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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Clinton: Iranians deserve same rights as we saw in Egypt

Hillary Clinton speaks with a forked tongue!! If she was so keen to see "equal rights", why did she not speak up before at the suffering of the Iranian people??
The rights she is actually referring to are the rights to violent uprising against governments but no actual satisfactory outcome. Following her Marxist principles, there must be eternal revolution for the masses. No respite, because that would mean peace and contentment.
No. Hillary is not for peace and contentment - at least for other people!
Hillary Clinton is a liar and a practiser of Marxist taqqiya. In the case of Iran, do not forget: the communists and marxists of the Shah's Iran helped organise and direct the 1979 Iranian Revolution.
What happened to those "useful idiots" then??
Whatever she says, DO NOT TRUST HILLARY CLINTON, and listen carefully to what she says...

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