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Friday, 18 February 2011

The Last Jews in Burma.

The Jewish community of Burma is in danger of extinction. Many have fled the dictatorship for economic reasons and emigrated to Israel. (Google translate)

From Rangoon me ⋅ size reflects past the cemetery. 600 massive stone tombs are strung together, fall apart and many of furry moss grow. The inscriptions are faded, recently someone was buried in 1985. In the long corridors in between waste and a toy gun made of plastic. Guarded the Jewish cemetery of a Muslim old man lying on a filthy mat. The heavy iron gate opens only after telephone consultation with Moses Samuels, the informal leader of the last 20 Jews of Burma.

"Visit Israel"

A short drive from the cemetery are the only synagogue in the Muslim commercial center of Burma Rangoon. Next door, bearded merchants, Crouching behind a wild tangle of fishing nets, pans, and colors. Same time, cars, motorcycles and pedestrians struggle through the narrow alley. But anyone who walks through the freshly painted gate with the blue Star of David occurs in a quiet, peaceful world - in the synagogue, built in 1854, which could accommodate several hundred worshipers. Read the rest here.

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