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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Beyond Belief!!! Straw, Khan, and Timms back iEngage

Stephen Timms, the MP who was stabbed by a jihadi in a burkha is going back for more punishment. Or has he kowtowed to the mozlem threat? The stabbing corrected his faulty vision: all mozlems are great, pislam is going to rule and you'd better get used to it! Submit or there will be more of this, scum!!

"Armed with a three-inch kitchen knife, the 21-year-old student smiled before plunging the knife twice into the MP.
Grainy images filmed in the local community centre and released on Tuesday show Choudhry walking up to Mr Timms’ desk." No mention that it was a mozlem, neither in the Telegraph nor in the Daily Mirror. More here.
"MPs met on Monday to discuss the future of an All Party Group on Islamophobia.  What took place sounds complex (according to reports) but was essentially simple.  One body of Parliamentarians – all Conservative – voted for Engage to be removed as the secretariat to the group.  Another body (mostly Labour) voted against the proposal.
Three very senior Labour MPs voted not to dismiss Engage – Jack Straw, Sadiq Khan and Stephen Timms.  Timms is a member of Miliband’s front bench team, and no reference to him is complete without noting that he survived a terrible murder attempt by an Islamist fanatic.  So’s Khan, but he’s much more senior – a member of the Shadow Cabinet, a former Communities and Local Government Minister and – very recently – an intemperate critic of the Prime Minister’s Munich speech.  Miliband didn’t back Khan’s stance then.  So what’s his view now?  Does he think that his Shadow Justice Secretary should back so controversial a venture?  What’s the Labour Party’s view of Engage?"
Over the next little bit, we plan to publish a few stories about iEngage which should leave Labour MPs and progressives of all types in no doubt that its appointment  would be an insult to Muslims who are desperately struggling against political extremism. iEngage has a disgraceful record of defending hate preachers and attacking Muslim liberals and progressives who oppose them. Perhaps Timms, Straw and Khan think they’re doing Muslims a favour by promoting such an extreme group to such an important position. It isn’t. It is a betrayal.
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