Message to one diktator re another

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Sunday Times: Defence Secretary Liam Fox condemns computer game aimed at British Troops.

So mahounds can design computer games! Wow! What next? Re-inventing the wheel?

Let them remember this: "Honi soit qui mal y pense". The Queen's motto: "Evil be to those who think evil".


  1. Please allow me to clarify, since I know of the game in question:
    Its story actually revolves around an American unit in Afghanistan that's fighting the Taliban, and in no way does it encourage to support the other side. In fact some soft-hearted halfwits are protesting that blowing buildings with a helicopter in the game is a terrible war-crime!

    On the other hand, the simple fact is that its competitive multiplayer component includes two opposing teams, and someone has to be on the Taliban team. That part of the game has no story, and is essentially a shooting competition.
    To call it un-British, or anything along that line in response, is a gross over-reaction, resulting from ignorance and populism.
    I'd say arresting British citizens who protest the non-virtual Islamification of Britain is a lot more unpatriotic, but as we all know, politicians (from all countries) are scared of dealing with real issues.

  2. Thank you for this, Erick. I will publish your comment as a post1 :)

  3. I feel so honored :)
    Hopefully there were no really embarrassing grammar mistakes in that comment.