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Saturday, 12 February 2011

Molly/Mizbah the Mozlem Runaway Returns.

"With her head covered by a scarf as a mark of her Muslim faith, the teenager said: ‘I’m Misbah Ahmed Rana, not Molly Campbell and I’m back because I want the freedom to choose what I do in life.
‘I’m my own person now I’m 16, and no one can force me to stay anywhere I don’t want to. If I’d stayed in Pakistan, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve what I want to achieve. But now I’m back in Britain, I can spread my wings and see where they take me.’"

Four years ago, Molly/Mizbah, ran away to Pakistan to live with her wealthy father, who had split from her English mother. Now she is back in the UK.
Lucky for her she can pick and choose what she wants. Here in the UK she can be a mozlem and British. She can have the best of both worlds and doesn't she take that for granted!
She has  come back because she wants something she can't get in Pakistan: freedom.
And in Pakistan even money can't buy you a good education. Let us see what her real reason for coming back to the UK is!

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