Message to one diktator re another

Thursday, 30 June 2011

"Why are the conquests of Istanbul, Trabzon and Anatolia by the Turks, and of Jerusalem by [Saladin Al-]Ayyubi, good – but the repatriation of Jerusalem to Israel by re-conquest bad?"

In a two-part column titled "A Tale of Two Cities: Istanbul vs. Jerusalem," in the Turkish daily Hurriyet Daily News, published June 2 and June 7, 2011, Burak Bekdil ponders the question of  "why would something taken by force from someone else belong to its occupier?... Why is Jerusalem Palestinian, if it was [first] conquered from its ancient possessors?"
In the first column, he "visits" Jerusalem in 1967, examines the events that led to the Six-Day War, and concludes by noting that "the Arabs should be able to understand that they can always enjoy lunch in Tel Aviv, like Israel's peaceful Arab citizens, once they overcome their religious and ideological hatred of the 'Jooos' and make peace with them."
 Most mozlems prefer to keep silence on their conquest and subjugation of the Christian country of Byzantium, now known as Turkey.The mozlems have colonised Afghanistan, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, North and West Africa. Bosnia, Kosovo( with the assistance of NATO),Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Scythia - which is now the former Soviet stans, Kazakhstan etc, Israel.

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