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Friday, 5 October 2012

University atheist society ordered out of freshers’ fair for displaying ‘blasphemous’ pineapple called Mohammed

  •  Mozlem trainee doctors on one of the university's medical courses began walking out of lectures on evolution claiming it conflicts with creationist ideas established in the Koran.

    So much for Academe and its respect for the truth!!

    Reading union staff claimed fruit caused ‘distress and upset’ to other students

  • University accused of ‘pandering to the hurt feelings of the 'devout’ - the devoutly full of hate and antisemitism!!

    Offending fruit: An atheist society at Reading University were ejected from the freshers’ fair after displaying a pineapple labelled with the name of the Prophet Mohammed
    A group of atheist students were thrown out of their freshers’ fair because they included a pineapple labelled ‘Mohammed’ on their stall.

    The Reading University Atheist, Humanist and Secularist Society (RAHS) said they wanted to celebrate free speech and promote their upcoming debate ‘Should we respect religion?’

    But they were ordered to remove the offending fruit by union staff who said their actions were causing ‘upset and distress’ to a number of Muslim students and other societies.

    RAHS refused, citing that they had labelled the pineapple after the Islamic prophet to ‘encourage discussion about blasphemy, religion, and liberty’.

    A spokesman said: ‘We wanted to celebrate the fact that we live in a country in which free speech is protected and where it is lawful to call a pineapple by whatever name one chooses.’

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