Message to one diktator re another

Monday, 30 August 2010

Shame at last: the EU and the Worm-Head. from ISRAEL MATZAV

The worm-headed Barreness Ashton, High Representative of Gilbert and Sullivan Operettas for Foreign affairs at the EU has finally been condemned for her nazi-type pronouncements on Israel!

What the FUCK has Israel got to do with that lump of dog diahorrea??


  1. She's one sexy girl, is she not?
    Can't imagine what it is to go home to her, but the words 'vivid hell' come to mind.

    Maybe we can set her up for a date with Abu-Mazen, or Ahmadinejad? After all, they can have multiple wives.

  2. Absolutely! It reminds me one of those naked mole-rats from one of David Attenborough's wildlife programmes!

    Ahmadi is otherwise interested I'm afraid! Heh! Most of them are.

  3. Oh, dear lord, those creatures are real!
    She does look a lot like one. I prefer the Disney version (much cuter):

    I heard one day Ahmadi dated a Burqa, and they really hit it off, until he discovered a broom and a bucket inside.

  4. Great God! That is the ugliest person I have ever seen. I don't think I like that guy.