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Monday, 23 May 2011

Icelandic Volcano Erupts: Stunning photographs!

North Sudan Makes Move in Advance of South Sudan Independence in July!

The northern Sudanese army on Sunday took control of the flashpoint border town Abyei after three days of violent clashes between northern and southern forces in the surrounding area.
A spokesperson for South Sudan's army said that the move was an act of war, raising fears that conflict between the north and south could be reignited as South Sudan prepares for independence on July 9.
The Arab north and African south of Africa's largest nation fought a brutal civil war for over 20 years, in which more than two million died. The 2005 peace deal that ended the conflict agreed that the south would vote on whether it would stay unified with the north, or separate to form a new country.
In January of this year, the south voted overwhelmingly to secede and become the world's newest nation.
But a simultaneous referendum planned for the oil-rich border region of Abyei, in which its population would choose whether to join the north or the south, has been delayed by wrangles for months.
According to aid agency Medecins Sans Frontieres, "the entire population of Abyei town" has fled the latest fighting there. Northern forces conducted two days of aerial bombardments in the region, after alleging that southern forces attacked a northern convoy escorted by UN peacekeepers.

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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Gunmen storm Karachi military base - Telegraph

Gunmen attacked Pakistan's naval aviation base on Sunday, starting fires, setting off explosions and fighting pitched gun battles inside one of the country's most heavily guarded military installations.
Officials said at least two people had been killed in the attack on PNS Mehran in the southern city of Karachi.
Between 15 to 20 gunmen entered the high-security facility before splitting up into smaller groups, setting off explosions and hiding in the sprawling facility.
Witnesses said they could hear gunshots and see smoke rising from the base.
"They were equipped with sophisticated weapons," said navy spokesman Commodore Irfan ul-Haq.
Another spokesman said that one P-3C Orion, a maritime patrol aircraft, had been destroyed. 
Gunmen storm Karachi military base - Telegraph
UPDATE: "The New York Times said that a mere 15 miles away from PNS Mehran, Pakistan was believed to keep a large depot for nuclear weapons that can be delivered from the air. "

Hope and Change in Egypt.

"People don't feel secure, they're buying guns," former IAEA chief says; Egypt suffering from lack of tourism, no investment, inflation.
 “Right now, socially, we are disintegrating,” ElBaradei said on CNN’s “Fareed ZakariaGPS,” scheduled to air Sunday. “Economically we are not in the best state. Politically it’s -- it’s like a black hole. We do not know where we are heading.”Egypt is disintegrating socially and its economy “is bust,” said Mohamed ElBaradei, the former director of the International Atomic Energy Agency and possible candidate for the Egyptian presidency.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

UK Has Adopted Obummer's Dope and Change - with a Vengeance!!

There is not a lot of difference between Bliar and the Cleggaron, Labour or Conservative - or the Limp Dumbs or the Greens.
In spite of inflation moving steadily upwards, prices rocketing for basic food and fuel:
British taxpayers will have to fork out nearly £4billion more a year on foreign aid by the time of the next election – a massive 34 per cent rise when most ministries are seeing their spending slashed by a fifth."David Cameron yesterday admitted his controversial pledge to spend billions more on international aid is a ‘difficult commitment’ at a time when spending programmes are being slashed at home. Labour’s international development spokesman, Harriet Harman, called for Dr Fox to be sacked unless he fell into line.

Cameron is also implementing Osama's Obama's loony "green" policies but even more extremely:

"Tough new climate change targets will cost every household in Britain £500 a year.
The targets will usher in a new era of green taxes and soaring fuel bills for millions of cash-strapped households.
Energy Secretary Chris Huhne yesterday committed the UK to a legally binding 50 per cent cut in greenhouse gas emissions by 2025 in a move that will leave Britain £13.4billion-a-year worse off.
The targets are the toughest of any country in the world and will come at a huge price for Britain’s struggling economy.
In contrast, the U.S. has pledged to cut greenhouse gas emissions by only 3 per cent, while China – the world’s biggest polluter – expects its carbon dioxide emissions to rise.
Critics say the plans could have only a minuscule impact on halting climate change but could stifle economic recovery and hamper business. They will also mean higher fuel bills, hitting poorest homes the hardest." From here.
Meanwhile the British families are paying for the government's generosity to others:

  • Fuel soars in price by a huge 15.9% in a YEAR
  • 2% inflation target missed for the sixth successive quarter
Enlarge Britain: Consumer price indexThe typical family has been stung by an increase of £54 a week in their  bills over the past six months, alarming research reveals today.
The report, from the comparison website Moneysupermarket, highlights the pressure on households on all fronts from petrol prices to energy bills.
Kevin Mountford, the website’s head of banking, said: ‘Many families will feel like their finances are approaching breaking point.’
It comes as official figures, published yesterday, show inflation surged to 4.5 per cent last month, the highest level since October 2008 and more than double the Government’s 2 per cent target.
It means homeowners could be hit by interest rates rises imminently, meaning their monthly mortgage payments will jump if they do not have a fixed-rate loan.
The figures, from the Office for National Statistics, expose crippling price rises, including air fares being 29 per cent higher in April than in March.
Also, the power companies, Gas and Electricity, have sneaked in an announcement that bills will go up 25% this winter!!

The unions are promising:

Britain is on the brink of a series of crippling co-ordinated strikes, with more than a million union members planning to bring the country to a standstill.
Key workers, ranging from teachers to tax officials, university lecturers and coastguard controllers, will walk out on June 30.
Other strikes are likely to follow over the coming months as unions vent their fury at the Government’s programme of spending cuts.

A family of professional benefit cheats who made regular flights into Britain to collect state handouts was jailed yesterday.
The Romany gypsy gang – also suspected to have been involved in a child-trafficking ring – swindled taxpayers out of more than £800,000 in a ‘flagrant and persistent’ attack on the benefits system.
Some members were based in Britain while others flew in from Romania to collect tax credits, income support, child benefits and housing benefit.Corrupt British construction boss Abdel Lemsatef, 66, was jailed for nine months after he admitted supplying Dumitru with forged job references that enabled the gang to obtain National Insurance numbers.

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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Kuwait next in line to join UN(United Nazis) Human Rites Group

Here is an example of life in Kuwait:

Clashes have broken out at a mosque in Kuwait City after a Salafi extremist group attempted to hold a “funeral prayer” for al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

Around 200 hardliners gathered in Ihsan Mosque on Monday afternoon, after prominent Salafi leader Mubarak Al Badhali asked his followers to honor bin Laden, IRNA quoted Kuwaiti newspaper Al Watannewspaper as saying. 
The mosque's imam prevented the group from holding the prayer, arguing that they needed a special permission for the act. 
But the hardliners attacked the imam and beat him down, triggering a big fight inside the mosque. 
Several people were injured in the scuffle, in which fists, sticks and head gears were used, before a large police force intervened. 
One of the assailants was arrested by the police for attacking the imam -- who is now confined at a hospital. 

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Last Will and Testament of a Young Mozlem Martyr.

I, Hasan, the son of Akbar, resident of the village of Saraab, being of sound mind and resolute belief in Muhammad, praise be upon him (PBUH) and the 12 Imams, the Pure Ones, declare this here as my last and final will and testament.
I have found it my sacred duty to answer the call and volunteer as suicide martyr for any mission that our Olama (religious leaders) assign to this humble servant. I have given the matter great thoughts and have consulted extensively with our village Agha (the mullah). Agha, with patience and understanding allowed me to ask many questions and replied to all my inquiries. In order to assist other brothers who may have similar questions as they contemplate to offer themselves in the service of our infallible faith, I hereby report the essence of my conversation with Agha.
Me. Agha, I offer Your Person my infinite gratitude for giving me a private audience before I head for Tehran and enlist in the Martyrs Brigade. I humbly request that you accept this sum as insignificant offering, representing my entire worldly possession, as a token of my gratitude for your console and time. It is the payment I received for selling my donkey – my sole worldly possession of any value. I gave my hoe, shovel and pick to my elderly parents so that, with the help of my two sisters, they can work our allotted plot and manage to survive. I have only taken enough money from the sale of the donkey to pay for the bus fare to Tehran…
Mullah. (Quickly tucks the notes under his cloak) No need, no need for this, my son. The very fact that you are volunteering proves that you place no value whatsoever on this fistful of dust, this worthless world, and you are aiming for eternal life in Allah’s paradise. If you insist, I'll accept your offering and will pray for your pure soul.

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European Union sends MPs to Join Terrorists from IHH aboard latest Gaza Flotilla

European Members of Parliament at Strasbourg will be joining the terrorists from IHH on the latest flotilla of hate and lies to Gaza:
Ran Curiel, Israel's ambassador to the European Union, charged Tuesday in a news conference in Strasbourg that a new attempt to breach Israel's maritime blockade of Gaza is a "clear political provocation." Activists organizing the new convoy said earlier in the day at a news conference in Strasbourg that aboard the vessels will be European Union parliamentarians.The organizers claimed the status of the lawmakers would "protect" the other activists aboard the vessels from IDF troops who might try to redirect or otherwise stop the ships from reaching Gaza.
“In our view, the flotilla is clearly a political provocation... since there's no need for a flotilla to aid Gaza,” he said. “You can pass whatever you want to Gaza through normal channels.” More here.

In this blatantly anti-Israel post from the EU Observer:  The organisers of a second flotilla aiming to break Israel's siege on Gaza are seeking EU diplomatic protection after Israeli commandos killed nine people and injured 52 during their first trip in 2010.Speaking to EUobserver from Paris on Monday (4 April), Claude Leostic from Association France Palestine Solidarite (AFPS) said the group will next week send letters to top EU officials Herman Van Rompuy and Catherine Ashton urging them to threaten Israel with economic sanctions if there is a repeat of last year's violence.
NGOs behind the project also expect several MPs from EU countries and MEPs from Brussels to join them when they set sail in late May."The EU has been saying for a long time that the blockade is against international law. It has the means to apply economic pressure, to cancel its economic agreement with Israel. If they are serious about their position, they could send such a message. This would be a really good move," she explained.
Huseyin Oruc from the Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH), a Turkish NGO, said: "There will be many MPs on board. I don't think Israel will attack us. They did so much damage to their international reputation last time that I don't think they will repeat the same actions again." (more here)
All websites indicating who the EU members are who will be joining their fellow terrorists, have been taken down.
Many of the attendees are mozlems from abroad who are permitted to come to the UK on the pretext of studying but in reality to stir up and then organise, hate against Israel and Jews!
Here is the background to the groups attending this evil flotilla of lies, sexual frenzy and perversion:

Sunday, 8 May 2011

With Cameron's Assistance, this is what We in UK have to Look forward to:

Twelve people were killed Saturday when Muslims attacked a church in Cairo, in the second incident of its kind since March. The attack set off violent clashes that ended in hundreds of injuries and almost 200 arrests.
The incident began when a Muslim mob attacked the St. Menas church after hearing rumors that a Christian woman married to a Muslim man had been kidnapped and was being held in the church. There does not appear to have been truth to the rumors.
The mob threw firebombs at the church, chanting, “With our blood and our souls we will defend you, Islam.” The crowds attacked nearby homes and shops with firebombs as well.
Many in the mob carried knives and machetes, and witnesses said they heard gunfire, which apparently came from rooftops.
Clashes broke out as Christians attempted to defend the church. In total, at least six Muslims and three Christians were killed, and more than 230 people were injured, 11 of them critically.
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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Screw Osama bin Laden, al Qaeda, the Mozlem Brotherhood, Hamas, PLO, Iranian nazi government, the British government and Hussein Obama with a Dead Pigs Dick!!

(Spiegel) — On Monday, Chancellor Angela Merkel said she was “glad” about the killing of Osama bin Laden. Now, though, criticism of the comment is mounting — even within her own party. German Foreign Minister Westerwelle, meanwhile, is calling on the West to be careful in its reaction to the news. More here.

Here we have no such cowardly, arse-licking "fears" of retaliation: go ahead , scum, make my day!

Lan astaslem (لن استسلم‎) 

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The Diabolical Reality of life/Death in Iran!!

From Azarmehr:
Revolutions in the name of the poor are always full of rhetorics, regurgitated by an army of useful idiots around the world who idolize and justify populist dictators. The reality however is very different. Three decades after the 1979 revolution in Iran and after a decade of incredible oil revenue, patients who can not pay their hospital bills in Iran are thrown out of the hospital and left by the roadside to die:

These pictures were taken by Iranian daily Jahan News. One of the patients suffered a broken leg and was unable to pay a $200 bill, the other was an elderly woman who had suffered burns to her body. 
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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Now is the Holocaust of the Christians...

Pope Pius XII, the wartime Catholic pontiff, “knew, from the summer of 1942, exactly what was happening in occupied Europe, and the scale of the slaughter of the Jewish people,” Vistrich said. Catholic churches were located in nearly every city across the continent, he pointed out....The pope had two reasons to avoid condemning the Nazis, Vistrich said: his fear for the safety of Catholic leaders throughout Europe, and his desire to see communist Russia, an enemy of the church, defeated in battle...However, after the war Pius XII refused to return Jewish children sheltered in churches and monasteries to their families and to the Jewish people, he said. In addition, the pope refused to express regret that the Catholic Church had not done more to save the Jews of Europe.

But what is the current pope doing about the mass murder of Catholics and other Christians, in Nigeria, Pakistan, Sudan, Ethiopia, Egypt, Iran by mozlems??