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Monday, 3 December 2012

Hillary Rodham Clinton: "Oberaufseherin", "SS-Helferin" Willing would-be concentration camp boss.

While Filisteen praise Hitler in schools, England and France consider recalling their ambassadors from Israel

According to Haaretz:

Moves against Israel will be made in the next few days following Netanyahu’s decision to move ahead on planning in E1 and build 3,000 housing units in the settlement blocs, and in East Jerusalem, say senior European diplomats. 

Jews building on their own land is forbidden but praising Hitler, the architect, with Haj Amin al Husseini, the Arab ex Mufti of Jerusalem and enforcer of Jew-hatred in the Middle East, of the Holocaust and Final Solution genocide of all Jews requires no action or even commentary

 'Palestinian' Muslim High School FB praises Hitler (via Atlas Shrugs)

 Hitler palestinian high school

The Prime Minister of Israel via Facebook
Pursuant to Abu Mazen's incitement speech at the United Nations General Assembly, the Cabinet, today (Sunday, 2 December 2012), received a special briefing on incitement in the Palestinian Authority. The Cabinet was shown, among other examples, this post from the Facebook page of ‘Ikataba’ high school for girls in Tulkarem, uploaded on May 22, 2012.


Caroline Glick recalls another event on this day - chosen no doubt deliberately, as mozlems are obsessed with dates of conquest and losing:

 With the nations of Europe and the rest of the world lining up to support the PLO bid to receive non-member state status at the UN General Assembly, it is worth noting two anniversaries of related but forgotten events.

Of course, everyone knows the obvious anniversary - Nov. 29, 1947 was the day the UN General Assembly passed the plan to recommend the partition the British Mandate of Palestine into a Jewish state and an Arab state. The Jews accepted the plan. The Arabs -- both local and regional - rejected it. The local Arabs who 25 years later became known as "Palestinians," responded to the passage of UNGA resolution 181 by launching a terror war against the Jews. Their war was commanded by Iraqi and Lebanese terror masters and supported by the British military and its Arab Legion from Transjordan.

On May 15, 1948 five foreign Arab armies invaded the just-declared Jewish state with the declared aim of annihilating all the Jews.

Now for a couple less known anniversaries

On November 28, 1941 the religious and political leader of the Palestinian Arabs and one of the most influential leaders of the Arab world Haj Amin el Husseini met with Adolf Hitler in Berlin. Husseini had courted the Nazis since just after the Nazis rose to power in 1933. Husseini was forced to flee the British Mandate in 1937 when he expanded his fourth terror war against the Jews, that he began in 1936 to include the British as well.
This is the disgusting state of Europe now, no more than 70 years since the end of the Second World War, the rise of totalitarian, mass-murdering Nazi and Communist groups, and we are back on the same course.

Now the EU has morphed quietly into Hitler's Fourth Reich - if Europe cannot be conquered by warfare, then it will be accomplished by economic means - Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler.

France and England, without Churchill, have morphed into proto-islamo-fascist states, voluntarily this time.

The United Nations has become a tool of the mozlem Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, countries where women have no rights and are treated worse than animals, gays are hung from cranes or otherwise murdered, children are treated like disposable sex toys, raped then murdered for being "prostitutes", having sex before marriage or just to shut them up.

Slavery of black Africans by moslems, yet where are the black billionaire stars of music and stage, who come to their aid with concerts and lobbying against these islamic monsters? 

All the Clintons with Arafat the paedophile Nazi, whoi died of AIDS

All this and more, sanctioned and encouraged by the government of what was once the free world, Hitlery Clinton - whose lover is a Mozlem Brotherhood operative and whore, and the usurper mozlem in chief: America, Jew and freedom-hating sexual pervert, Barak Hussein Obama Barry Soetoro Whatever...


United Nazis General Assembly Resolution for Pal. Statehood Lacks Legal Authority

From Baruch Bear Wohlmuth:

Eli E. Hertz

A host of resolutions passed annually by the General Assembly are not legally binding documents by any measure.

One needs only to read Article 10 of the UN Charter:

“The General Assembly may discuss any questions or any matters within the scope of the present Charter or relating to the powers and functions of any organs provided for in the present Charter, and, except as provided in Article 12, may make recommendations to the Members of the United Nations or to the Security Council or to both on any such questions or matters” [italics by author].

Professor, Judge Schwebel, the former president of the International Court of Justice, has written that:

“The General Assembly of the United Nations can only, in principle, issue ‘recommendations’ which are not of a binding character, according to Article 10 of the Charter of the United Nations.”[1]
Schwebel also cites the (1950) opinion of Judge, Sir Hersch Lauterpacht, a former member judge of the International Court of Justice, who declared that:
“The General Assembly has no legal power to legislate or bind its members by way of recommendation.” Yet, another former ICJ judge, Sir Gerald Fitzmaurice, has been just as resolute in rejecting what he labeled the “illusion” that a General Assembly resolution can have “legislative effect.”[2]

Academics and renowned international law experts also agree. Professor Stone illuminates this subject by pointing out:

“In his book The Normative Role of the General Assembly of the United Nations and the Declaration of Principles of Friendly Relations, Professor Gaetano Arangio-Ruiz [3] is led to conclude that the General Assembly lacks legal authority either to enact or to ‘declare’ or ‘determine’ or ‘interpret’ international law so as legally to bind states by such acts, whether these states be members of the United Nations or not, and whether these states voted for or against or abstained from the relevant vote or did not take part in it.” [4,5]
Read the rest here: Israel, Jews, and Judaism: GA Resolution for Pal. Statehood Lacks Legal Authority

Western intelligence officers report to..New York Times??

According to Debkafile dated 2 December:,
Western intelligence officers were seeing new signs of activity at Syrian chemical weapons sites, they told the New York Times Sunday, Dec. 2. “It’s in some ways similar to what they’ve done before,” a senior U.S. intelligence official said. “But they’re doing some things that suggest they intend to use the weapons. It’s not just moving stuff around. These are different kind of activities.”
Who knew Obama is using his most loyal lap-dogs as mouthpieces for intelligence briefings?