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Monday, 21 February 2011

How the Guardian does love a dictator, especially if he is a mozlem!!

Rachad Ghannoushi, returning to Tunisia after 22 years exile.
FROM "Lucy Lips"   ...The Guardian ran an article by Intissar Kherigi, in which she wrote about the October 18 movement: coalition which includes Rachad Ghannoushi’s An Nadha. (Tunisian) There was some discussion of Ms Kherigi’s politics on the thread, when it emerged that Ms Kherigi had worked for theBritish Muslim Initiative and had co-organised events for Islam Expo. She was also the Vice-President of the Forum of European Muslim Youth and Student Organisations All three are Muslim Brotherhood front organisations.The Guardian deleted all these comments.
Well, surprise surprise, it now turns out that Intissar Kherigi is yet another daughter 
of the very fruitful Rachad Ghannoushi. From The Morning Star:
Ms Kherigi, whose father Rachid Ghannouchi is the leader of Tunisia’s banned Islamic En-Nahda movement, added: “Now it’s up to the international community to decide whether to continue its duplicitous and short-sighted policies or to really examine its old assumptions and priorities and readjust itself to the realities of a new Middle East.”
Middle East expert Dr Omar Ashour told the conference that the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt had successfully “removed the head of the system” but they had not got rid of the apparatus around the ousted dictatorships.
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