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Saturday, 11 June 2011

Jim Bollan of West Dumb-Artonshire, Scotland: Anti-Semite and National Sozialist.

Gay Jim Bollan is one of those people who thinks he get away with their anti-Semitism and racism by pretending he cares so much for Arabs! His ignorance is breathtaking for someone in such a responsible position, but not surprising.  If you hold certain views: anti-Israel, pro-Hamas without bothering to find out what your views mean, you are guaranteed to a top position in Scottish local government, national government or as a freelance nazi like George Galloway. Hopefully, mozlems will find Scotland so much to their liking, it is similar to Pakistan and Afghanistan in climate and scenery, that they move there in their millions. Because being gay, Mr Bollan will find that mozlems are not keen on homosexuals, except for the paedophiles.
Gay Jim Bollan wants attention but does not want to draw attention to himself as a gay man. So he decides to attack Jews instead, and have a boycott of "Israeli-made" books and other "Israeli" items that have somehow made their way to his cess-pit. He and his fellow Nazis have replaced books by Amos Oz with the well-known forgery and blood-libel, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and Hitler's Mein Kampf. Books that are very popular in Egypt and Syria.
It is a pity Gay Jim Bollan knows nothing about the last world war, because homosexuals suffered the same fate as the Jews. But Gay Jim is hoping that the izlamic crocodile will eat him last!
Gay Jim Bollan is a National Socialist: He was at one time a member of the Communist Party of Great Britain, then the Liebour Party, and he was later the Labour group leader on Dumb Farton District Council.(Wikipedia)
"Itamar massacre revenge for killing of Palestinian children," Councillor Jim Bollan says. A Scottish councilor who has lead an anti-Israel boycott at the district of West Dumbartonshire defended the perpetrators of the Itamar massacre, saying the murderers were seeking to avenge the killing of Palestinian children, the Jewish Chronicle reported Friday.
Responding to an email for a Pro-Israel activist, Jim Bollan of the Scottish Socialist Party wrote that the killers aimed to avenge the death of 'Palestinian children slaughtered by the IDF.'"(More here: Report: Scottish boycott leader defends Fogel killers - Israel News, Ynetnews)He has not been a particularly prominent figure in the SSP at a national level, but he has been involved in the campaign against conditions in Cornton Vale women's prison, as his daughter was one of a number of women prisoners who have committed suicide there over the past few years.He was one of the supporters of the united Left in the SSP, and stayed with it in spite of Tommy Sheridan's breakaway.(The Scottish official who perjured himself in court over paying for prostitutes and orgies, Weiner redux.)Jim Bollan has been an opponent of the Trident program for many years and has taken part in many protests against their presence at the Faslane base, including those organised by Faslane Peace Camp.
In May 2009, he was suspended from the council for 9 months for alleged misconduct after he was refused permission to address the council on changes to workers terms and conditions imposed by the new single status arrangement; describing the manner in which the council drove through changes as "shite" and "a stitch up".
The SSP selected him as its no. 1 candidate in West region for the Scottish Parliament Election, however the party failed to win any list seats.
UPDATE: Ray Cook cannot get a straight answer from Dumb Artonshire: 

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