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Friday, 5 August 2011

Paedophilia Comes To Vogue

Unbelievable, considering most of the people who work for this rag are WOMEN! But now woman have everything they want, in some cases, including a penis, they now want to participate in vile sexual abuse of children!!
Why don't they just call it:
                         Vogue Paedophile

No doubt they will sell a lot of copies in Arab/ Mozlem countries where young children like this are already being raped.
Or maybe it should be called: Sharia Vogue, because they are now pandering to mozlems and their crimes against humanity!!
The rest here
These are the parents: What next? Female Genital Mutilation for the child they have prostituted??


  1. First is was Miley Cyrus, now this. What is next? 8-year old boys and girls posing together provocatively?

    Liberalism is eating this country from the inside out. It is an insidious religion of hate, hypocrisy and immorality. I'm not exactly a saint in life and I believe in freedom of speech, press, et al, but the line must be drawn somewhere otherwise there will be no boundaries for these scurrilous twits.

  2. Children must be sacro-sanct!! They cannot make these choices for themselves. there is a so-called "artist" called Tierney Gearon, who has had children by three different men, and sells photographs of them in provocative poses, naked. also, the Chapman brothers have vile paedophilic sculptures. "Art" and "fashion" are an excuse for these vile perverts!This has nothing to do with true art!!

  3. The liberals are having their field days in these recent times of current American history. This is the beginning of the end of America. Although I'm not quite sure of this, because of another major factor, that I spell out here:

    Otherwise, America seems to be in a tailspin, down into the likes of Sodom, for which there's very little recourse. America began as a mighty nation for its belief in G-d, for its "In G-d We Trust" motto.

    But now, well there's nudity on TV, enforced sexual education in public school, free distribution of condoms in many places, pornography is given full sanction, homosexuality on parade, cursing in songs, disrespect for elders, euthanasia, abortion galore, and so, pedophilia can easily therein run rampant.

    It goes to show you that freedom too can degenerate. That's why Jews need the Torah, the glue of the nation, to serve as the guiding light.

    Good post!

  4. Thank you, ITV, I am following Hezbos too! :))