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Sunday, 17 January 2010

The New Stone Age.

According to precycleonline, the Iranian court system has sentenced 2 women to death by stoning. They were convicted yesterday of adultery, in the Western province of Azerbaijan.

No mainstream media is publicising this, which is totally outrageous!

This is happening NOW in 2010!

These women will be buried up to their chests in earth, their arms trapped by their sides. People will throw fist-sized stones - not large enough to kill at one blow, not too small to cause no pain.

All prescribed in the koran.

Why don't those vehement supporters of Hamas and the Falestinians:

Code Pink, Alice Walker, author, Bella Freud, fashion designer(her great-Grandfather is vomiting in his grave)Roger Waters,musician, Mike Leigh, filmmaker, Baroness Jenny Tonge(who supports suicide-bombing against Israel)and the pretend survivor of Nazi extermination camps, Hedy Epstein -

Why are these people who care so much for muslims, why are they not standing up and condemning these horrors?

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