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Monday, 28 February 2011

Married at 13, Abandoned at 30, Children tortured by Ex-husband.

"Muhammad's favorite wife Aisha once said, “I have not seen any woman suffering as much as the believing women" (Sahih al-Bukhari 5825). Muhammad had sex with Aisha when she was nine years old, and he died when she was eighteen. Since Muhammad commanded his followers not to marry his widows, Aisha spent the rest of her life without companionship. A similar pattern has been repeated for nearly fourteen centuries.When she was 13-years old, Salma (full name withheld) from Saudi Arabia was forced to marry a man aged over 60.

The man paid her father a dowry of SR250,000 ($68,000), but Salma says it was like she was actually sold.
Salma, now in her 30s, has no home and is deprived of seeing her six children following her divorce."
"The Saudi Alikhbariya newspaper said Salma first refused to give back the children to her ex-husband, prompting him to go to court.

“Police arrested me and I was jailed for six months… when I was released, I went back to my family and stayed for a while before another old man came and paid SR100,000 to marry me,” she said.
“I refused and fled home… I have been staying at mosques and parks all this time. My ex-husband still refuses to let me see my children. Sometimes I go to take a glance at them while going or leaving school and I could see clear marks of violence on their bodies. I think they are being tortured at home.” " 

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John Galliano: “I love Hitler"...

John Galliano: GONE!! “I love Hitler. People like you would be dead. Your mothers, your forefathers, would all be fucking gassed.”

John Galliano design.
The Sun has the video of Galliano’s rant.
(Update – astonishingly, this is not the rant for which Galliano was arrested last week. This took place on an earlier occasion)
He is obviously drunk. Sober racists usually remember to keep their thoughts to themselves. Drunkeness gives racists permission to speak.
The Sun also reports:
Last Thursday Galliano allegedly insulted Geraldine Bloch, 35, and threatened to kill her pal Philippe Virgitti, 41, in La Perle Bar. Ms Bloch told cops he called her a “dirty Jew face”.
Galliano has launched legal action against French Ms Bloch and Mr Virgitti, who is of Asian origin, for defamation.
You’ll be unsurprised to hear that the subjects of Galliano’s antisemitism “were French and Italian, but not Jewish”. But you don’t need actual Jews for antisemitism.
It was Joan Burstein, the Jewish owner of Browns boutique, in London's South Molton Street who launched American designers such as Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and Donna Karan onto the London scene via the boutique; and she who first discovered Hussein Chalayan (now the subject of a retrospective at the Design Museum) and John Galliano.
Joan Burstein
Oscar winner Natalie Portman today expressed her ‘disgust’ at British fashion designer John Galliano – saying she would ‘not be associated with him in any way’ because of his alleged anti-Semitism. More here.

Iranian Opposition Leaders kidnapped!! Treachery of Western Leaders!!

This is not just about these leaders who have a completely vile background, but about the people of Iran, and specifically the young people who are the future of this once great country!The two leaders of Iran's Green Movement and their wives werekidnapped on Thursday night, and are being held at an undisclosed location, possibly awaiting a show trial. The West is silent.
Yes it is true, not exactly as any one source has been reporting, but the two top leaders of the Green Movement, Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi, were kidnapped on Thursday night — when the streets of Tehran were full of armed men. It was a typical Mafia-style snatch. The two men — already under house arrest — were beaten and bloodied, and then were led out of their homes in blindfolds and handcuffs, stuffed in the trunks of the cars of their captors from the Revolutionary Guards and, along with their wives, taken to a location in Tehran, then, on Friday, to another in Parchin, and finally to a third location, a heavily protected private residence.

Muslim Brotherhood/Hizb-ut-Tahrir on UK campuses.

Following the recent LSE embarrassment over their Libya links, the management of the London School of Economics will be further irked by the fact that a member of their teaching staff is not only an active member of Islamist sect Hizb-ut-Tahrir, but that he is appearing alongside characters from the Muslim Brotherhood.
Speaking at a debate hosted by the ‘Global Ideas Society‘, who have previously encouraged the debate on Shariah vs. Secularism, was entitled, “What is the way forward for the Arab World?”
The event took place in Fyvie Hall on the Regent Street Campus at Westminster University on Thursday, 10th February.  The panel consisted of;
Dr. Kemal Helbawy – Senior Member of the Muslim Brotherhood
Reza Pankhurst – LSE assistant/Hizb-ut-Tahrir UK member
Dr. Patrick Seale – Author and Journalist
Given that the National Union of Students has a no-platform policy for Hizb-ut-Tahrir on campuses, it begs the question of the University of Westminster, why do they let these events take place?
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Israel Matzav: Iran has bases in Libya.

In an interview today on the an informed source within the Revolutionary Guards Corps revealed that Iran has several military bases in Libya.
al Arabiya 
The source, who requested anonymity due to his sensitive position within the Guards, elaborated further that the Iranian military bases are located mostly along Libya’s borders with the African countries of Chad and Niger. From there, he said, the Guards actively smuggle arms and supply logistical assistance to rebellious groups in the African countries.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

UK: 52% think Muslims create problems, 39% of Asians want immigration halt

The poll, carried out by Populus, was one of the largest studies carried out on the subject, based on 91 questions to more than 5,000 individuals.

Immigration was held to have been on the whole a bad thing for Britain by 63% of whites, 43% of Asians and 17% of black Britons. It found that 39% of Asians, 34% of whites and 21% of blacks believed immigration should be halted either permanently or at least until the UK's economy was back on track.

Almost half (48%) were open to supporting a new far-right party as long as it eschewed "fascist imagery" and did not condone violence. And 52% agreed that "Muslims create problems in the UK". Ethnic minority communities generally feel less "proud" at seeing the English flag flown - though only 25% of whites questioned said they felt that emotion.

More here.

Russia could 'lose $4 bn' in Libya arms deals.

As the - Europeans are rushing to fill the "arms gap" before anything is concluded, before there is stability, one can only wonder...

AFP - Russia could lose almost $4.0 billion in arms export contracts to Libya after Moscow joined other world powers in slapping an arms embargo on Moamer Kadhafi's regime, a report said on Sunday.
The Interfax news agency quoted a military source as saying that Russia had an order book for contracts from Libya worth $2.0 billion while negotiations had been in progress for deals worth $1.8 billion more.
"Among the countries of the Middle East and North Africa, Libya is one of the main buyers of Russian weapons," the source, which was not identified, told the agency.
"As of today, contracts for military hardware of around $2.0 billion had been agreed with Libya.
"Work on contracts for aviation equipment and air defence was also in the final stage. These were valued at $1.8 billion," the source said.
Russia was initially slow to echo Western condemnation of Kadhafi amid his bloody crackdown on an uprising but on Saturday it joined other UN Security Council members in ordering an arms embargo against Libya and other sanctions.
Another report last week said Russia could lose a total of up to $10 billion in arms sales from the wave of unrest currently destabilising regimes in north Africa and the Middle East.
See here:

This is ART!! MUST VIEW!!

UK: Coming to A High Street Near You...

Libyans Import Bangladeshi Labour!!!

Exodus: Workers from Bangladesh crowd in the arrival hall of the border post as they wait for permission to enter Egypt, after fleeing Libya

Read more:
Sounds like what is happening in the whole Western world too! High native unemployment, so invite people from a poorer country to take the jobs. Like the Soviet Russians and communist Chinese, in order to maintain control over their populations, they forcibly migrated large numbers of people to different parts of their empires. The Soviets sent Russians to live in the Baltic states, the Chinese sent town dwellers thousands of miles into distant countryside to work the land!

The Libyan people want employment: then why are there Bangladeshis working in the country??

As Libya is part of  the Euro-Med partnership, does that mean they are taking advice from the commies in the Fourth Reich EU??

This is pure divide and rule. In a rich country, fourth largest oil-producer in the world, with little seeming employment for native Libyans?
For more about Euro-Med Partnership, go here and here.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

"Pass the sick-bag!!" Assad of Syria's wife!!

Vogue writes about Assad’s wife. She is, apparently, a “rose in the desert“.
Asma al-Assad is glamorous, young, and very chic—the freshest and most magnetic of first ladies. Her style is not the couture-and-bling dazzle of Middle Eastern power but a deliberate lack of adornment. She’s a rare combination: a thin, long-limbed beauty with a trained analytic mind who dresses with cunning understatement. Paris Match calls her “the element of light in a country full of shadow zones.” She is the first lady of Syria.
The first lady works out of a small white building in a hilly, modern residential neighborhood called Muhajireen, where houses and apartments are crammed together and neighbors peer and wave from balconies. The first impression of Asma al-Assad is movement—a determined swath cut through space with a flash of red soles. Dark-brown eyes, wavy chin-length brown hair, long neck, an energetic grace. No watch, no jewelry apart from Chanel agates around her neck, not even a wedding ring, but fingernails lacquered a dark blue-green. She’s breezy, conspiratorial, and fun. Her accent is English but not plummy. Despite what must be a killer IQ, she sometimes uses urban shorthand: “I was, like. . . .”
Pass the sick bag.
It gets worse:  here at the "let them eat cake brigade"!


America and Europe to organise "freedom-fighters" into paramilitary units and teach them how to use weapons!!!
Taliban Mark 2, morons!!!
"Debkafile: "Hundreds of US, British and French military advisers have arrived in Cyrenaica, Libya's eastern breakaway province, DEBKAfile's military sources report exclusively. This is the first time America and Europe have intervened militarily in any of the popular upheavals rolling through the Middle East since Tunisia's Jasmine Revolution in early January.  The advisers, including intelligence officers, were dropped from warships and missile boats at the coastal towns of Benghazi and Tobruk Thursday Feb. 24, for a threefold mission:
1. To help the revolutionary committees controlling eastern Libyan establish government frameworks for supplying two million inhabitants with basic services and commodities;
2. To organize them into paramilitary units, teach them how to use the weapons they captured from Libyan army facilities, help them restore law and order on the streets and train them to fight Muammar Qaddafi's combat units coming to retake Cyrenaica.
3. The prepare infrastructure for the intake of additional foreign troops. Egyptian units are among those under consideration."

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Our Beautiful Warrior Queens: Israel.

Plus ca change..The New Egyptian Democracy : The Army Smashes St Bishoy, Ancient Coptic Place of Worship!!

Christianity is older than izlam. The mozzies cannot bear it! Christianity is proof that izlam is a cult and that Mo the paedo stole from the New Testament and perverted it for the Holy Qurap!!

In Egypt, the more things change, the more they stay the same in so many ways. Here's a video in which the Egyptian army kills Coptic monks by live ammunition while they demolish the walls of St.Bishoy monastery.
Here is the video of the army shooting dead Coptic monks!!
The deafening silence again from the imam of Canterbury and the ayatollah of Rome!!

Mozlem Brotherhood: the politicisation of the Egyptian Religious leadership.

Special Dispatch Series

Special Dispatch No. 3614—Egypt

Muslim Brotherhood-Affiliated TV Clerics Launch Campaign to Replace Egypt's Religious Leadership

Following are excerpts from an address delivered by Egyptian cleric Muhammad Zoghbi, which aired on Azhari TV on February 15, 2011. He called on the government-appointed religious leaders of Egypt to resign their positions; this includes the sheikh of Al-Azhar, which is the preeminent education center of Sunni Islam.
To view this clip on MEMRI TV, visit  
Muhammad Zoghbi: "Al-Azhar was subjected to a dangerous scheme, which was intended to shatter it and bring it down. This scheme consisted of three aspects: First, the politicization of the positions of the sheikh of Al-Azhar and the mufti of Egypt, as well as the position of the minister of religious endowments. These positions must be filled through elections. By no means should these officials be appointed by the president. Why? Because this politicization has led the people to lose their trust in Al-Azhar and its sheiks." [...]

Syria not untouched by violent rebellions.

The wave of protests sweeping through the Arab world has not passed Syria by, but has sparked some demonstrations and attempts to organize large-scale protests. However, in contrast to the regimes of other Arab countries, the Syrian regime has so far managed to suppress the protest, and has in fact used the Middle East crisis to strengthen its position both inside and outside the country. The regime's firm grip is maintained through a years-long policy of attacking and squelching any opposition forces, which has been tightened even further in the recent weeks; a nearly absolute control of the media and the maintaining of media obscurity regarding events in the country; widespread deployment of the security forces and the harnessing of popular forces; and recent measures aimed at easing economic distress through financial benefits that severely stretch the national budget.
This report will review the regime's response to the Egypt events and to the awakening of the Syrian opposition.

Syria: The Egyptian Uprising Was Motivated by the Regime's Foreign Policy; No Motivation for Protests in Syria

The popular uprising in Egypt afforded Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad an opportunity to sideswipe Hosni Mubarak, his chief rival for the leadership of the Arab world, and at the same time to demonstrate the stability of his own regime. The main thrust of Syria's response to the protests has been to downplay the importance of economic distress and the demand for freedom as motivations for the uprising  – aspects that are just as relevant in Syria – and to highlight Mubarak's cooperation with Israel and the U.S. against the resistance camp. This was depicted as the main reason for the people's dissatisfaction, even though it was not, in fact, one of the issues in the Egyptian protests. The Syrian regime thus wishes to convey the message, to its people and to other countries, that despite Syria's economic problems, the Syrian people have no cause to rebel, because their regime – unlike the Mubarak regime – faithfully represents their views and aspirations.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Islam: What has it's contribution to world knowledge been? Jihad Watch

"In Benedictow’s view, “no cultural sphere with more than a billion people contributes so little to the development of science or the arts in our time.”
Think of the Romans,  Chinese, the Indians, the Persians, the Byzantines! As the Jews were never numbered in the billions they are not referred to here.
"The Ottomans used a centralized power structure to extract a large proportion of the resources of the empire to use for military aggression, but they were successfully rebuffed by European states. The problem with an overly centralized power structure with high tax rates is that over time it will lead to economic and technological stagnation. Successful innovation requires some degree of decentralization, which could be found in regions of Western Europe with many free cities, from northern Italy via the Netherlands and Flanders in the Low Countries to England and northern Germany. This is where we encounter the development of capitalism."
Read the rest here.

“Allah is Dead – Why Islam is Not a Religion”.

Why Islam is Not a Religion
Just because people profess a faith in an ideology doesn’t make it a religion. In our lifetime, people swore loyalty to Communism and Nazism with religious fervor, but those ideologies were never granted a “religious” status. Also in America, one so-called “religious” practice – polygamy – was so offensive that the Mormon church was forced to discontinue it to gain legal acceptance. There are definite limits to what can be deemed a religion, even in First Amendment America.
In addition to being a hybrid, Islam is wholly materialistic. The Quran takes on an almost fetish character, where the book itself is “sacred,” not the contents. The focus of prayer and the object of pilgrimage and veneration is a black rock. The rewards for dying in the cause of Allah are completely material — virgins, food, and sensual ambiance. 

As the ex-Muslim Wafa Sultan says in her excellent book A God Who Hates, the raids Muhammad and his companions carried out, which amounted to at least twenty-seven if you believe Islamic sources, occupy a major part of his biography. They were intended to acquire booty and to inflict harm upon rival tribes in order to deprive them of their ability to resist Islam. A philosophy of raiding “has rooted itself firmly in the Muslim mind. Bedouins feared raiding on the one hand, and relied on it as a means of livelihood on the other. Then Islam came along and canonized it. Muslims in the twenty-first century still fear they may be raided by others and live every second of their lives preparing to raid someone else. The philosophy of raiding rules their lives, the way they behave, their relationships, and their decisions.From here.

Finally, Islam is the only religion where territorial sovereignty is more important than the inner spiritual sovereignty over men’s hearts. Mankind and territory are divided between the world of “submission” and the world of “warfare.” Whereas Judeo-Christian religions focus on the righteousness of individuals, the emphasis in Islam is the collective –the ummah.

Elder of Ziyon: More Palestinian Arabs working for Israelis.

I wonder why they work for Israelis?
Is it because they get paid well, treated well and access to health-care and education? Unlike the Fakestinian shit-holes they are forced to live in while their masters at Hamas and Fatah live like royalty!!

The latest labor statistics are out from the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics.

Among the findings for the 4th quarter of 2010:

  • The labor market increased by 41,000 jobs in the West Bank and 13,000 jobs in Gaza.
  • In the West Bank, the number of Arab workers in Israel or Israeli towns in Judea and Samaria increased by 4000, from 75,000 to 79,000.
  • The number of Arab workers in settlements themselves went up from 7000 to 9000, a whopping 28% increase. Almost certainly this is largely because the construction freeze ended in late September.
  • 11.5% of all employed West Bank workers are working for Israelis.
  • While the average daily wage in the West Bank is 86.8 NIS, the average daily wage for those working in Israel or in Jewish settlements is nearly double that, at 160.5 NIS (an increase of nearly 4% in the quarter.)
  • Gaza's unemployment rate went down from 40.5% to 37.4%. The West Bank unemployment rate decreased from 20.1% to 16.9%.
Statistics are slightly skewed compared to Western standards because the PCBS counts unemployment for everyone 15 years old and above, as opposed to 18 years old. Not surprisingly, the unemployment rate is highest for the 15-19 age group.

CIA Hero With Balls of Steel!

US officials have provided fresh details about Raymond Davis, the CIAagent at the centre of a diplomatic stand-off in Pakistan, including confirmation that he had worked for the private security contractor Xe, formerly known as Blackwater. They also disclosed for the first time that he had been providing security for a CIA team tracking militants.
Davis was attached to the CIA's Global Response Staff, whose duties include protecting case officers when they meet with sources. He was familiarising himself with a sensitive area of Lahore on the day he shot dead two Pakistanis.

More here:

"Turkish Mavi Marmara Delegation in Iran: 'We Are Here Today With the Longing and the Determination to Build a Middle East Without Israel and America' "

On February 12, 2011, the radical Islamist Turkish Internet portal reported that Iranian President Ahmadinejad hosted, in Tehran, a Turkish Mavi Marmara delegation,comprising "Mavi Marmara mujahedeenghazis and families of the shahids," which arrived to celebrate the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution. The delegation was led by militant Islamist activist Nureddin Sirin and IHH official Selaheddin.
According to the report, the delegates participated in Iran's February 11 Revolution Day ceremonies, and also "marched chanting anti-Israel, anti-American, pro-Hamas, Hizbullah and Egypt slogans and carrying the photos of the nine militants who died aboard Mavi Marmara in May 2010."
During the delegation's meeting with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Sirin noted: "We are here today with the longing and the determination to build a Middle East without Israel and America, and to refresh our pledge to continue on the path of the Mavi Marmara shahids. Report: Turkish Delegation of Mavi Marmara/Flotilla Visits Iran; Ahmadinejad: 'The Blood of These Shahids Will Not Be In Vain – And With Their Blood We Will Reach Jerusalem' 

These scum want war: bring it on! This blogger will personally be volunteering to help in Israel!! 

Monday, 21 February 2011

How the Guardian does love a dictator, especially if he is a mozlem!!

Rachad Ghannoushi, returning to Tunisia after 22 years exile.
FROM "Lucy Lips"   ...The Guardian ran an article by Intissar Kherigi, in which she wrote about the October 18 movement: coalition which includes Rachad Ghannoushi’s An Nadha. (Tunisian) There was some discussion of Ms Kherigi’s politics on the thread, when it emerged that Ms Kherigi had worked for theBritish Muslim Initiative and had co-organised events for Islam Expo. She was also the Vice-President of the Forum of European Muslim Youth and Student Organisations All three are Muslim Brotherhood front organisations.The Guardian deleted all these comments.
Well, surprise surprise, it now turns out that Intissar Kherigi is yet another daughter 
of the very fruitful Rachad Ghannoushi. From The Morning Star:
Ms Kherigi, whose father Rachid Ghannouchi is the leader of Tunisia’s banned Islamic En-Nahda movement, added: “Now it’s up to the international community to decide whether to continue its duplicitous and short-sighted policies or to really examine its old assumptions and priorities and readjust itself to the realities of a new Middle East.”
Middle East expert Dr Omar Ashour told the conference that the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt had successfully “removed the head of the system” but they had not got rid of the apparatus around the ousted dictatorships.
Read the rest here

MAURETANIA: part 3 EU Collusion In Present-Day Arab Slave Trade.

The Greeks knew about many-headed monsters well before the Fourth Reich European Union


The Euro-Mediterranean Partnership has constituted the central framework for relations between the EU and its Southern Mediterranean partners for over ten years. In the 1990s, the EU started to draft a new Mediterranean policy, which was finalised at the Barcelona Conference (27–28 November 1995). As a result, the Barcelona Process or the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership was launched, with the main objective of attaining long-term stability in this region. The Barcelona Process includes all EU Member States, Turkey, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon and the Palestinian Authority; Albania and Mauritania joined at the beginning of November 2007. The Euro-Mediterranean Partnership is the only forum, aside from the UN, where Israel and the Palestinians sit at the same table. Libya has had observer status since 1999. NO MENTION OF SLAVERY HERE!!

The Barcelona Declaration (1995) provided for three groups of objectives: establishing political and security, economic, and cultural and social partnerships.

No mention of slavery HERE!
A hmed Hamza, President of the urban community of Nouakchott, Mauretania, hopes that ARLEM will lead to greater decentralisation in the Mediterranean region. “We are very happy to be in Barcelona to participate in the creation of the Euro-Mediterranean Regional and Local Assembly. We sincerely hope that this new tool will help us to push for more decentralisation in our countries and to increase the cooperation between our regions and cities by better twinning and the exchange of good practices. It is clear to me that we will create more democracy and more efficiency if we give more competences and resources to our regions and cities. ARLEM will surely contribute to this and to a good integration of the North and the South.From here.
FROM: ANSAmed) - ROME, FEBRUARY 17 - The EU-financed Euromed News project was the focus of a press conference entitled 'Another Mediterranean is possible', held today at the Representation Office of the European Commission in Rome. Euromed News (active from January 2009 to December 2010) was run by France Televisions, bringing together broadcasters in Europe, Algeria, Jordan, Syria, Morocco and Lebanon, with financing of 19 million euros provided through EuropeAid, under the EU Neighbourhood Policy. Euromed News was created through a cooperative effort between the Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU), the Permanent Conference of Mediterranean Audiovisual Operators (Copeam) and the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). For two years, project partners collaborated in the production, broadcast and exchange of 300 news features, 40 magazines and 9 documentaries in Arabic. The need for greater and more systematic exchange of information, synergy and expertise generated by the EU project between the partners and operators in the information sector in these countries was discussed at the conference. In particular, in light of the recent events that are taking place on the south shore of the Mediterranean, it was discussed how the production and regular exchange of news for its circulation on a regional level is a key factor in fostering shared communication.


In fact, everywhere in the world where black people are currently being enslaved en masse, it is Muslims who "own" them.
But, Human Rights Watch says nothing:

This is now!

HRW’s treatment of Mauritania’s black slaves cinches our case. The Islamic Republic of Mauritania has more slaves per capita than any other nation on Earth. It abolished slavery in 1905, 1961 and 1980; the country criminalized it in 2007, but the UN, the US State Department, and Amnesty International report that slavery continues. According to UN reports – confirmed by our Mauritanian abolitionist allies – slaves in Mauritania are the wholly owned property of masters, passed on as wedding gifts through their estates, like furniture or cattle. Slave girls are given as presents. 

You might think black slaves would be a top priority for an American rights champion. But there’s a problem. While the slaves are African, their masters are not white Europeans; they are Arab-Berber Muslims.

Please click on photo to learn about ancient African Romans!
HRW knows all this but won’t tell anybody. Its reports have mentioned slavery in Mauritania only four times since 1994. Why? Because there is no political gain, no expiation, no dollars – or dinars.


Mauretania is part of Euro-Med!

Yes, that word again:OIL!

"BW: We should also point out that this part of the world which hasn't received very much media attention is becoming more strategic. In addition to the US military coming in, there's also the oil that's just been discovered off the coast of Mauritania, and foreign companies are bidding for rights in the offshore zone. And they say West Africa could become very strategic in the 21st century in terms of global oil resources.
AW: Yes, that's right. The oil should be a way to help those who are starving and to keep our country safe, democratic, and rich. It shouldn't be used to kill our people. Taya and his family, tribe and followers were very happy about the oil being discovered and thought it was another good reason to keep anyone else from power. he first priority of the president was always to save his skin, his family, and some of his friends.
BW: Any last words for people in America and New York City?
AW: We want people to help us organize, fighting peacefully without violence, against this regime. One day when we have a peaceful country, we will invite you to visit. But right now we have to struggle against racism, slavery, and dictatorship in Mauritania."


Voices of the African Liberation Forces of Mauritania (FLAM)
by Bill Weinberg
The Aug. 3 coup d'etat in Mauritania brought this West African nation briefly into the headlines. But the African Liberation Forces of Mauritania (FLAM) have been struggling for over a generation to bring democracy and equal rights for the Black African peoples of the country's south, who are disenfranchised from power by the ruling Arab political class. These peoples have been expropriated of their lands, forced into refugee camps, and even sold into slavery—a system which thrives with impunity. The situation mirrors that in Sudan, but has received far less media attention. Now, however, the stationing of a US Special Forces troops in Mauritania to counter supposed Islamic terrorist networks, as well as the recent discovery of oil, give this suffering nation a new strategic importance.
On Aug. 9, Bill Weinberg spoke with Mamadou Barry and Abdarahmane Wone, North American representatives of the FLAM, over the airwaves of WBAI Radio in New York City. They spoke about the long struggle in Mauritania, the prospects after the coup, and the urgent need to bring the situation there to the world's attention.
Bill Weinberg (BW): Your country has been in the news recently because there was just a coup d'etat there, where the president who'd been in power more than twenty years, Maoya Sidi Ahmed Ould Taya, was overthrown exactly a week ago by an entity calling itself the Military Council for Justice and Democracy. And the new leader is apparently Col. Ely Ould Mohamed Vall. But the FLAM has been opposing the regime for more than twenty years now since it was founded in 1983. Can you tell us a little bit about your struggle and what the new developments in Mauritania might mean for it?
Mamadou Barry (MB): Good morning to everyone. My name is Mamadou Barry, general secretary of the FLAM. Yes, my organization was founded in March 1983, out of the need of answering the discrimination and slavery. It was targeted to fight the system of racial discrimination in Mauritania. Our country was colonized by France, but we got them out in 1960. But then the political and economic power was maintained by the Arab part of Mauritania. And the black population was subjected to racial discrimination. So from that time there was a need for blacks to do something to be liberated. Its not just one government but a system; we've had several governments from 1960 to today, but its almost the same people who are ruling the country. What the coup d'etat will mean for Blacks and really for all Mauritanians: it is the same situation as of today, because we have seen no signs to make us optimistic about what will happen in the new future.
The BBC's take:

BBC - Ethics - Slavery: Modern slavery

The last country to abolish slavery was the African state of Mauritania... I'm not sure what the average price of a slave is today, but it can't be more ...

The Libyan Slave Revolt...But What about Mauretania???

 One of the most vile and decrepit slave states on earth is teetering. As I write this, thousands of Libyans are joining the uprising against the Gaddafi regime. They are now pouring into the streets of Tripoli. The people have seized Benghazi and several other eastern towns. The regime continues to slaughter civilians, using mercenaries and helicopter gunships. Libyan diplomats are jumping ship. The tyrant’s annointed heirs are vowing to fight to the last bullet. The free world stands by and watches. From here.

Nothing compared to THIS:

Slave owner, rights activists convicted in Mauritania

The recent convictions of three activists and a slave owner revived an old debate about persisting slavery practices in Mauritania.
By Mohamed Yahya Ould Abdel Wedoud in Nouakchott for Magharebia – 18/01/11

[Mohamed Wedoud] Anti-slavery activist Biram Ould Dah Ould Abeid (R) was sentenced to six months in prison for allegedly taking part in unauthorised rally.
A Nouakchott court on Sunday (January 16th) sentenced Oumoulmoumnine Mint Bakar Vall to six months in prison for enslaving two girls, ages 10 and 14, in the city's Arafat neighbourhood.
Last week, three human rights activists were handed down six month sentences for taking part in an unauthorised rally over the case.
The verdict against the rights defenders, including Initiative for the Resurgence of the Abolitionist Movement (IRA) head Biram Ould Dah Ould Abeid, was based on charges of assembling and disturbing the public peace, as well as using violence against police officers.
Ould Abeid recounted the incident before the court, claiming that what happened was an attempt to fabricate a story against the activists. According to the IRA head, they did not assemble but went to the administrative authorities, as activists usually do in slavery-related cases.s
"ABEID" is the Arabic word for Black person and slave: it means both!!
More here..