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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Libyans Import Bangladeshi Labour!!!

Exodus: Workers from Bangladesh crowd in the arrival hall of the border post as they wait for permission to enter Egypt, after fleeing Libya

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Sounds like what is happening in the whole Western world too! High native unemployment, so invite people from a poorer country to take the jobs. Like the Soviet Russians and communist Chinese, in order to maintain control over their populations, they forcibly migrated large numbers of people to different parts of their empires. The Soviets sent Russians to live in the Baltic states, the Chinese sent town dwellers thousands of miles into distant countryside to work the land!

The Libyan people want employment: then why are there Bangladeshis working in the country??

As Libya is part of  the Euro-Med partnership, does that mean they are taking advice from the commies in the Fourth Reich EU??

This is pure divide and rule. In a rich country, fourth largest oil-producer in the world, with little seeming employment for native Libyans?
For more about Euro-Med Partnership, go here and here.

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