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Sunday, 7 October 2012

BBC - Scandal of the Paedophile DJs

  • Former beauty queen claims she was raped in storeroom by Radio 1 DJ's 'apprentice'
  • The former BBC employee was allegedly given the task of procuring girls for Jimmy Savile and other men to molest
  • Ex-employee has been named separately by two different women
  • Around 40 woman have now stepped forward to allege they were raped or molested by the late Sir Jimmy Savile
  • Gary Glitter has already been accused of being involved in the alleged sex ring

This one will run and run. They have only just opened this can of worms. I wonder why you can't hear about it on the BBC?

A nephew of Sir Jimmy Savile yesterday told how his celebrity uncle attended ‘paedophile parties’.
Guy Marsden was just 13 when ‘Uncle Jimmy’ took him to a wealthy celebrity’s house in London in 1967 for the first of many sordid social gatherings.
Over the next 18 months, Guy and his friends went to numerous ‘parties’ where he believes men sexually abused girls and boys as young as ten. Savile was at many of these events, he said.
Over eight years, writer Dan Davies was given unrivalled access to Jimmy Savile and his coterie, but no one dared to unmask the world he found... until now.
I first met Jimmy Savile at his penthouse flat in Leeds in 2004.
After buzzing on the intercom, I was told to wait in the small foyer of Lake View Court, a modern block overlooking Roundhay Park. When the wooden doors of the lift slid open, releasing a cloud of pungent cigar smoke, Jimmy emerged flanked by two large, unsmiling men. ‘Frisk him,’ he barked and I was pinned to the wall and searched for 20 rather uncomfortable seconds.
As I entered his flat he beckoned me through to his kitchen, which  was decorated with tiles of pink and brown – or ‘the colour of sex’ as he put it – before sitting down in his reclining chair to begin regaling me with tales of his poverty-stricken childhood, his friendship with the Royal Family and his curious opinions on the opposite sex. 

Police are to investigate claims that Sir Jimmy Savile and an accomplice ran a sex ring at the BBC.
The Mail has been told that a BBC employee was allegedly given the task of procuring girls for the presenter and other men to molest.
The member of staff sometimes attacked them himself, it is alleged. Gary Glitter has already been accused of being a member of the sex ring. Continued here.
This is ongoing; there will be updates, WATCH THIS SPACE!


  1. Details of the St John ambulance paedophiles and their paedophile protection network which stretches all the way to London, are here: