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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Harry's Place » Where is the Divide? Cameron Seems to Know

Peter Oborne the anti-Semite, anti-Israel journo and Baroness Warsi, the UK arm of the Mozlem Brotherhood, wish to run the government:

Harry's Place » Where is the Divide? Cameron Seems to Know: "In last week’s issue of the Spectator, Peter Oborne threw his weight behind a faction within the coalition government, headed by Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, who are urging David Cameron and some of his closest allies to re-asses their current stance on the role Islamist groups should play both in the direction of British Islam and in the government’s counter-radicalisation efforts. He believes that Cameron’s Neoconservative cabal in Whitehall has fundamentally misunderstood what constitutes extremist Islam, and is mistaken in its rejection of a wide array of British Islamist organisations. Instead, he thinks Cameron and his allies must understand that non-violent Islamist groups can act as a useful bulwark against violent extremism. As well as being flawed, his argument also reveals a surprisingly low opinion of Britain’s Muslims."

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