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Monday, 30 August 2010

Bring it on! (it's the only way people in this country will come to their senses!!)

Apparently muslims are planning a massive terror attack on the British mainland for the 2012 olympics. (Via


But somehow I doubt it will happen. The mahounds of the UK are living a life almost equal to paradise; a free home, women to rape, as much cash (jizya) as they want and dope they can sell! They have got the UK government of the Cleggaron eating out of their right hands (or is that what the left hand is for?)

Sharia is coming along by stealth, but for the efforts of the brave EDL. If there are any incidents, it will be tribal warfare, different Pakistani families and Somalis, acting out their stone-age pagan rituals.

Back to sleep...

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  1. Back to sleep indeed - how can Islam be anything else but yet another religion? After all, that would require using such radical notions as 'thinking', 'deducting', or admitting that not everything on this planet is exactly the same (something that cavemen have discovered when they tried eating rocks, and then fish).

    Here's something I'd like you to watch. It's an Australian news piece on Geert Wilders:

    Most of it is condescending, haughty, and almost mocking, as can be expected from mainstream news.
    So if you, like me, can't stand the undertone for long, just skip to around 9:30, when they go talk to the 'Muslim man on the street', and get the reason why he wants these people out of the Netherlands thrown in the face.
    Something which they conveniently ignore like good leftist scum :)