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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

England and Wales: Sex Offenders can appeal their registration.

More sharia law by stealth: sex offenders have to remain on a sex offenders register, so that when they apply  for a job, in a school or where they may be seeking more victims, the employer can see their convictions.
Now they can appeal to have their name removed. Sex offenders and paedophiles are crafty, cunning liars, just like mozlems. The bleeding heart social workers and police will melt as soon as they say they have not offended for a while. Children, women and man are at risk of these vicious, appalling criminals. Sex abuse and paedophilia is prescribed in the koran, Ayatollah Khomeini wrote a book about how sex with a one-day old baby should be conducted.

Theresa May, the dhimmi Home Secretary, squawks about how terrible this is but says she can't go against the UK "Supreme Court", a new Marxist body, created by the former Liebour government to go above the rulings of the House of Lords. We already have a High Court, but the grasping, avaricious Marxists in the Liebour party needed to give their pals more jobs and power!!

The government bleats that they cannot disobey EU rulings, ie rulings from a completely unelected body.

It wont be long before we see more riots on the streets, like in Egypt. The British people have had enough.

For all the information on the koran and Khomeini, please go here:

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