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Thursday, 19 August 2010

Moscow outplays Washington on Iranian Chess-board - Debkafile.

But does Washington REALLY care? Does Washington really want to WIN?

The answer is a resounding NO!

Osama/obama is deliberately playing a losing game: they have lost the fight with US unemployment, they have given in over the banks, obamacare is going to make those in employment poorer, they have opened the southern borders to all immigrants and terrorists and are sowing the seeds of sharia law with all the mosques going up.

This is a deliberate policy of getting investment out of the US, causing the economy to remain in recession and to turn the mighty USA into a third world country. To destroy its superiority and hand its hard-won scientific achievements over to the lazy, fucked-up Arab states!

For an islamocommunist like Obama/osama, he feels comfortable surrounded by disaster. He and his cohorts from hell would probably call it "eternal revolution".

He is happy to see Iran in flames, after all he feels the same about the Iranian people as their leaders do. If the Israelis hit a few nuclear outposts, he will be in the clear. Besides, it wont reach him and the first Gorilla on their one hundredth holiday this year.

I call it meltdown chaos.

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