliamentary Committee, the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly, and the Euro-Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly. Recently, he signed the Manifesto of the Spinelli Group for a federal Europe."

    This means that Arif will be pushing, on behalf of the tsunami of mozlems awaiting acceptance to come over here, and the mozlem governments of Turkey, of Saudi Arabia and of course, the 57 nations of the Organisation of Islamic Conference, that wields the cosh at the UN (United Nazis). He will also have control of the Halal intake of food at the government level!

    Obama's Sons: Gang of Black Hoody-Wearing Murderers Stab White Boy to Death in Frenzied Attack on Stranger.

    Hideous Racist Cowardly atrocity, an attack by gang of black drugged-up knife-wielding hoodies on single white boy coming out of pub in London! Apparently they turned up at the pub wielding knives and clubs and dragged this boy out, stabbing him in a frenzy as they dragged him along the road.
    The father tried to protect his son by throwing himself on his son's body as it was being attacked; they also stabbed the father. the son is dead, the father critically wounded in hospital.
                                                     This is the Biased BBC version of events

    They did not know him and he did not know any of them!!

    Where is the media outrage about this racist attack?

    Who is stirring up this race-hatred and division? Why are these blacks targeting whites?

    We believe this is poison, leaking over from America, spawned by Obama admin and scum like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, in the wake of the Trayvon Martin shooting. In the US, gangs of mainly black people are calling for the murder and lynching of white people and Obamas gangsters are encouraging this!

    Google's Secret Conference at Odds with Claim to "Openness"

    • Annual conference begins amid tight security
    • Media and public barred unless specifically invited
    • Zeitgeist taking place at Grove hotel in Hertfordshire
    • Bill Clinton and Annie Lennox among speakers

    For a company that describes transparency as one of its ‘core values’, it was something of a private party.
    Google’s annual conference began yesterday amid tight security, with members of the media and public barred unless specifically invited.

    Civil liberty campaigners warned that Google – which has been accused of invading the privacy of its customers by harvesting details about their online activity – was using its ‘dominance to influence decision-makers behind closed doors’ at the Zeitgeist event.

    Jon Snow, TV presenter/newsreader, attends the MORE4 TV Launch Party
    Kirsty Wark at home in Glasgow
    Invited: Leftwing Celebrities  Newsreaders and Z-listers made up the bulk of the guestlist, while Channel 4 presenter Jon Snow and Newsnight presenter Kirsty Wark were among the representatives from the media

    It comes after the Daily Mail revealed the astonishing scale of contact between the internet giant and the Tories, with meetings held once a month on average since the election.
    Zeitgeist has previously been a popular forum for such meetings. David Cameron spoke at the conference in 2006 and in 2007 was flown to California to address its US equivalent.
    Read the rest here.

    UPDATE on Google: blocking  map directions for Jews in Judea:
    Arutz Sheva has received several complaints over the past few weeks from residents of Judea and Samaria (Shomron) who use Google Maps to receive driving directions before setting out on the roads. The residents complained that in recent weeks, when they looked for directions between two points in Judea and Samaria, they received an error message which said that no information is available on the points in question.
    One of the complainants, Joe from Havat Gilad (Gilad Farm) in the Shomron, told Arutz Sheva on Monday that the problem goes beyond trips from one point to another within Judea and Samaria, and also extends to trips from within Judea and Samaria to points outside of the area.
    It should be noted that those who wish to see driving directions from a point outside of Judea and Samaria to a point within the area have no problems accessing the site and receive no error messages. However, they must be sure to use discretion and not attempt to go through Arab villages and towns, even if that is the shortest route.

    A two state solution has nothing to do with Jerusalem

    JERUSALEM (Reuters) -- Named for the crash site of an airforce plane shot down during the Six Day War in 1967, Givat HaMatos may yet prove the place where Palestinian hopes of a creating a capital in Jerusalem also plunge to earth.

    'Airplane Hill' lies on the southern fringes of Jerusalem's city limits -- rock-strewn land dotted with shabby, prefabricated bungalows and the occasional pine tree.

    Once a tranquil backwater, the area has become the focus of hectic activity in the last six months, with Israeli authorities releasing plans for 2,610 housing units and 1,110 hotel rooms.

    With the approval process going more quickly than expected, building could start later this year, creating the first new Israeli settlement in 15 years among the sprawl of a modern Jerusalem that is spread out over many hills.

    If that happens, it would effectively cut off the city's Palestinian neighborhoods from Bethlehem in the occupied West Bank, imperiling the Palestinians' prospects for establishing a coherent capital and with it their goal of an independent state.

    "There is only so much territorial abuse this tortured land can take before we kill the political options of saving the two- state solution," said Daniel Seidemann, an Israeli attorney who monitors urban developments he thinks affect chances for peace.
    From Elder of Zion:

    In 1947, the Zionists accepted a two-state solution without Jerusalem, the eternal Jewish capital. The reason was because the desire to have a state - no matter what the boundaries - was far more important than anything else.

    If statehood and independence is the most important goal for Palestinian Arabs, they would act the same way and would have their state today.

    Why does Reuters say, as a fact, that only Jerusalem can be the Palestinian state's "coherent capital?"

    Just because Palestinian Arabs insist that Jerusalem is essential to their having a state does not make it so. Indeed, it is provably false, as Ramallah is currently the effective capital of the PA.

    They can add Jerusalem to any list of demands they want. They can also demand that Netanyahu do six consecutive somersaults on live television before any peace agreement. But arbitrary demands do not automatically become essential for a two state solution just because Arabs assert it.

    Those who mix up Arab demands and a real two-state solution are not doing anything to advance the cause of peace. 

    A two state solution has nothing to do with Jerusalem

    Saturday, 28 April 2012


    Spot the family resemblance? The newly identified collodictyon is closer to human beings than to bacteria, according to the Norwegian scientists
    Spot the family resemblance? The newly identified collodictyon is closer to human beings than to bacteria, according to the Norwegian scientists

    Scientists say they have found one of the world's oldest living organisms and man's remotest relative - after spending two decades examining a microscopic algae-eater that lives in a lake in Norway.
    They have even had to invent a new category of organism for it called Collodictyon because it is not an animal, plant, parasite, fungus or alga, they said. 
    They said the elusive, single-cell creature evolved about a billion years ago. 
    "We have found an unknown branch of the tree of life that lives in this lake. It is unique!" University of Oslo researcher Kamran Shalchian-Tabrizi said.
    "So far we know of no other group of organisms that descends from closer to the roots of the tree of life than this species."
    Scientists believe the discovery may provide insight into what life looked like on earth hundreds of millions of years ago.

    Thursday, 19 April 2012

    Obama's revolution...

    Obama is stirring up his mob, the'canaille' and 'racaille': he wants the French Revolution Mark 2; the Terreur and all the horror that involved. He wants the guillotine for people who don't vote for him and he is going to use his mobsters and street garbage - the occupying anti-semites and racists, to do his dirty work.
    H/T Will

    The Islamic Snake

    Wednesday, 4 April 2012

    Muslim Paedophile Pimps Blame Girls for being Prostituted.

    Mozlems always blame other people: they made me do it, they are izlamophobic!! While they plan and pimp white girls out for money and their disgusting perverted desires, it has nothing to do with them!!

    'Child sex victims were prostitutes with enough business acumen to win The Apprentice', man at centre of sex gang trial tells court

    • 59-year-old took his sweater off and ripped out a clump of chest hair in court demanding why one of the victims didn't tell police about his hairy body
    • Alleged ringleader is first of 11 men to take to the stand to deny charges of child sex exploitation
    • He claimed he had long term relationship with one of the 'victims' who he thought was 18 and working as a prostitute
    • During one outburst he said: 'Where are the white people? You have only got my kind here'
    • He blamed social services and police for 'doing nothing'
    By Jamie Mcginnes

    The alleged ringleader of a gang who plied young girls with vodka and drugs to have sex with them today appeared in court where he denied the charges against him as 'lies' and 'rubbish'.
    The 59-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, described the alleged victims in the case
    Why is this criminal paedophile pimp allowed to maintain his anonymity!!
    He is the first of 11 defendants from the Rochdale area to take to the witness stand as part of a major trial charged with conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with children under the age of 16.
    The prosecution at Liverpool Crown Court says they plied girls as young as 13 with drink and drugs so they could be 'passed around' and used for sex.
    In dramatic court room scenes, the 59-year-old took his sweater off and ripped out a clump of his hair, demanding why she didn't tell police about his hairy body.
    Throwing it to the floor he said: 'She would have seen this. I only have to walk past someone to leave hairs on them.'
    Qamar Shahzad Kabeer Hassan arriving at Liverpool crown court

    Bring in the race-baiting!! Copy what works, Obama is using it, with his black KKK followers!!
    The 59-year-old is also alleged to have accused one of the girls as being being a racist who believed 'whites were a superior race'.
    When asked about the alleged victims in the case the man said: 'They were clever girls. They had a business empire which extended to Leeds, Nelson, Bradford.
    'If they went on to Sugar’s programme they would probably win The Apprentice. They did very well.'
    He told the court that one girl in particular used to cause problems and 'corrupted' the other girls who would hang around in a large group.
    'She never used to hide the fact that white was superior to any other race,' he said. 'The other girls were much much better...she sort of infected them, corrupted them as well.'
    The man described the girl as a 'bone in a kebab' and added: 'I can smell a pig and I can smell abuse when it’s being thrown at me.'