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Thursday, 21 January 2010

Shahrzad News, Iran, January 5 2010: Sharia court orders boy's eye to be gouged out!!

This is what these filthy, barbarous perverts do to their own children.

This is what all muslims want; they are all the same. All horror leads to the Muslim Brotherhood and the filth that is the Islamic Republic of Iran Regime. Tariq Ramadan from Oxford University: what a joke!

Shahrzad News reports that an Islamic - Sharia - court has ruled that a 17 year old boy's EYE MUST BE GOUGED OUT! In retribution for blinding a man during a brawl.

The boy was defending his sister, who was being harrassed by this man and a group of associates.

The youngster pleaded "not guilty", saying the man attacked him first when he objected to the man harrassing his sister.

"There were several assailants and I only drew my knife to scare them off - I did not mean to use it on anyone". said the boy.

The sentence will be carried out in the next few days. Self-defence is no defence if you are on the wrong side of sharia law; maybe the boy could not afford to bribe someone.

Marg Bar Diktator and all his cohorts.

Now the boy has had his eye torn out. Where are all the Palestinian lovers when horrors like this happen? Why are those creeps so silent?

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