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Monday, 18 January 2010

Exporting Terror: Judge Releases Suspects.

The UK Home Secretary, Alan Johnson has a surprise fight on his hands.

Johnson is part of the marxist hegemony that introduced "Human Rights" legislation in the UK on assuming power in 1997.

Muslim-lovers Tony and Cherie Blair have created a huge money-spinner for themselves and their cronies, since Tony, at Cherie's behest, introduced this Black Hole of Hell into English law.

Now, they are finding it is coming back to slap them in the face.

2 Terror Suspects are claiming that "control orders", which merely control their movements in public, are unlawful, and they are entitled to compensation for breaches of their human rights.

One is half British but spent most of his life in Libya(the new best friend of UK gov)has known association with islamists, the other is Iraqi national, who has provided support to the insurgency in Iraq.

High Court Judge Silber has quashed their control orders: next stop the bank!

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