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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Day of Tantrums for Mozzies that Can't get their own Way!!

More murderous tantrums from mozzies that can't get their own way! Spoiled by the jihadi in the White House, the United Nazis, the OIC, bullies who attack anyone who doesn't kowtow to these worshippers of a savage blood-ridden moon-god!!
They only know violence: so its only natural that one of their high priests, Gaddafy, is giving them what they know and dish out to others!
Are we supposed to feel sorry for them? These are the people who scream hysterically: "Jew, Jew! Remember Khaybar!! We do! That is why we have our own civilised country, away from the blood-soaked ravening islamo-nazis.
If there is to be war, bring it on!! We have no hate, only utter contempt for barbarians who cannot even manufacture a matchstick and who live off the jizya, the tax (billions of dollars from US, UK and EU)that non-mozzies pay to keep these scum alive!!!

"The Palestinian Authority has joined the Arab world's spreading ’Day of Rage” phenomenon following the American veto Friday of an anti-Israel resolution in the United Nations Security Council.After the vote, the United States imposed sharp limits in travel by American personnel Judea and Samaria, which now joinsBahrain, Libya and Tunisia on the U.S. State Department’s travel warning list.

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