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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Atlas Shrugs: Obama-Jihadi-in-Chief, Goes Down On Muslim Brotherhood

There are no accidents. Obama invited the outlawed Musim Brotherhood global jihadists to his submission speech in cairo in June 2009. Those of us that reported on it were ..... deeply disturbed by this pro-jihadist stand by an American president. His subsequent contacts with the group concerned us (and this was well before their coup on the Mubarak.
Now Obama will establish formal contacts with the genocidal, racist Islamic supremacist group. Muslim Brotherhood-tied CAIR must be squealing.
The MB as an international Islamic organization dedicated to the imposition of Sharia, by violent or peaceful means, throughout the world.
"International law enforcement authorities and Western intelligence agencies  discovered a twenty-year old document revealing a top-secret plan developed by the Muslim Brotherhood, the  oldest Islamist organization with one of the most extensive terror networks in the world to launch a program of “cultural invasion” and eventual conquest of the West that virtually mirrors the tactics used by Islamists for more than two decades" (more here). And according to Article Two of the Hamas Charter: “The Islamic Resistance Movement is one of the wings of the Muslim Brotherhood in "Palestine" (more here). The Organization of the Islamic Conference is the brainchild of the Muslim Brotherhood. CAIR in the USA has been linked to the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood is acting to overthrow democratic governments world wide.
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