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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Last Will and Testament of a Young Mozlem Martyr.

I, Hasan, the son of Akbar, resident of the village of Saraab, being of sound mind and resolute belief in Muhammad, praise be upon him (PBUH) and the 12 Imams, the Pure Ones, declare this here as my last and final will and testament.
I have found it my sacred duty to answer the call and volunteer as suicide martyr for any mission that our Olama (religious leaders) assign to this humble servant. I have given the matter great thoughts and have consulted extensively with our village Agha (the mullah). Agha, with patience and understanding allowed me to ask many questions and replied to all my inquiries. In order to assist other brothers who may have similar questions as they contemplate to offer themselves in the service of our infallible faith, I hereby report the essence of my conversation with Agha.
Me. Agha, I offer Your Person my infinite gratitude for giving me a private audience before I head for Tehran and enlist in the Martyrs Brigade. I humbly request that you accept this sum as insignificant offering, representing my entire worldly possession, as a token of my gratitude for your console and time. It is the payment I received for selling my donkey – my sole worldly possession of any value. I gave my hoe, shovel and pick to my elderly parents so that, with the help of my two sisters, they can work our allotted plot and manage to survive. I have only taken enough money from the sale of the donkey to pay for the bus fare to Tehran…
Mullah. (Quickly tucks the notes under his cloak) No need, no need for this, my son. The very fact that you are volunteering proves that you place no value whatsoever on this fistful of dust, this worthless world, and you are aiming for eternal life in Allah’s paradise. If you insist, I'll accept your offering and will pray for your pure soul.

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