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Thursday, 10 February 2011

The New York Times covers for a radical Islamist: Mozlem Brotherhood's Tariq Ramadan.

 "In Wednesday's New York Times (actually in its European edition, the International Herald Tribune), Ramadan has an op-ed in which he argues - what else - that the Muslim Brotherhood 'respects democratic principles,' 'rejects violence,' and 'respects the rule of law' (the infamous dhimmi Jew Peter Beinart makes essentially the same argument in an insufferably long article in Sunday's Daily Beast). And the reason we should believe all these nice things about the Muslim Brotherhood? Because they said so.

Unfortunately for Ramadan and the Muslim Brotherhood, there's an internet, there's Google, and things that you say are often preserved for posterity. More here: "Israel Matzav: The New York Times covers for a radical Islamist

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  1. Being willing to be voted into power does not mean it "respects Democratic principles", any more than Hitler did in his time.
    The rest of the claims show that the 'journalist'/propaganda-puppet has such reasonable judgment, that I would like to sell him some air in a bag... for premium price, of course ;)