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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

European Union sends MPs to Join Terrorists from IHH aboard latest Gaza Flotilla

European Members of Parliament at Strasbourg will be joining the terrorists from IHH on the latest flotilla of hate and lies to Gaza:
Ran Curiel, Israel's ambassador to the European Union, charged Tuesday in a news conference in Strasbourg that a new attempt to breach Israel's maritime blockade of Gaza is a "clear political provocation." Activists organizing the new convoy said earlier in the day at a news conference in Strasbourg that aboard the vessels will be European Union parliamentarians.The organizers claimed the status of the lawmakers would "protect" the other activists aboard the vessels from IDF troops who might try to redirect or otherwise stop the ships from reaching Gaza.
“In our view, the flotilla is clearly a political provocation... since there's no need for a flotilla to aid Gaza,” he said. “You can pass whatever you want to Gaza through normal channels.” More here.

In this blatantly anti-Israel post from the EU Observer:  The organisers of a second flotilla aiming to break Israel's siege on Gaza are seeking EU diplomatic protection after Israeli commandos killed nine people and injured 52 during their first trip in 2010.Speaking to EUobserver from Paris on Monday (4 April), Claude Leostic from Association France Palestine Solidarite (AFPS) said the group will next week send letters to top EU officials Herman Van Rompuy and Catherine Ashton urging them to threaten Israel with economic sanctions if there is a repeat of last year's violence.
NGOs behind the project also expect several MPs from EU countries and MEPs from Brussels to join them when they set sail in late May."The EU has been saying for a long time that the blockade is against international law. It has the means to apply economic pressure, to cancel its economic agreement with Israel. If they are serious about their position, they could send such a message. This would be a really good move," she explained.
Huseyin Oruc from the Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH), a Turkish NGO, said: "There will be many MPs on board. I don't think Israel will attack us. They did so much damage to their international reputation last time that I don't think they will repeat the same actions again." (more here)
All websites indicating who the EU members are who will be joining their fellow terrorists, have been taken down.
Many of the attendees are mozlems from abroad who are permitted to come to the UK on the pretext of studying but in reality to stir up and then organise, hate against Israel and Jews!
Here is the background to the groups attending this evil flotilla of lies, sexual frenzy and perversion:

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