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Monday, 18 January 2010

Scott Brown Win in Massachusetts Crucial for UK!

According to Alex Spillius of, at 5.59pm GMT today, Scott Brown, the Republican prospective Senate candidate for a vacant seat, is 51% to Democrat Martha Coakley's 46% of the vote.

Martha Coakley considered it a done deal that she would inherit the late Senator Edward Kennedy's seat. As arrogant and narcissistic as the UK Labour Gov!

Why does this matter here in England?

Because when the US catches a cold - the Obama virus, the rest of the West - particularly the UK gets a heavy dose of stalinism.

Conversely, if the US gets better - gets rid of the anti-Semitic islamico-bamavirus, we will begin to be able to heal ourselves. We will have the crucial support of America to - hopefully fight the islamisation of our country and Europe. It may well be too late for us.

I don't see any leaders of the calibre emerging in the US, appearing in the UK.

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