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Monday, 13 June 2011

Mat Rodina: NATO, An Alliance of Economic Brigands

"NATO has first occupied, then stole Serbian land, creating another Islamic Narco puppet state and has continued to hold military bases on this land."
 "NATO and the West, led by America, always claim that they are doing everything for humanity, for the children and the little doggies and kitties. Yes, the West goes out and bombs and murderers civilians almost on a daily basis, but its always for a higher cause, or so the billion dollar PR machine always tells everyone.
True, many people in Europe are wise enough to what their owners are doing, but in Totalitarian Democracies, they are disenfranchised serfs, given the choice to vote for one branch or another of the Elite club, thus changing nothing. In the US, the situation is even worse, as the serfs are mostly brainwashed to 'support the troops', which in essence means, go along with genocide and economic theft on a daily basis, while considering themselves the freest and most God fearing people on earth. Wow, now that's a schizophrenic approach if there ever was one."
Read the rest here: Mat Rodina: NATO, An Alliance of Economic Brigands

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