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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

MSNBC Tells Porkies

Just checking out the latest on the Brown-Coakley - or Croakley as she is known by her greatest fans.

Looking at some videos. A reporter said that Scott Brown was too scared to put "Republican Party" on his campaign banners or his bus. Hello?

The reporteress said that the Democraps had noticed this and decided to do the opposite, plaster Democrap all over their campaign.

Looking at the Martha Coakley banners, I saw no Democrap written up, only Senate.

Its the pathetic sort of lie that Nulab thinks nothing of using either.

BY THE WAY, who in the UK remembers what Ted Kennedy did, apart from Chappaquiddick and the fact that he left Mary Jo Kopechne in freezing water to die? DID he do anything else? ANYTHING?

And no, this information is engraved on this mind, so google was not required.

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