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Saturday, 16 January 2010

January 16 2010 :Mossad in Tehran?

Today, according to Debkafile, the semi-official Al-Ahram media of Egypt, praised Meir Dagan for the efforts of Mossad in slowing down the Islamic Republic of Iran's attainment of nuclear capability.

Al-Ahram also mentioned Mossad might have been behind the murder of the Iranian scientist Mehsud Ali Mohammadi. That is a false accusation. If Mossad were in Tehran, they would go for the two heads of the monster, Ahmadinejad and Khamenei.

Mehsud Ali-Mohammadi was a supporter of Mir Hussain Mousavi, an opposition leader, and of the Green revolution movement. His name was on a list of academics who wrote a letter of protest to the government about the near-genocidal mass-imprisonment and murder of Iranian students by the IRI.

The regime took over Mr Mohammadi's funeral, using it as a tool for their own anti-Green, anti-US and anti-Israel propaganda. Absolutely hellish!

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