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Saturday, 12 February 2011

SUDAN: After Egypt, winds of change are blowing through six nations - The Economic Times

 "Sudan: Not only is Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir likely to lose a huge chunk of territory in a few months, as the South secedes from the North following the recent referendum, but he is also facing protests in the capital Khartoum that stem from economic and political discontent.

Security forces took strong action against the mostly student protesters, beating and arresting many of those they found in the streets, the New York Times reported."After Egypt, winds of change are blowing through six nations - The Economic

A student has died from his injuries after clashing with Sudanese police, activists say.
Mohammed Abd al-Rahman was studying at Ahaliya University in Omdurman, the scene of fighting on Sunday. Police said they had no reports of a death.
Sudanese Vice President Ali Osman Mohamed Taha said on Monday that the government would respect public freedom provided that these rights were exercised in accordance with the law.
As the first official to respond to the student demonstrations in Khartoum, Taha said at a press conference that "He who wants to stage demonstrations or protests must follow the legal procedures organizing this matter. The government has previously given permission to the biggest opposition parties to organize demonstrations."
January 13, 2011 (KHARTOUM) – Hiked prices of sugar and petro products have spawned student protests and clashes with the police in different parts of Sudan’s central State of Al-Jazzirah, in a clear manifestation of growing public resentment over worsening economic conditions in north Sudan.
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Students protests in Sudan (AFP Photos)
Early this month, north Sudan approved an austerity plan containing sharp cuts on subsidized petro products and sugar as well as curbs on several imports. The government also slashed spending of government offices by 25 percent.
Students from Al-Jazzirah University and Madani Private College on Wednesday and Thursday held protests over government’s cuts in subsidies for Sugar and petro products, and subsequently clashed with the police who used tear gas and batons to disperse them.

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