Message to one diktator re another

Thursday, 4 August 2011

UK Labour Party Loves Hamas Leader.

Tony Lloyd, anti-semite, Nazi, leader of the parliamentary National Socialist Labour party, with his grinning harem of nazi prostitutes!!

Labour has said this about the visit to Hamas:
A Labour Party spokeswoman said: “Labour supports UK policy not to speak to Hamas. MPs’ visits arranged privately are a matter for them to comment on as individuals.”
The Liebour party also practises the mozlem "art" of "taqqiya": the ruse of lying in order to advance one's agenda.
The UK Labour Party, also known as the UK National socialists, here, proudly sit smiling with Ismail Haniyah, head of Hamas in Gaza, murderer of his own people and of Jews, Holocaust denier, liar and all-round mozlem savage and cannibal.
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  1. i'm not condoning what Breivik did in Oslo but at the same time i'm not crying myself to sleep over it, especially when it comes to that island camp. however, had he shown up to this photo shoot with some guns to do a different type of shooting it would have been the best thing since the bin laden execution.

  2. Can you imagine the outrage there would have been if the was ever a similar photo of a Labour MP and the IRA in the 1970s? (Even if they did meet secretly.) It’s the equivalent of the EDL posing with Anders Breivik.

  3. On your Arab poster above.

    The Arab states have always given the Palestinians a hard time: Syria, Egypt, etc. have never given them citizenship. Only Jordan, out of all of them, as ever given them citizenship. Saudi Arabia, for example, would much rather employ Koreans or other far-east Asians. And think about what happened to Kuwait's Palestinians after the Gulf War. You don't hear much about that do you?

    They want the Palestinians to remain 'oppressed' - a constant 'open wound' to point at the West and with which they can demonise Israel. Palestinians have always been the mere tools of MUSLIM/Arab annihilationism towards Israel.