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Saturday, 25 June 2011

The Color Purple Author Alice Walker: Racist, Anti-Semite, Child Abuser, Abeid, Feminazi

AW with Husband and Daughter.
"From the age of 13, I spent days at a time alone while my mother retreated to her writing studio  -  some 100 miles away. I was left with money to buy my own meals and lived on a diet of fast food." Rebecca Walker, daughter.

"AW: I think Israel is the greatest terrorist in that part of the world. And I think in general, the United States and Israel are great terrorist organizations themselves. If you go to Gaza and see some of the bombs — what’s left of the bombs that were dropped — and the general destruction, you would have to say, yeah, it’s terrorism. When you terrorize people, when you make them so afraid of you that they are just mentally and psychologically wounded for life — that’s terrorism. So these countries are terrorist countries."

I am so sick that I bought into this woman and her books! But they were clearly filled with complete lies and fabrications: this creature never suffered in her life. She benefited from positive descrimination in the 1960's and '70s. Going back 5 or 6 generations, her relatives had been sold into slavery by their mozlem masters: looks like she has a yearning to get back into those chains! Alice Walker is a useful idiot; does she not know she is "abeid", a black slave, to all mozlems and Arabs?

That women has a huge chip on her shoulder that prevents her seeing the truth, but, hey! If she gets a sexual kick out of hating Jews and white people, the very people who bought her self-pitying books, then SHE is a pervert racist and anti-semite.

Let us look at her ridiculous and inflammatory statements: she has never been to Israel, but she was married to a Jew and has a half-Jewish daughter, whom she has not seen for years but abused mentally and physically when the girl was growing up. Why did this arch-feminist bother to have a child?

Israel is the only democracy to exist in the Middle East who is being attacked from all sides and who has the right to defend herself: no other country in the world has been subject to the amount of perverted verbal and physical attacks as Israel and yet she flourishes! While the Arab/mozlem world just gets more nightmare-like every day.Terrorism is what happens to Israel, when they are attacked without provocation. Terrorism is what happened to America on 9/11, by mozlem terrorist colonisers. Terrorism is the sub-human that creeps in the night to cut the throat of children and babies and shouts out loud that they will drink the blood of Jews.

Alice in the looking-glass never mentions the Christians being slaughtered by mozlems in Egypt, Pakistan, Sudan. In South Africa, after 25 years of black rule, why are all the poor still in township shanties with no running water or electricity?

Half of Africa has been colonised by mozlems; they have set their eyes on the jewel in the crown, South Africa. Mauretania is a black mozlem slave state, Somalia and Zimbabwe are failed states. The Africans seem hell-bent on self-destruction. Same goes for Lebanon, Syria, Libya, Egypt, Iran, all busy murdering their own people with the tacit agreement of moronic useful idiot 'abeids' like Alice Walker.

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This is for the feminazi AW:


  1. well you'll be happy to know she's waiting at a Greek dock twiddling her thumbs with he rest of those flotilla parasites.

  2. I certainly am! She is a vile individual! I don't know if you have seen the delightful videos of the Greeks stopping the flotidiots from leaving Greece, here is one:

  3. oh yeah i've seen that video. it would have been better though if the Greek coast guard had opened fir on them :)