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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Another Black Dhimmi and Appeaser of Mozlems Who Has Forgotten Who Enslaved his Great Great Grandfather!!

Christians are more militant than Muslims, says Government's equalities boss - Telegraph: "Trevor Phillips warned that 'an old time religion incompatible with modern society' is driving the revival in the Anglican and Catholic Churches and clashing with mainstream views, especially on homosexuality.
He accused Christians, particularly evangelicals, of being more militant than Muslims in complaining about discrimination, arguing that many of the claims are motivated by a desire for greater political influence.
However the chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission expressed concern that people of faith are 'under siege' from atheists whom he accused of attempting to 'drive religion underground'.
In an interview with the Sunday Telegraph ahead of a landmark report on religious discrimination in Britain, he said the Commission wants to protect Christians and Muslims from discrimination, admitting his body had not been seen to stand up for the people discriminated against because of their faith in the past."

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