Message to one diktator re another

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Arabist Hague threatens Israel.

"The Foreign Secretary said Israel's negative reaction to the turmoil in the Arab state is poised to exacerbate tensions and stall the already struggling peace talks.
Speaking as he began a tour of north Africa and the Middle East that will see him visit five countries in three days, he said the peace process risked becoming a "casualty of uncertainty in the region". "

Middle East peace process 'at threat' from Egypt turmoil - Telegraph

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  1. What the hell are these issues even related? All I see is yet another pathetic excuse for a politician repeating the only thing he knows how to do - blame the Jews, blame the Jews.

    If only those pesky Jews stopped being alive, we would all be swimming in rivers made of gold and anti-aging creams! Curse you, Israel, for having done nothing at all related to the coup attempts in muslim countries.

    Also, some sun went supernovae in Andromeda, and it's all your fault!