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Monday, 13 June 2011

More Lying Nazi Propaganda from Scotland!

 "The worst and most irresponsible internet hoax for some considerable time– the Amina Arraf hoax–has now been exposed.

The supposed “Gay Girl in Damascus blogger”, who was supposed to have been arrested and abducted by the Syrian regime, has turned out to be an invention of a couple of extreme anti-Israel activists, Tom MacMaster and his partner Britta Froelicher.

MacMaster, who is presently studying and working in Scotland, and is very active in Edinburgh University’s Students for Justice in Palestine, has admitted having written every one of the posts supposedly written by an out lesbian in Damascus. This is a hoax which he has been running since 2007.

It’s yet to emerge how he got hold of the photos of the young woman, Jelena Lecic, featured in the YouTube video above,whose image was appropriated by him and presented as that of Amina. The Guardian used those images, and went on using others of Jelena, even after she protested about her identity theft."
READ THE REST HERE: Harry's Place » The anti-Israel propagandists who faked the “Amina Arraf” Gay Girl blog
UPDATE: some po'try from Tom - OBL would just LOVE it!

My breasts are small
- and so are yours
Your sex is soaking
- and so is mine
My desire is strong
- and so is yours
The wanting never ends,
The fire rages through both
Even as we lie motionless
We sigh as one
We look as one
And so become one
UPDATE: the BBC news called him a liar! Hah!
And this:
A Gay Girl In Damascus, dubbed a "lesbian's thoughts on life, the universe and so on" and supposedly written by a Syrian-American teacher, was in fact by Tom MacMaster, a graduate student.
He pretended to be Amina Arraf, who was said to have been born in Virginia in October 1975, with Northern Irish roots and ancestors who fought in the American war of Independence.
She attracted fans around the world with a post in April titled 'My Father, The Hero', in which she recounted in gripping detail how her father had saved her from Syrian security forces.
How interesting: "Mr MacMaster – whose thesis is on seventh-century Constantinople". I bet he wrote how the Christians of Byzantium welcomed the mozlem hordes with open arms! 

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