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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Cherie"human rights"Blair, wife of Tony, lets off yob because he is religious!

Cherie Booth-Blair, wife of Tony B-liar, declared on 24 January 2010, that a violent yob who assaulted a man for no reason, had to be kept out of prison because he is"a religious man".(Via Mail)

And to what religion does he belong, that encourages conflict and bloodshed?

The religion of piss!

Ms Booth-Blair:"You caused a MILD FRACTURE OF THE JAW TO A MEMBER OF THE PUBLIC, WHO WAS STANDING IN A QUEUE AT THE BANK. But because you are religious I am going to suspend sentence".

In the normal world, a person who is religious is peaceful. But not in this godforsaken place invented by the 2 B-liars and their national socialist cohorts. Ms Booth-Blair is full of anger and vengefulness.

The upside of this is, the man who had his jaw broken, was also a muslim. This may make him think twice about what being a muslim really is.

"ABED" is arabic word for "slave" and "black"

From citizen warrior's blog:

The Arabic word is the SAME for black and slave!

Do those followers of the hate-mongering head-choppers like Louis Farrakhan really think things will get better for them if they join him?

Do they have a DEATH WISH?

Who wants to be known as "abed"?

Nigerian Archbishop calls on Muslims to hand back the dead - Times Online

Nigerian Archbishop calls on Muslims to hand back the dead - Times Online

BEWARE THE UN(United Nonces)! Aid agencies in Haiti race to save ‘orphans’ from child traffickers - Times Online

Remember back during the war in former Yugoslavia, when members of the UN were caught TRAFFICKING young girls? Aid agencies in Haiti race to save ‘orphans’ from child traffickers - Times Online

Mohamed Ali Harrath, Islamic TV chief, is held over terror claims - Times Online

Mohamed Ali Harrath, Islamic TV chief, is held over terror claims - Times Online

Bomb blasts mar Sri Lanka elections as polls open - Times Online

Bomb blasts mar Sri Lanka elections as polls open - Times Online

King urges division of global bank empires - Times Online

King urges division of global bank empires - Times Online

Monday, 25 January 2010

Regah Omaar: Making Up Islamic History by Traditional Methods: Stealing

Lets get this straight:

Jewish History starts about 5,500 years ago.

The Buddha was born about 2,500 years ago.

Christianity started about 2000 years ago.

Islam came out of Arabia about 1,350 years ago.

So how on EARTH could Rageh Omaah, the sage of Baghdad and married into the English upper classes, say that "muslims are the children of Abraham"?

He is not the only one. When I was a primary school teacher, we had to teach islam as an equal to Christianity and Judaism. Apparently. Abraham visited the kabaa in Mecca and circled it 3 times.

4000 years before it came into existance?

Mr Omaah and his fellow muslims have stolen Abraham and Isaac, Moses, Solomon,David, Jesus and countless others from the Torah and the New Testament and invented scenarios, that came straight from the diseased mind of a crippled, narcissistic psychopath who, like Hitler the "artist", thought he was the saviour of mankind.

So Raggy Omaah, instead of spouting koranic garbage and lies, genuinely enlighten yourself and your readers!

"Leading" muslim fears a new 7/7 is imminent.(Sunday Telegraph 24 January)

Job-given Iqbal Wahhab - note the name, has graciously informed us that "Britain will remain a target for home-grown suicide bombers for years to come." This is because muslims have not integrated into society.

Wahhab is not only a businessman who owns a restaurant, he also works for the National Socialist Gov.of Great Britain.

He blamed the Gov. for this state of affairs, citing unemployment and deprivation. This as part of The Big Lie also known as taqqiya. If a muslim is unemployed it is deliberate, see Anjem Chaudry et al.

Deprivation? They are not allowed to steal people's houses, goods, smash up un-islamic shops and Churches and Synagogues. Not yet wholesale, anyway!

They all live high on the state.

Wahhab says there will be divisions between "Islamic communities and the wider population". WE are now being called the wider population by an invader!

As usual there are a litany of complaints but for Mr Wahhab, proprietor of Roast restaurant, head of the Government Advisory Board, the Quilliam Foundation and Chairman of the Department for Work and Pensions Ethnic Minority Advisory Group, there is no offer of any solution.

Another Islamonazi, Banned in US, Has Cock Sucked By UK Administration.

Yahya Ibrahim, who describes Jews as pigs and monkeys, (Who would you rather have as a companion: a pig, a monkey or some islamonazi who wants to behead you slowly with a rusty blade?) is coming on tour to the UK.Here are some more that have been banned elsewhere but are let into the UK by the National Socialist in power:

Abu Ameena Bilal Philips(What is the point of hanging onto an English name? Oh it's become islamic, has it?)
Abdul Rahman Al Sudais
Tariq Suwaidan
Sheik Qazi Hussain Ahmed, who is from mecca.

Ibrahim, who practices The Big Lie, delivered a lecture in Texas once, entitled "Muslims beware Extremism".

And still the murderous scum pour in to this country, courtesy of the UK Reich - or should that be the EU Reich, who control all our laws now.

Iraqi Who Killed Two UK Doctors must stay in UK -because he might kill someone in Iraq.

The Human Rights vomit machine rolls on!

An Iraqi national, no British passport!, who stabbed 2 British doctors to death, won the right to remain in Britain, because the judge said he would be a danger to the Iraqi public!

Laith Alani has spent the past 19 years in UK "secure institutions" for murdering the 2 doctors.

Apparently, he believed he was "receiving commands from allah".

In that case, why aren't the head-chopping islamic hate-mongers, that threaten our soldiers and anyone who practices free speech in OUR COUNTRY, why aren't they all locked up in secure institutions?

Calling any one who has murderous intentions is complete rubbish: they murder because it is their culture and they like doing it. They get a sexual kick from murder.

The judgment states that deporting this killer, who lives in an insane asylum, would "breach the dear's right to a private and family life".

"It was a command from allah. I have had visions from allah and you can't be more right than allah". Said Alani in 1991.

Wasn't "allah" the original "vision" of Old Mo, who was suffering from an illness that produced hallucinations?

This man arrived in 1978. He should be long gone.

Christopher Booker: An Inconvenient Truth For Al Gore!

Christopher Booker, in his inimitable style - cool and factual, continues to demolish the rabid taqqiya of the Global Warming Sect.

In sunday 24 January, in the Telegraph, he shows the lies and corruption of the International Panel on Climate Change.

Last week, the chairman of the IPCC, Dr Rajendra Pachauri was forced to issue an unprecedented climb-down: the statement in the IPCC report in 2007 that Himalayan glaciers could disappear by 2035, had NO SCIENTIFIC BASIS.

What has become apparent, is that the scientist from whom this claim originated, Dr Syed Hasnain, has for the past 2 years been a senior employee of The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), of which Dr Pachauri is director-general.

The Himalayan glacier claim had helped TERI win a substantial share of a $500,000 bursary, from one of America's leading charities, along with a share in a 3 million euro research study funded by the EU.

Dr Pachauri was previously drawn into a huge row with the leading Indian glaciologist, Dr Vijay Raina whom he accused of practising "voodoo science"! Boot is now on other foot!

Dr Pachauri, on behalf of the IPCC, accepted, together with Al Gore, the Nobel(or Ignobel)Peace Prize! This is because Mr Gore emphasised in his film "An Inconvenient Truth", that the Himalayan Glacier melt threatened 40% of the world's population.

No word yet from Al Gore; "an inconvenient truth" maybe?

British troops face five more years in Helmand - Times Online

Governments whose troops are fighting Taliban in Afghanistan, are participating in a massive bribery of the Afghan Government, according to a leaked document. British troops face five more years in Helmand - Times Online

Evidence of Stone Age amputation forces rethink over history of surgery - Times Online

Evidence of Stone Age amputation forces rethink over history of surgery - Times Online

SLAVERY: NewsMiddleEast:Ahmadinejad commends Mauretania for Cutting Ties with Israel.

(Via twitter )

Why does Israel HAVE ties with this BLACK MUSLIM SLAVE STATE?

However, Mauretania is just one African muslim state that forces their own people into slavery.

So nothing has changed since muslims first sold Black Africans to European Traders.

Before that, Barbary pirates, from Morocco and other North African countries, from the 10th Century, sailed around Spain to Britain, raiding coastal towns for blond, fair-skinned people to use as slaves: for sex and for bartering. This is a historical fact.

So the Barbarous Armadinejad, the hitler of Iran, has another monster to add to his collection of psychopathic freakshow sadists.

Here are some links on Mauretania:

Kevin Bales 1999:
"There are more slaves alive today than all the people stolen from Africa in the time of the Transatlantic Slave Trade" contemporary slavery§ioncode=22

Islam's Black Slaves: The Other Black Diaspora by Ronald Segal, Atlantic Books ISBN: 1903809800

PMOI | Iran revokes birth certificates of two death row prisoners in unprecedented inhumane measure |

MORE OBSCENE AND HELLISH ACTIONS BY THE ISLAMONAZI FOURTH REICH REGIME IN IRAN!PMOI | Iran revokes birth certificates of two death row prisoners in unprecedented inhumane measure |

Friday, 22 January 2010

Blueprint for genocide on display at Yad Vashem Holocaust museum - Times Online

Blueprint for genocide on display at Yad Vashem Holocaust museum - Times Online

Boy Torturers of Edlington: Parents Face (possible)Prosecution - Times Online

This is not the first time young children have been deliberately exposed to extreme violence and pornography in the UK. It is going on all the time. Not only in the UK.

Young children who attend madrassahs here learn this stuff all the time: if you give up islam you will be killed, all Jews, Christians, Zoroastrians etc must be killed. This is all on the first page of the koran. It is their "kulcha". Like some peoples' kulcha is mugging, raping and stabbing, and they must be allowed to practice their kulcha.

This is sharia law at work in the UK: destroy the infidel, make laws so the collapse of their civilisation can be attained, break down the family that binds society.

In Somalia, Saudi arabia, Turkey, syria, Egypt,etc, it is sharia law to stone someone to death, or torture them in prison, or tear their eyes out, if it is done in the name of allah - or in the name of multiculturism. No difference.

The parents of these boys have been known for a long time to social services.

Just like Baby Peter, like Victoria Climbie, like all the many victims of state crimes.

Because the "state" says: nothing is your responsibility, do whatever you want. We are there to support YOU! We will pay you (benefit)and you will be our client.

The state subscribes to it, social services are not against it. It actively encourages it.

Violence and pornography are available anywhere and in this hell of MORAL RELATIVISM that this Labour gov actively encourage, it is considered "normal".

I worked briefly in a London school, where 14 year olds brought in pornographic videos to watch, as their regular teacher was away. They were genuinely puzzled when I put a stop to it.

Young people regularly pass round pornography, hate videos and sadism on their mobile phones.

Aleister Crowley, the satanist and proto-nazi, in the early 20th century had a motto:

"Do what thy will shall be the whole of the Law".

Boy torturers of Edlington: parents face prosecution - Times Online

Syria Partially Mobilises Tanks/Commandos on Israels Northern Border, at Behest of Tehran.

Today, Friday 22 January, Damascus orders Level 4 mobilisation(according to Debkafile)

of Syrian Army reserves on the Golan Heights, armoured and commando brigades.

In Lebanon, Hizbollah has placed all its forces in state of military preparedness, stationed in all Iran's proxy strongholds in the region including the Beqaa Valley.

By co-incidence, Britain has ramped up it's security level, to 1 below actual expectation of attack.

Indian Flights Over SE Asia Hijack Alert: More Sharia-Compliant Attacks!

Please go to Debkafile .com for the full report.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Shahrzad News, Iran, January 5 2010: Sharia court orders boy's eye to be gouged out!!

This is what these filthy, barbarous perverts do to their own children.

This is what all muslims want; they are all the same. All horror leads to the Muslim Brotherhood and the filth that is the Islamic Republic of Iran Regime. Tariq Ramadan from Oxford University: what a joke!

Shahrzad News reports that an Islamic - Sharia - court has ruled that a 17 year old boy's EYE MUST BE GOUGED OUT! In retribution for blinding a man during a brawl.

The boy was defending his sister, who was being harrassed by this man and a group of associates.

The youngster pleaded "not guilty", saying the man attacked him first when he objected to the man harrassing his sister.

"There were several assailants and I only drew my knife to scare them off - I did not mean to use it on anyone". said the boy.

The sentence will be carried out in the next few days. Self-defence is no defence if you are on the wrong side of sharia law; maybe the boy could not afford to bribe someone.

Marg Bar Diktator and all his cohorts.

Now the boy has had his eye torn out. Where are all the Palestinian lovers when horrors like this happen? Why are those creeps so silent?

Geert Wilders: 'I want Muslim fanatic to speak in my defence' - Times Online

Geert Wilders: 'I want Muslim fanatic to speak in my defence' - Times Online




Where is the Arch-imam - I mean the Archbishop of Canterbury in all this, no comment from him? Where is the Archbishop of York, what has he got to say?

What about his Holiness "I have great respect for islam" the Pope?

This sickening and heartbreaking catastrophe is happening to people who have lived in Egypt for nearly 1000 years before islam. This is a crime against humanity; where is the UN(united nonces)?

Where is Amnesty international, where is Human Rights Watch?

Please go to for the full story!

"My Dirty Dossier" by Yasser Arafat

Check out Debkafile's article on the information that keeps Arafat's widow earning $80 million a year, but stuck in Malta.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Our Wonderful and Talented Troops:Army Photography Competition!

Brilliant, inspiring, beautiful, winners of the Army Photographic Competition 2009!

The competition was open to regular Army and TA personnel, as well as cadets and MOD officials.

Judge urges Charity Commission to hand over George Galloway papers - Times Online

The "Charity Commission": another bunch of islamists who have penetrated the UK Body Politic from the rear.
Judge urges Charity Commission to hand over George Galloway papers - Times Online

The fault line in Haiti runs straight to France | Ben Macintyre - Times Online

The fault line in Haiti runs straight to France | Ben Macintyre - Times Online

Woman trapped in earthquake 'coffin' is rescued after eight days: she SINGS! - Times Online

Woman trapped in earthquake 'coffin' is rescued after eight days - Times Online

Muslim Police say Islam Not To Blame for Terrorist Attacks.UK

The lying and the twisting of the truth is being ramped up! Listen carefully!

The National Association of Muslim Police Officers(NAMP) have rebelled against the UK Gov Anti-Terror Strategy.

It is their JOB to police our country but now they are refusing the job they signed up to do.

Kick them out of the police force, NOW! They are a liability. They will be responsible for death and destruction!

The NAMP said ministers were wrong to blame Islam for being the driver behind recent terrorist attacks.

"Far-Right Extremists were a more dangerous threat to national security, they said. Without elaborating on what the "Far-right" had actually done.

Are the authorities going to bend to these invading, murderous parasitic islamonazis?

The muslim officers told MPs, muslims were being "stigmatised" by the Gov's attempt to tackle terrorism," which was fueling hatred against whole communities"

So these scum come to OUR country and say WE are terrorising THEM?

The NAMP said" The Gov anti-terror policies could not continue unchecked They are now telling the Gov what to do?

This NAMP represents more than 2000 muslim police officers.

This is what happens when the Gov is tries to be fair and treats these cockroaches like human beings: the thin end of the wedge!






MUSLIES! (via Robert Winnett 10.32pm GMT)

Norway, Israel Clash on PA Status in Jerusalem - Politics & Gov't - Israel News - Israel National News

Norway, Israel Clash on PA Status in Jerusalem - Politics & Gov't - Israel News - Israel National News

%u2018Free Press' Group Fails Israel for Limits During Gaza War - Inside Israel - Israel News - Israel National News

%u2018Free Press' Group Fails Israel for Limits During Gaza War - Inside Israel - Israel News - Israel National News

IDF Field Hospital Braces Haitian Patients in 6.1 Aftershock - Defense/Middle East - Israel News - Israel National News

IDF Field Hospital Braces Haitian Patients in 6.1 Aftershock - Defense/Middle East - Israel News - Israel National News

Israeli NGO Sues EU for Hiding Funding of Anti-Israel Groups - Inside Israel - Israel News - Israel National News

Israeli NGO Sues EU for Hiding Funding of Anti-Israel Groups - Inside Israel - Israel News - Israel National News

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

CELEBRATION!!! World is Saved!

"Coakley just conceded to Brown." Drudge Report

Scott Brown, Republican Candidate for the Senate beat Democrap Martha Coakley. He wins the people's seat - one of 2 in Boston, Mass, USA.

This is just the beginning of the end for the O-berration.

We in the UK have to fight too: not just to get rid of the stalinist elite that rule this country but to get rid of the CONSENSUS!

Fight the EU Reich and support Geert Wilders, SIOE and all the other true ANTI-FASCISTS to repel the islamoparasites.

Now for a nice cuppa...

Geoff Hoon - troops were denied kit in Iraq as Blair dithered - Times Online

Geoff Hoon - troops were denied kit in Iraq as Blair dithered - Times Online

‘Barack Obama made a lot of promises but they meant nothing’ - Times Online

‘Barack Obama made a lot of promises but they meant nothing’ - Times Online

Concentration camp survivor Thomas Blatt takes John Demjanjuk trial back in time - Times Online

Concentration camp survivor Thomas Blatt takes John Demjanjuk trial back in time - Times Online

Far-right MP Geert Wilders on trial for discrimination against Muslims - Times Online

Far-right MP Geert Wilders on trial for discrimination against Muslims - Times Online

Barack Obama floundering a year on after wave of goodwill crashes - Times Online

Barack Obama floundering a year on after wave of goodwill crashes - Times Online

MSNBC Tells Porkies

Just checking out the latest on the Brown-Coakley - or Croakley as she is known by her greatest fans.

Looking at some videos. A reporter said that Scott Brown was too scared to put "Republican Party" on his campaign banners or his bus. Hello?

The reporteress said that the Democraps had noticed this and decided to do the opposite, plaster Democrap all over their campaign.

Looking at the Martha Coakley banners, I saw no Democrap written up, only Senate.

Its the pathetic sort of lie that Nulab thinks nothing of using either.

BY THE WAY, who in the UK remembers what Ted Kennedy did, apart from Chappaquiddick and the fact that he left Mary Jo Kopechne in freezing water to die? DID he do anything else? ANYTHING?

And no, this information is engraved on this mind, so google was not required.

I Am Warming Up The Teapot: There's Gonna Be a BiiiG Tea Party Tonight!


While the US State Department, run by Hillary Clinton and her mob of barely-in-control Somali conscript-bureaucrats, argues with France about whose turn it is to go to Haiti, Israel has already set up a complete hospital with maternity unit and ER rooms, that can treat 500 people .

Not only that, Israeli medics have performed 90 operations in 6 days, including dealing with premature births, brought on no doubt by the cataclysmic earthquake.(via Debkafile )

Muslims who called soldiers "baby killers" say that is not offensive.

The filthy parasites who invade our country by stealth, steal the wealth by refusing to work and claim benefits, not only for their parasitical wives and many parasitical children they produce, but also other wives who live in other countries, like Pakistan, and their children too!

These are the scum who are allowed to scream filthy abuse and PHYSICAL threats against our troops!

And this is condoned by our sick, marxist/fascist Gov., who do nothing to stop this TREASON!

The islamofascists are their pets, they feed them, spoil them, give them everything they ask for - even though they would not DREAM of giving any of it to the native people of Britain.

The Govs multiple heads are too far up the arses of their islamonazi pets to see that the pet is no longer happy being told what to do.

This pet is ready to TAKE CONTROL!

Monday, 18 January 2010

PLEASE SHARE: URGENT:The life of political prisoner Sohrabi Rad in danger

The life of political prisoner Sohrabi Rad in danger

Members of IRGC Leaving a Sinking Ship?

According to anahita999 on twitter/iranelection, "9 very important insiders of IRGC(Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, who run the country) are going to seek refuge"

There is a link: which leads to a Persian blog, which I cannot read.

Maybe someone could check it out. There are already a number of Iran Gov people seeking asylum, in Germany, Turkey and UK.

Haiti Earthquake: Mother Delivers Baby In Israeli Field Hospital - ABC News

Haiti Earthquake: Mother Delivers Baby In Disaster Zone - ABC News

Iran's political winds are shifting -

Iran's political winds are shifting -

Posted using ShareThis

Iran Demonstrators Facing Death Sentence

Iran Demonstrators Facing Death Sentence

Hillbuzz: Democrats against the Socialist Islamist Fascist Entity in the White House

Just came across this blog while trawling twitter for any news of whats going on in MASSACHUSETTS, USA.

These are Democrats who hate their own leader!

I truly envy the country that has produced these honest, sincere and hard-working people!

The best of luck to you and SCOTT BROWN!

You may not know it but you are fighting for what's left of poor old England too!


According to, the Israel field hospital in Haiti has earned accolades for being the only aid mission to be able to perform COMPLEX SURGERY.

Other aid missions transfer their patients to the Israeli base for treatment.(via CNN)

Unfortunately, although the White House stated that they had 250 doctors and nurses on the way, and a hospital ship arriving from Baltimore, none have yet touched down.

The Israelis meanwhile, having traveled halfway across the globe with equipment, specialist medical staff and specialist search-and-rescue teams - with dogs - have been in Haiti 4 days.

So much for the Department of Health! But then, if its run anything like the UK Health Service - they can't organise a piss-up in a brewery!

Iran Human Rights Voice: 6 Christians Arrested in Shiraz, Fars Province

On 18 January, Harana reports that 6 people have been arrested by the Fars state prosecutors office, on the charge of leading and indoctrinating into the Christian faith. 2 others have also been reported arrested.

It seems that islam is a fearful and cowardly cult and has little faith in people's own judgment.

The only way to BECOME as well as BE a muslim, is through force of death and punishment.

People CHOOSE Christianity because it offers love, caring, respect, kindness.

None of these are even MENTIONED in islam!

Scott Brown Win in Massachusetts Crucial for UK!

According to Alex Spillius of, at 5.59pm GMT today, Scott Brown, the Republican prospective Senate candidate for a vacant seat, is 51% to Democrat Martha Coakley's 46% of the vote.

Martha Coakley considered it a done deal that she would inherit the late Senator Edward Kennedy's seat. As arrogant and narcissistic as the UK Labour Gov!

Why does this matter here in England?

Because when the US catches a cold - the Obama virus, the rest of the West - particularly the UK gets a heavy dose of stalinism.

Conversely, if the US gets better - gets rid of the anti-Semitic islamico-bamavirus, we will begin to be able to heal ourselves. We will have the crucial support of America to - hopefully fight the islamisation of our country and Europe. It may well be too late for us.

I don't see any leaders of the calibre emerging in the US, appearing in the UK.

Frontline troops in Afghanistan to receive ‘Sharpshooter’ rifles - Times Online

Frontline troops in Afghanistan to receive ‘Sharpshooter’ rifles - Times Online

Pope Benedict XVI says Vatican saved Jews 'discreetly' -Times Online

So damn "discreetly" that no one noticed, least of all the Jews! No wonder the Pope has so much "respect for islam"!

Totally Self-Cleansing! : Battle rages in pirate hub over $7 million ransom - Times Online

Battle rages in pirate hub over $7 million ransom - Times Online

Hezbollah Hitman assassinated Iranian Physics Professor.

According to an Iranian opposition group based in Germany, the Iranian physicist Mr Ali-Mohammadi was shot dead by a known to them, hezbollah hitman.

This is not the first time Iranians have known of Hezbollah involvement in Iranian national life.

Last year, during the first part of the Green revolution, Iranians heard Arabic being spoken as they were attacked by Basiji and IRGC forces, in the streets of Tehran and other cities.

Maybe some Iranian members of various forces are becoming reluctant to attack their own people.

For whatever reason these brutal killing/raping/torturing machines are used, they have been trained since birth to hate and inflict pain. Please visit

Iranian dissident Masoud Ali Mohammadi ‘killed by Arab hitman’ - Times Online

Iranian dissident Masoud Ali Mohammadi ‘killed by Arab hitman’ - Times Online

Exporting Terror: Judge Releases Suspects.

The UK Home Secretary, Alan Johnson has a surprise fight on his hands.

Johnson is part of the marxist hegemony that introduced "Human Rights" legislation in the UK on assuming power in 1997.

Muslim-lovers Tony and Cherie Blair have created a huge money-spinner for themselves and their cronies, since Tony, at Cherie's behest, introduced this Black Hole of Hell into English law.

Now, they are finding it is coming back to slap them in the face.

2 Terror Suspects are claiming that "control orders", which merely control their movements in public, are unlawful, and they are entitled to compensation for breaches of their human rights.

One is half British but spent most of his life in Libya(the new best friend of UK gov)has known association with islamists, the other is Iraqi national, who has provided support to the insurgency in Iraq.

High Court Judge Silber has quashed their control orders: next stop the bank!

Exporting Terror: suspects can claim damages, judge rules - Times Online

Terror suspects can claim damages, judge rules - Times Online

OfficialWire: Hezbollah Behind Slaying Of Iranian Prof?

OfficialWire: Hezbollah Behind Slaying Of Iranian Prof?

Iranian Prosecutor Assassinated.

Prosecutor from Khoy, in Azerbaijan, West Iran, shot dead in front of his house. Single shot to the head. The usual method of assassination by the Iranian Islamic regime.

Iran’s Intelligence Service Enters University of Tehran Dorm

Iran’s Intelligence Service Enters University of Tehran Dorm

Stoning sentence confirmed for two women charged with adultery

Stoning sentence confirmed for two women charged with adultery

Picture of Martyr Shahram Farji Zadeh

Picture of Murdered Iranian Shahram Farji Zadeh



Sunday, 17 January 2010

Post from #iranelection

This post from regular iranelection twitter poster cyrusShami;

There are reports that conditions at Gohardasht Prison are even worse than at Kahrizak!!(supposedly closed down but still going a short distance from the main building)

Is this possible?

Reported 5 dead recently and many others tortured and raped.

This is Pol Pot-style genocide. The Islamic Republic is deliberately targeting intellectuals, lecturers and students.

Save Me! I Don't Want Him!...

This is the cry of an 11 year old Saudi girl, as her father sells her off to an 80 year old man for over $22,000.

The father said he did not care what age she was or what her mother felt.

Today in

Also on alarabiya, a father refuses to let his 8 year old daughter divorce her 47 year old husband.

The husband has returned $8000 to the father, and says he will not consummate the marriage till the girl reaches puberty.

But he owns her and rape is a sacrament of the koran. So is lying to get what you want.(taqqiya)

The New Stone Age.

According to precycleonline, the Iranian court system has sentenced 2 women to death by stoning. They were convicted yesterday of adultery, in the Western province of Azerbaijan.

No mainstream media is publicising this, which is totally outrageous!

This is happening NOW in 2010!

These women will be buried up to their chests in earth, their arms trapped by their sides. People will throw fist-sized stones - not large enough to kill at one blow, not too small to cause no pain.

All prescribed in the koran.

Why don't those vehement supporters of Hamas and the Falestinians:

Code Pink, Alice Walker, author, Bella Freud, fashion designer(her great-Grandfather is vomiting in his grave)Roger Waters,musician, Mike Leigh, filmmaker, Baroness Jenny Tonge(who supports suicide-bombing against Israel)and the pretend survivor of Nazi extermination camps, Hedy Epstein -

Why are these people who care so much for muslims, why are they not standing up and condemning these horrors?

( )

More Climate Lies Unveiled at IPCC

A UN report on the drastic melting of Himalayan glaciers, provided with information that has now been discredited, has been shown to be made up.

With the collusion of that bastion of islamic truth(taqqiya), an Indian scientist admits he made up the research.

Go to for the full swill.

Barack Hussain's FBI: a laugh a minute!

The FBI have withdrawn a photofit image they created of Osama bin Laden, using "cutting-edge" technology.

They cut and pasted half the features of a well-known Spanish Euro-MP onto part of bin Laden's face.


Mind you, Spain was a muslim colony in medieval times: there must be many Spaniards who are descendents of middle eastern muslims.

Republicans winning in Massachusetts!


Rebublican Scott Brown looks like to take the PEOPLE'S seat in Massachusetts, USA.

Martha Coakley, the Dhimmicrat choice for senator, is well known for letting a child rapist go free because he had contacts in the Dhimmicrat party.

The child was 23 months old, the rapist, already known to the authorities, used a pair of hot curling-tongs to rape the girl.

Nice comrades you have, Martha!

(Excellent article at

Jim O'Neill: Another False Messiah?

Jim O'Neill, an Englishman( or should I say "Mancunian internationalist"?), invented the term Bric, according to Financial Times weekend magazine(16/17 Jan 2010).

This acronym stands for Brazil Russia India China.

He is an economist. His view was that these 4 countries would represent the pillars of the 21st century economy.

Mr O'Neill, in the name of Goldman Sachs, predicted that by 2041, these 4 economies would overtake the 6 largest western economies. This was revised to 2039 then 2032.

It seems incredible, in the light of the current world economy, and the shredded reputations of all economists, that they can talk of issues, so far ahead, when they cannot even correctly predict something 1 year, 6 months ahead!

However, this is not the only inference to be gained from this article: the hidden agenda.

Quote: " What 9/11 told me was that there was no way globalisation was going to be Americanisation in the future - nor should it be. In order for globalisation to advance, it had to be accepted by more people... but not by imposing the dominant American social and philosophical beliefs and structures."(I had to stop, I thought he would give me a dichotomy!)

The basic premise seems to me, to cease to invest in Western Economies. This may seem extreme.
However, in the UK it has happened on a large scale.
A member of parliament was alleged to have mentioned in an aside to a journalist," The only part of the British economy worth saving is the City. the rest of the country can be turned over to tourism."

Charles Dumas, a London-based economist, says this is just a marketing tool, the better to profit from these 4 countries.

Then O'Neill produced a list called the N-11, or Next Eleven: Bangladesh, Egypt,Indonesia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Phillipines, Turkey, Iran, Vietnam, Korea(which one? Both?)Mexico.

According to Gillian Tett, the writer of the article, politicians in Nigeria immediately adopted the slogans: " was uncannily reminiscent of how 19th century Nigerians once transposed the language of the Anglican Church to their own cultural traditions."

Neither the Bric nations nor the Next 11 are stable states. They are mainly repressive, fascist regimes and they are mainly islamic.

There is no mention that these states are going to have to dramatically change before the wealth of the West(in other words, taxpayer's money)is poured into their coffers.

On an Iran election blog, there is a list of the bank accounts and their contents belonging to the leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran. They are all millionaires and one, Khamenei, the head mullah, is a billionaire. All money stolen from the people of Iran.

Is this hellish future one which Mullah Jim O'Neill, envisions for the West?

Mentor of Suicide Bomber "teaches" at London School of Economics.

The British Government promised to ban Islam4UK. AlMajhiroun, all the garbage that stands for one entity; the Muslim Brotherhood.

And here, according to the Daily Mail(16 Jan 10) we have confirmation that the Gov. has actually RESTORED ties with one of these islamic tentacles!

Despite the deputy leader of the Muslim Council of Britain,Daud Abdulla signing a declaration in support of HAMAS. MCB also advocated attacks against the Royal Navy, if they had the nerve to try to stop arms being shipped to Gaza!

This is not my government! It appears more like a proxy government.

Furthermore, Reza Pankhurst(like the womens' suffragist?)is teaching and studying for a PhD at the London School of Economics, and is alleged to have been the influence behind Omar Sharif, who took part in a suicide attack against Israel in 2007. This individual is being supported, as usual, by the tax-payer.

Reza Pankhurst is giving sermons, according to a source, on the need to establish an islamic caliphate around the world.

And according to Reza's stepfather, dhimmi Derek, Reza is " the village vicar."

A university friend of Reza claimed that Reza and Omar Sharif were both radicalised at the same time, at London King's College in the mid 1990's.

King's College being part of London University, where Umar Mutallab, the knicker-bomber, spewed his venom at the local islamic student union.

Islam is islam: all these individuals are doing is carrying out what their book says.

Or as all the dhimmi left loonies call it: Kulcha!

Mousavi Recants?

Today, in Iran, Mir Hussain Mousavi, one of the leaders of the Green revolution, has retreated, according to Debkafile.

He has said he believes the physicist Ali-Mohammadi, who was murdered by a bomb last week, was a victim of Iran's foreign enemies and not of the Iranian state.

Is Mr Mousavi under pressure to support the state he originally helped to create? His wife's brother is in prison and probably undergoing torture.

If the Green revolution is to survive, it must create its own leaders. But for now it is best for the old guard to get what's coming to it.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

From Brixton to Kenya: exporting terror

Thank goodness the people of Kenya will not stand for these islamic invaders!

Wherever there is trouble: riots, murder, torture, mayhem, muslims are gathered. They do no work, they produce nothing but bloodshed, pain, horror, destruction.

They do not contribute to countries where they live. Here in the UK muslims are either on the dole, students - funded by the taxpayer, working to undermine the country in soft government positions or pretending to be some Sheik or Imam.

Just like our man in Kenya, Sheik Abdullah al Faisal! This so-called muslim cleric, from Jamaica, is actually an unemployed yob from Brixton, South London, who joined the mosque there.He threw a few sheets over himself, grew a - well some fungus around his chops and Bingo! He could call himself whatever!

Venezuela running out!

On January 13, Venezuela imposed electricity blackouts( will initially last for 4 hours a week.

President Hugo Chavez says there is an energy crisis. Water levels in the Guri Dam "the cornerstone of Venezuela's energy system, is threatening to fall to critical levels".

Hang on: the media has led us to believe that Hugo Chavez is the saviour of South America with his oil wealth going to help the people of Venezuela, Bolivia, Iran etc..

Where is all this great oil? Why do they depend on WATER for their energy?

Woman set alight in Paris

A muslim-woman playwright, whose work showed muslim men in a "poor light", was attacked in Paris. Two men poured petrol over her and attempted to set her alight, according to

But hang on, where was this woman and her outrage when the tortured and murdered young Parisian Jew, Ilan Halemi, was discovered?

Ilan Halemi was the victim of planned kidnapping and murder by French muslims. He was lured to a building by a pretty, non-muslim French girl, and tortured, burned and beaten for THREE WEEKS. His throat was then cut. He managed to stagger some distance before he died.

This is islam, girl! You're either for it or against it!

January 16 2010 :Mossad in Tehran?

Today, according to Debkafile, the semi-official Al-Ahram media of Egypt, praised Meir Dagan for the efforts of Mossad in slowing down the Islamic Republic of Iran's attainment of nuclear capability.

Al-Ahram also mentioned Mossad might have been behind the murder of the Iranian scientist Mehsud Ali Mohammadi. That is a false accusation. If Mossad were in Tehran, they would go for the two heads of the monster, Ahmadinejad and Khamenei.

Mehsud Ali-Mohammadi was a supporter of Mir Hussain Mousavi, an opposition leader, and of the Green revolution movement. His name was on a list of academics who wrote a letter of protest to the government about the near-genocidal mass-imprisonment and murder of Iranian students by the IRI.

The regime took over Mr Mohammadi's funeral, using it as a tool for their own anti-Green, anti-US and anti-Israel propaganda. Absolutely hellish!