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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Now is the Holocaust of the Christians...

Pope Pius XII, the wartime Catholic pontiff, “knew, from the summer of 1942, exactly what was happening in occupied Europe, and the scale of the slaughter of the Jewish people,” Vistrich said. Catholic churches were located in nearly every city across the continent, he pointed out....The pope had two reasons to avoid condemning the Nazis, Vistrich said: his fear for the safety of Catholic leaders throughout Europe, and his desire to see communist Russia, an enemy of the church, defeated in battle...However, after the war Pius XII refused to return Jewish children sheltered in churches and monasteries to their families and to the Jewish people, he said. In addition, the pope refused to express regret that the Catholic Church had not done more to save the Jews of Europe.

But what is the current pope doing about the mass murder of Catholics and other Christians, in Nigeria, Pakistan, Sudan, Ethiopia, Egypt, Iran by mozlems??


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