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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Kuwait next in line to join UN(United Nazis) Human Rites Group

Here is an example of life in Kuwait:

Clashes have broken out at a mosque in Kuwait City after a Salafi extremist group attempted to hold a “funeral prayer” for al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

Around 200 hardliners gathered in Ihsan Mosque on Monday afternoon, after prominent Salafi leader Mubarak Al Badhali asked his followers to honor bin Laden, IRNA quoted Kuwaiti newspaper Al Watannewspaper as saying. 
The mosque's imam prevented the group from holding the prayer, arguing that they needed a special permission for the act. 
But the hardliners attacked the imam and beat him down, triggering a big fight inside the mosque. 
Several people were injured in the scuffle, in which fists, sticks and head gears were used, before a large police force intervened. 
One of the assailants was arrested by the police for attacking the imam -- who is now confined at a hospital. 

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