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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

"Creative destruction" Marxism described!

This morning on BBC radio 4 news, a presenter described Marxism as "creative destruction": in order to create the new order, the old must be destroyed.
The Western powers - and I have to include the honorary members, Putin of Russia and Wen of China in this group, seem intent on just this!
But creativity has nothing to do with it! It is pure and utter destruction and degradation!!!
Just after the news was the Midweek programme. A woman who had witnessed the 7/7 bombings and massacre in London in 2005, felt so traumatised, she decided to seek a place where this violence was initiated from, in 2001.
She went to Afghanistan. Where any order at all had been successfully destroyed, by the allies of the western Marxists, the islamists.
She described the children she found there: they were prematurely old, with wrinkled faces and dark shadows under their eyes. They were crippled from suicide/homicide attacks by other mozlems. They lived on the streets and starved or became heroin addicts.
It was utterly appalling and heart-breaking. No education, no health-care: nothing.
That is what the West will become if we let our leaders continue to import the destroyers of peace and creativity: Izlam!

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