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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

This is how the Blair government treated our brave and precious Troops!

Here in the Daily Mail.

Because of the deadly and unforgivable meanness of the Blair government and the MOD (Ministry of Defence), Britains' most senior officer to be killed in Afnamistan(credit to Lame Cherry), Lieutenant Colonel Rupert Thorneloe's body had to lie where it fell for 3 days as there was no helicopter to pick it up.

Worse was the death toll of infantry that had to march through IED-infested areas to reach their targets instead of going by helicopter. Most of the British troops killed or mutilated in Afghanistan have done so because of this diabolical failing!

The British government was too mean to pay for more helicopters at the beginning of the war and to repair helicopters that were broken. The heat and sand wore them out very quickly.

While Blair ponces around the world giving other politicians advice on how to run wars and earning millions, our troops and their families have suffered totally unneccesarily.

It has been said that some troops had to be ferried about in US Black Hawk helicopters!

Hedley Court, troop rehabilitation centre. Eddie Mulholland/Telegraph

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