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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Atlas Shrugs: Egyptian Philosopher Murad Wahba: "The Muslim Brotherhood Is Ideologically Required To Start Wars"

"The Obama-led and supported Muslim Brotherhood revolution in Egypt continues careening down its collision course. Remember it was Obama that invited the then-banned Muslim Brotherhood to his speech in Cairo in June 2009 (at the same time as he was ignoring the plaintive, bloodthirsty, cries of the Iranian people fighting, dying to be free). It was Obama that had mid-level administration officials meeting with the Brotherhood all through 2009, 2010, until the revolution of January 2011. There are no accidents."

Murad Wahba
Murad Wahba: "Democracy has four components."
Interviewer: "Where does Egypt stand with regard to these four components?"
Murad Wahba: "We're not even in the ballpark. This is not an exaggeration. There are four components: Secularism and relative thinking do not exist. They are considered heresy. As for a social covenant, the religious authorities interfere in everything. Enlightenment is forbidden – from the days of Sheik Abd Al-Razeq, through Taha Hussein, and all the way to Naguib Mahfouz."
Interviewer: "And others too."
Murad Wahba: "Enlightenment is thwarted all the time. They eradicate any sign of rational thinking. As for liberalism – there is no room for individualism. Everybody moves like a herd of sheep. […]
"Today, there is a bloc of Gulf states against the Muslim Brotherhood. This is a new phenomenon."
Interviewer: "What do you mean?"
Murad Wahba: "Some declarations have been issued on this."
Interviewer: "I think that the Dubai police [chief] was very clear on that."
Murad Wahba: "Right. The Gulf states, along with the Asian countries, may be able to 'besiege' the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood. Under these circumstances, I believe that the Muslim Brotherhood ideology will face a crisis – how will they cooperate, when they are in power, with neighboring countries – the Gulf states – and with Asia, given its current relations with the Gulf states, in light of the present problems, in which the U.S. and Europe are also involved? Today, the U.S. and Europe are closer to the Gulf states and to Asia than they are to Egypt."
Read the rest here.  Great MEMRI video!

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