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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Turkish, Kurdish hackers Rock'n Roll with Israel Kurdish Institute website

May 22, 2012

SULAIMANIYAH, Kurdistan region 'Iraq', — The Kurdish website of Israel Kurd Institute has been a target for hackers, and were hacked many times last April. The Turks placed the photo of Ataturk with Turkish flag on the website "".

The Israel Kurd website not been cleaned and reactivated since then.

Meanwhile Kurdish hackers and supporters of the Israel-Kurd institution, re-hack the website and removed the Turkish modifications, replacing it with Kurdistan map, anti-Turkish phrases and hailing Kurdistan and the rebels from the Kurdistan Workers' Party PKK.

"Bji PKK Bji Kurdistan. We Are Kurds, and always have been as such I am Not an Arab, Not an Iranian and Not A Mountain Turk History will sing with me That I am a Kurd and Kurdistani " The hackers wrote.

Dawoud Baghistani, the president of Israel Kurdish Institute, is a brave man with an unusual mission: It has been almost four years since he started his glossy bimonthly magazine Israel-Kurd, published by his Israel-Kurd Institution in Iraqi Kurdistan region.

Many Kurdish websites have been banned in Turkey, Syria and Iran. Kurdish writers and journalists are imprisoned for expressing their views critical of the ruling regimes. Islamic Republic of Iran detained and interned 1317 Kurdish journalists just in the year 2011.

The Israel and Kurdish nations are believed to have close genetic ties. In the absence of official ties, Baghistani wants to use the media to strengthen Israel-Kurdish relations.

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