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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Lady Frankenstein of Turkey Apologises.

Another one is exposed to the light of day! Another mozlem who has never been elected to anything, was elevated to the peerage and stuck in the House Of lords.

"Baroness" Hussein-Ece is the first Turkish-Cypriot to sit in parliament, according to the Sunday Times 29 May 2011.(Paywall) She is on the National Socialist(Lib-dumbs) benches. Why is a Turkish-Cypriot in the British government? The Turks overran and colonised Northern Cyprus, killing thousands and displacing all the native Greeks. "In 1983 the Turkish Federated State of Cyprus (TNRC) declared independence, although Turkey is the only state which recognises it."

This charming woman who was promoted by Labour and is on the Equality and Human Rights Commission, EHRC,  made an anti-white working class - racist remark on Twitter. Trevor Phillips the black Chairman of EHRC "said he had spoken to H-E and she had apologised. He added it was a human reaction which a lot of people will understand".
So according to Mr Phillips, Ms Hussein-Ece's slur against white people is understandable! These people are running the main equality and anti-racism body in the UK and yet they find it "understandable" to practise racism themselves!

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  1. chav isn't racist - you don't have to be white to be a chav.