Message to one diktator re another

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Muslims who called soldiers "baby killers" say that is not offensive.

The filthy parasites who invade our country by stealth, steal the wealth by refusing to work and claim benefits, not only for their parasitical wives and many parasitical children they produce, but also other wives who live in other countries, like Pakistan, and their children too!

These are the scum who are allowed to scream filthy abuse and PHYSICAL threats against our troops!

And this is condoned by our sick, marxist/fascist Gov., who do nothing to stop this TREASON!

The islamofascists are their pets, they feed them, spoil them, give them everything they ask for - even though they would not DREAM of giving any of it to the native people of Britain.

The Govs multiple heads are too far up the arses of their islamonazi pets to see that the pet is no longer happy being told what to do.

This pet is ready to TAKE CONTROL!

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